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Published: February 12, 2017 | Last updated: April 20, 2022 07:29:07
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Arborjet’s mission is to develop the most effective formulations and delivery systems in plant health care. As a premier solutions provider, the company is committed to advancing technology in the industries it serves through leadership, scientific research, and exceptional customer service.

Peter Wild, Arborjet’s founder, was frustrated with the lack of tools and products available to successfully and safely protect trees from serious threats. That was in 1999. He immediately began working on ground-breaking, sustainable solutions in tree health care and formulated products that were injected into the vascular system of trees. That work provided the foundation for today’s Arborjet, which supplies hundreds of cities with products that save hundreds of thousands of trees annually.


With a mission to develop the most effective formulations and delivery systems for plant health, Arborjet continues to innovate in an effort to provide environmental stewardship.

“With our experience in formulating sustainable and effective solutions for tree care, we have expanded the use of our research and development team and these technologies to become an emerging supplier to the indoor growing, outdoor growing and nursery markets,” says Russ Davis, president of Arborjet. “Arborjet recognizes ethical behavior, environmental responsibility, and good stewardship as essential in sustaining business, customers, and the planet.”


Arborjet staffAs a result of this focus, Arborjet manufactures the most effective formulations and delivery systems for plant health care. Each product is the result of collaborative laboratory research and extensive field trial work conducted across the US and worldwide.

The company’s products are unique. Arborjet’s trunk injection solution technique can be compared to a hospital I.V. The solution is injected directly into the tree’s vascular system where it is distributed throughout the tree. Those formulations are sealed inside the tree through the use of the company’s proprietary Arborplug.

“It’s simple and quick, eco-friendly and cost-effective,” says Davis. “Our horticulture line uses the access to a number of suppliers and technology to create unique solutions for the horticulture industry. Additionally, our experience working with all types of pesticides and soil amendments, gives us access to testing locations and the ability to design testing protocols that assure our products are of the highest quality.”


Arborjet’s products are for both residential and commercial application and are distributed throughout the United States.

“We want to be the first company you think of when you have a serious problem that requires combining technology and horticulture.

The company’s most popular item for tree care is its TREE-äge product. According to Davis, TREE-äge saves hundreds of thousands of trees every year from invasive insects like the emerald ash borer.


“On the Horticulture side, AzaSol is our most popular product, but all of our products in this market are unique and unmatched,” says Davis. “AzaSol has three times the concentrate of Neem oils and it is the only completely water soluble Neem product available. It has no oil and is systemic, making this the only Neem product that can be applied as a soil drench, foliar spray, chemigation bath or trunk injection.”

 Arborjet growerSimilarly, the botanical oils and extracts in Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM are specially combined, boasting the highest concentrations in the industry, without burning. Arborjet’s soil amending products, NutriRoot and ARBORChar, are also unique. They provide patented technologies to reduce drought stress, enhance root growth and promote cation exchange.

All of Arborjet’s products are developed from the ground up in the company’s labs. Davis says this allows Arborjet to be focused on the specific use as well as the customer’s specific needs. “The result of this focus is a line of unique products that are environmentally responsible and highly effective. All of our products are independently tested by researchers from universities, the USDA and the US Forest Service, and we have data to prove the effectiveness.” He adds that R&D is Arborjet’s greatest asset and its greatest challenge. “Because we don’t just copy the next guy or pull a package of known product off the shelf, we have a strong need to educate. People in the industry can sometimes be a bit skeptical because they can’t believe how good it looks or sounds. But, once they try our products, they are on board. For this reason, you will never find these products in a big box store. They will be in hydroponics stores and garden centers where the staff is educated and successful results are expected,” says Davis.

Moving forward, Arborjet will continue to hone its Eco-line of products, providing professionals, gardeners, growers and even homeowners with safe, high-quality plant health-care products.

“We want to be the first company you think of when you have a serious problem that requires combining technology and horticulture,” says Davis. “We will be the leader in supplying unique solutions that are effective and environmentally responsible.


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