Portland is a quintessential north coast town, progressive in its politics and cultured in its art and food, with a constant stream of enlightening events happening throughout the year.

Add the legalization of cannabis to the mix, and this Oregon city is exploding in imaginative activities surrounding the plant, with healing products coming onto the scene in a steady stream.

Nicknamed The City of Roses, one of Portland’s most excellent hangouts include a hike or picnic in the historic International Rose Test Garden. Established in 1917 as an effort to save and preserve the roses of Europe from decimation during World War 1, its sweeping views of the city and thousands of roses and other flowering plants and trees will delight the senses.

Nothing tastes better than when you are fully medicated with your third eye and all your senses fully open. Luckily, Portland has hundreds of food trucks throughout the city to satisfy your munchie needs.

A walk down Alberta Street is mandatory to peruse the dozens of colorful vintage food trucks lining the street, dishing up everything from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to gluten-free, paleo, and vegan grub.

Aside from the many cafes other options for treats, one can’t leave Portland without a check-in to Voodoo Doughnuts. Known for its large, sugar (and often bacon) laden creations, sprinkles are replaced with Fruit Loops, and the line is typically out the door until the wee hours of the night.

For an honest-to-goodness legal hangout in Portland, the Northwest Cannabis Club is a go-to. This old-school lounge/bar has been converted into a dabber's delight, with rigs lining a historic wooden bar.

Bring your own concentrates and enjoy socializing with some of Portland’s finest. Events are held regularly and include Cottonmouth Comedy Nights on Fridays; Sunday Wake & Bake; and live music every Saturday night.

Portland’s movie brewpubs were developed by creative hoteliers and brothers, Mike and Brian McMenamin, who pioneered the revival of some of Portland’s finest and historic buildings, transforming them into hotels, restaurants, and breweries.

A few bucks will get you a first-run movie and the chance to sit back on a couch, order a pizza and beer and enjoy the show.

For a true Portland adventure, ride along with Pedal Bike Tours as they tour dispensaries, glass shops, and more.

The tour starts in historic Old Town and travels along the waterfront, across the Steel Bridge to the other side of the Willamette River and a stature of Vera Katz, 1973 champion of the decriminalization of hemp in the state.

A real history lesson is alive and well at The Third Eye glass shop, originally opened by legendary hemp activist and author of the game-changing book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer.

The perennial funky shop is now run by his son Mark. Though the neighborhood surrounding the shop has turned trendy, the Third Eye is still a kindred place that has not lost its sense of place or history:

Lastly, for a downhome treat, Prism House is a private home open to the public for special gatherings and events. The space is copasetic to cannabis, as its facilitators, Samantha Montanaro and her husband Chris, came to Oregon in order to treat Samantha’s arthritis.

Cannabis events such as Puff, Pass & Paint, which began in Denver by Heidi Keyes, take place here, and not long ago Samantha added Puff, Pass & Pottery workshops.

Prism House is a warm home with a good vibe and is a great way to socialize while medicating among friends. Other classes surrounding the plant include Yoganja, infused meals, and Oil Room – a workshop in basic wellness incorporating essential herbs.

The space was created by the hobbyist couple in order to live the Portland life fully, while being able to medicate freely in a legal environment. It’s the quintessential Portlandia experience incorporating fun and freedom in a friendly space – much like the city itself.