Why Grow Tents Make Great Clone Rooms

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: February 21, 2022
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Many growers don’t consider space for cloning when they originally set up their indoor gardens. While building a dedicated growroom for clones is likely a stretch for most cultivators, grow tents offer a quick and easy way to propagate cuttings.

The ability to take good clones is important beyond just preparing your next round of cannabis plants. In fact, growing healthy clones is critical for cultivating hearty plants during both the vegetative phase and flowering.

The size and shape of grow tents make them great for creating the ideal environmental conditions for clone propagation. Especially if you use stone wool and shelves, grow tents are excellent clone rooms for even the largest operations.


General Perks of Grow Tent Cultivation

Grow tents have gotten extremely popular over the last few years for several reasons:

Easy to setup: grow tents are often more affordable and less time-consuming than custom room buildouts. Because grow tents are sold in kits, you construct them by simply following the instructions in the box. No carpentry or construction skills are needed!

Damage-free: people enjoy grow tents because they allow you to grow cannabis indoors without damaging your home. Conversely, when setting up traditional growrooms, you often have to cut holes in walls and ceilings for fans, exhausts, and light fixtures.

Easy to move: due to the fact grow tents are easy to move, they are very attractive for newbies who are just learning to grow, as well as for experienced growers who just need a temporary propagation space. You can simply break down and store grow tents when you aren’t using them.

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The Best Environmental Conditions for Cloning Cannabis

Just as seen with plants in other growth phases, cannabis cuttings require very specific environmental conditions to thrive. Importantly, large deviations from ideal temperature and humidity levels can have lasting negative effects on your crop.

No matter what your chosen method for taking cannabis clones, plant cuttings do their best in temperatures between 75-80° F. If possible, you should shoot to keep the temperatures in your clone room at a steady 78° F.

Propagation requires the most humid conditions of any cannabis growth phase. While flowering rooms should always be kept at low humidity, propagation rooms are just the opposite. In fact, you should shoot to keep humidity levels in your clone room at around 80%. Humidity allows plant cuttings to absorb water from the air while they put energy into growing roots.

Regulating the Environment in a Small Space

One of the primary perks of using a grow tent for a clone room is the ease of regulating environmental conditions in a small space. Because they are tightly confined, it only takes a little bit of heat or moisture to alter the interior climate of grow tents.

While the small interior of grow tents can be challenging for controlling heat during flowering, the small space is actually helpful for clone propagation. In fact, your grow light will probably put off enough heat to keep the space at the ideal temperature range of 75-80° F. The tight confines of grow tents also make it easy to maintain high humidity levels.

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Go Vertical with Shelving

While grow tents don’t offer a ton of horizontal canopy space, you can greatly increase their capabilities by adding shelving. Because cannabis cuttings are extremely small plants, adding shelving can be extremely impactful on the production capabilities of your clone tent.

If you add shelves to a large grow tent, the setup becomes capable of handling clone production for large commercial operations. By adding shelving to a 10ft x 10ft tent like the AC Infinity Cloudlab 811, you have enough square footage to propagate thousands of clones at a time for commercial cannabis and hemp farms.

While you have a variety of options for growroom shelving, stainless steel shelves are the strongest and will last the longest in the humid confines of a clone room.

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Combing Stone Wool Cloning Methods with Grow Tents

Stonewool cubes are an extremely popular method for taking cannabis clones. To properly take cuttings with stonewool cubes, you need to use them in conjunction with plastic trays, clear domes, and heat mats. Luckily, these different elements seamlessly integrate with grow tents.

After you have taken a cutting, you place the stem inside a stonewool cube that is then situated inside a plastic tray with a dome cap.

Next, you place the whole tray on top of a heat mat to retain the ideal temperature range of 75-80° F. AC Infinity Suncore Seedling Heat Mats work great for keeping clones trays warm. The plastic dome also helps retain high humidity levels.

Because they are both lightweight and affordable, stonewool dome setups are the ideal choice for cloning cannabis in tents on a commercial scale. To up your clone production with the stonewool method, simply add shelving to your tent and increase the number of plastic domes in your operation.

If you want to regulate the heat and humidity levels in your clone tent with less manual labor, adding a humidifier is a great idea. By keeping more moisture in the air, you greatly reduce the number of times you need to mist the inside of each dome with a spray bottle.


Whether you have a small home garden or a large commercial operation, grow tents make great clone propagation rooms.

Because grow tents are such small and confined spaces, they make it easy to create warm, humid environs where plant cuttings thrive. Even more, by adding shelving to your grow tent, you can take advantage of vertical space to greatly increase production.

Grow tents offer unparalleled convenience for indoor cultivation. Adding a dedicated clone propagation tent will boost your overall productivity for staggering cannabis harvests.

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