What do I need to get started on making my own rosin and what are its benefits?


What do I need to get started on making my own rosin and what are its benefits?


You’ve already hit the nail on the head, because one of the biggest benefits of rosin extraction is how easy it is to do yourself, in fresh batches and in the comfort of your own home.

When people see raw plant oil squished out of plant matter by using only small amounts of heat and larger amounts of pressure, it’s a natural response to gravitate towards this truly solventless extraction, because of how inherently safe the extraction method is.

Rosin also tends to be high in THC and terpenes as well as flavor and aroma, which are other reasons connoisseurs flock towards this extract. However, anyone seeking the medical benefits of CBD should note rosin does not contain large amounts of CBD, although the squished remnants or “rosin chips” do contain the leftover CBD that can be harvested if saved up and extracted in a batches at a later date.

Although it wouldn’t be my recommendation, many people pioneered rosin extraction in the past by experimenting with hair straighteners, folded parchment paper, and hardware store bar clamps which at the very least certainly illustrates how easy the technique can be.

Nowadays with the popularity of the technique and a wide variety of presses to choose from on the market, a better approach for an introductory setup is either a small turnkey manual rosin press capable of 700 pounds or more of plate pressure or a rosin heat plate kit combined with an Arbor press or H-frame hydraulic press.

Be forewarned though, many people start with a small press and quickly want a bigger and stronger press if they enjoy practicing the rosin technique. Bigger plates allow you to press more material at a time, and stronger presses generally allow you to press at lower temperatures and higher pressure, which can be a great way to maximize the yield of the extraction without increasing the presence of plant contaminant in the final product. More advanced rosin presses with higher pressure and lower heat can help you create lighter palettes in your final product.

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