What are the benefits of using humic and fulvic acid are when growing cannabis in soil indoors?


I'd like to know what the benefits of using humic and fulvic acid are when growing cannabis in soil indoors. Also, how and when to use them for the best benefits.


Humic and fulvic acids can help your cannabis plants reach their full potential. These amendments are known to help the plant’s natural processes along, but most folks are inclined to use them because of their ability to increase yields. When your cannabis plant is but a mere seed, it has within it the genetic information to be a full, healthy, productive plant if it is given everything it needs to do so. Humic and fulvic acids help your cannabis plants to fulfill their botanical destinies. Think of them not as an engine, but as a fuel additive for a high-performance vehicle. Your cannabis can benefit from a dose of either or both at any stage in its development, but you will probably see a bigger impact if you apply it when the plant is still young and again at the onset of the flowering stage.

These helpers will assist other nutrients and minerals move through your cannabis plant’s cell membranes. They also help to increase the O2 uptake of your plant by increasing the chlorophyll content of the leaves. They aid in the overall metabolism of your cannabis, too, helping the plant to more efficiently use the nutrients found in your soil.

A little will go a long way though and too much is not better than too little. For soil-grown cannabis you will only need about 0.02 ounces per gallon of water. Too much humic or fulvic acids can actually slow down some of the plant’s development.

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