Why Grow Tents are Great for Newbie Growers

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: April 10, 2023
Presented by AC Infinity Inc.
Key Takeaways

All-in-one grow tent kits allow new growers to get down to growing instead of worrying about the complexities of growroom design.

While growing cannabis is an extremely fun and rewarding activity, it takes a good deal of time and effort to master the craft. As such, the prospect of diving right into a hydroponic garden or large-scale outdoor operation could be quite intimidating for most newbie growers.

Due to their small size and ease of use, grow tents make the ideal setups for newbie cannabis cultivators. With grow technology advancing so much in recent years, you can now purchase all-in-one grow tent kits that alleviate much of the guesswork that comes with growroom design.

If you are new to cannabis cultivation and aren’t sure where to begin, using a grow tent is a great way to learn the basics of indoor growing. Once you are comfortable with foundational concepts like temperature, humidity, and airflow, you can transfer your skills to larger operations if you see fit.


Ease of Purchasing

grow tents set up on pallets
If you have never grown indoor cannabis before, amassing all the materials needed to build a growroom from scratch can be quite daunting. Not only must you carefully plan your garden infrastructure, but you also need to make design considerations for environmental controls. Once you finally have a plan, you still need to make several trips to the hydro shop and hardware store to get all the equipment needed to build your growroom.

All-in-one grow tent kits are the perfect choice for newbie growers. When you purchase an all-in-one kit, you eliminate the guesswork that often comes with growroom design. AC Infinity’s Advance Grow Tent Systems have everything you need to grow cannabis from seed to flowering. This package includes all the essential components needed to quickly start your indoor garden, including a tent, controller, inline fan, LED light, clip fan, carbon filter, ducting, fabric pots, and trellis netting.

Simple to Setup & Breakdown

Besides amassing the materials needed to set up an indoor garden, traditional growroom design also requires basic construction skills. Even with the simplest growrooms, you must assemble and hang all of your equipment, while also accounting for other variables like light leaks and weather protection. After you have made alterations to your home for ducting, water, and electricity, they all need to be fixed again when you are done growing.

When it comes to setting up and breaking down, newbie growers have it easy with grow tents. To set up your grow tent, simply follow the directions to build the frame inside the canvas walls. Once the tent is upright, there will be dedicated places to hang all of your important equipment like lights, fans, and ducting.


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No Customization Required

cannabis growing inside a grow tent

When you build a growroom from scratch and piece together different types of equipment, you often have to do quite a bit of custom work. Common projects that indoor growers run into include fitting different-sized piece of ducting together or building a trellis system using walls or plant stakes. In other instances, a newbie grower might purchase an inline fan that is the wrong size for their operation and spend countless hours trying to figure it out airflow/cubic feet per minute (CFM) principles.

Going with a grow tent eliminates all the extra time and labor that comes with customization. With AC Infinity’s Advance Grow Tent Systems, every piece of equipment is engineered to fit together seamlessly. Not only are key pieces of equipment like lights, fans, and filters made to work perfectly within the tight confines of a grow tent, but they also integrate with smart controls. The ease of use and peace of mind that come with grow tents make them a very attractive choice for newbie growers.


Full Automation Options

When you are just learning how to grow cannabis, knowing how to use different pieces of equipment together to create ideal growing conditions can be tough. Especially when you are forced to do things manually like changing fan speeds or dimming lights, it can be easy to make a mistake that is detrimental to your garden. Similarly, relying on old-school timers to regulate fans and lights isn’t the most precise way to control your garden climate.

Most modern grow tent equipment integrates with smart controls so you can keep tabs on your garden environment with a mobile app. In fact, certain controllers come with dynamic programs that adjust fan speed and light intensity in response to changing temperature and humidity. With such automation options, newbie growers not only have smart technology behind them, but they also have rich data sets they can use for learning and troubleshooting.

Limited Square Footage

Another way that a newbie grower can get tripped up is by taking on too big of a garden operation right off the bat. The larger the indoor garden in question, the more variables you will have to account for. In the end, it's going to be much harder to keep tabs on things like integrated pest management (IPM) and airflow in a 10,000-watt garden than in a tent-sized operation.

Since grow tents have limited square footage, they make great platforms for learning how to grow cannabis indoors. With such intimate environments, you can make small, incremental tweaks to different pieces of equipment and see how they affect the overall garden climate. In turn, you can apply this knowledge to larger operations once you have mastered your grow tent.

Due to their small size and convenience, grow tents are the ideal platforms for newbie cannabis cultivators. From a simple setup process to full-automation options, grow tents allow newbie cultivators to skip many of the headaches that come with custom growroom build-outs. Especially with all-in-one systems, there is real comfort in knowing that every piece of your equipment was engineered to fit together.

When all of your equipment is working as it should be, you can literally cut your troubleshooting efforts in half when diagnosing problems in your garden. While issues such as light leaks, poor airflow, and high temperatures often plague new cannabis gardens, they should not be an issue if you follow the directions that come with your grow tent. In turn, having more free time allows you to better study cannabis plant behavior and physiology.


AC Infinity is the foremost name in air delivery systems, designing and developing the latest innovations in cooling and ventilation technology. They offer a suite of quiet inline fans that automate the growing progress and track key metrics. Visit or contact [email protected] to learn more.


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