Maximum Yield Webinars

Most cultivators know that an essential tool in your grower toolkit is lighting. But many are just now seeing the impact on how different lighting technologies can impact your bottom line. As many state markets are experiencing price (more...)

Mold, mildew, aspergillus - these and other harmful pathogens are the microbial nemeses of growers and consumers alike, with nearly 20% of all cannabis flower grown in the US containing some level of contamination. As a result, millions of (more...)

Technology has dominated the 21st century but while some industries have acclimated to the advancements others have lagged their peers. Agriculture ranks number 1 in share of GDP and Employment in the U.S. on the McKinzie Digitization (more...)

Maximum Yield Webinars

Looking to stay ahead of the curve as a modern growing expert? Then look no further than our series of webinars that bring together the newest trends and innovations hosted by industry professionals and analysts who deliver actionable insights!

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