Let’s face it—a growroom can be a smelly place with all of its plants, water reservoirs, organic amendments, fertilizers and growing media. The aromas of these growroom components can all mix together and become rather unpleasant for anyone who has to spend time in the room, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are several ways to reduce or eliminate those offending smells coming from your growroom, including good cleaning habits, natural odor eliminators, chemicals, carbon filtration systems and ozone generators.

Good Cleaning Habits

Yes, cleaning up from time to time may be one of the things necessary to keep odors to a minimum in your growroom. Remove dead plant materials often and clean your water reservoirs out on a regular basis in order to avoid algae growth. Not only can this help with odors, but it can keep your plants happy and healthy.

Natural Odor Eliminators

There are several materials that are considered natural odor eliminators. Simply place them in your growroom the same way you put that box of baking soda in the fridge to help with smells. Natural odor eliminators come in a pouch or other encasement that allows for the smells to be sucked in and trapped. Some of these odor removers include zeolite, baking soda and charcoal. This is a low-tech, inexpensive and good-for-you method of eliminating odors.


The idea of using fragrant chemicals to cure growroom odor may bring to mind those little tree fresheners that hang on your car’s rearview mirror. There are chemical odor neutralizers similar to those air fresheners that can be used in growrooms to help get rid of pungent odors. Choose from liquid, gel or puck varieties.

These types of growroom odor control are typically placed by the room’s exhaust vent or just outside the grow area. It may be beneficial to move them around until you find the perfect place in your growroom to maximize their odor-reducing effects. Some options even come with a fan that can be placed on the top of the container to help better disperse the odor neutralizer.

Chemical neutralizers are a great solution for growers looking to deal with bad smells in an affordable, easy to maintain, low-tech way.

Carbon Filtration Systems

Remember that fish tank you or a friend had back in elementary school with the charcoal filter you had to replace from time to time to prevent the tank from getting icky? Carbon filtration systems for the growroom are based on the same principle. A carbon filter is filled with activated charcoal that allows the odorous air to pass through it and come out on the other side without the smell.

These carbon filtration systems can be installed within your ventilation system or fan. They are often can-shaped, replaceable filters encased in a housing that have a flange attached to hook up with the existing ventilation system. This method of growroom odor control is also relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are another way to remove odors, but there are significant pros and cons to using this method. In the state of California, residential ozone-producing air purifiers are banned and the Environmental Protection Agency classifies ozone as toxic. Ozone generators can have a serious impact on the lungs and can worsen asthma and other respiratory diseases. Keeping all this in mind, they are mighty good at killing bacteria, keeping spider mites out, and controlling molds and mildews along with effectively removing odors.

Be careful, though. Ozone generators can be a little too effective. Some plants that you want to have a vibrant smell, such as flowers, may have their aroma reduced or removed when in the presence of an ozone generator, and some food crops may have less flavor. It is best to use an ozone generator sparingly.

A timer is one way to use the ozone generator without running it constantly. Ozone has a half-life of about 20 minutes, so with proper ventilation, it will be eliminated from the growroom in that amount of time. An ozone generator can be more expensive and technical than some of the other methods of odor control in the growroom, making it more practical in commercial operations.

Odors can be quite off-putting in the growroom. Fortunately, dealing with said odors is relatively easy. Start by cleaning up the room, then add a natural odor eliminator or even a can carbon filter to your existing ventilation system. If there is a serious odor issue offending everyone within a small radius, it may be helpful to use a combination of the methods listed above.