Using a Bloom Booster to Supercharge the Flavor of Home-Grown Harvests

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Published: August 24, 2017 | Last updated: May 4, 2021 07:38:14
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Several things need to be taken into consideration when growing spices, condiments and aromatic plants for flavour and quality, such as the safety and purity of the ingredients in the bloom booster.

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Have you ever cultivated a batch of passionately nurtured tomatoes only to be dissatisfied by the flavor, fragrance, essential oil content or quality when you harvest them? The best solution? Simply by growing the best flavored varieties and using a specialty bloom booster you will not only get harvests with an intense flavor – but also raises the plant’s crop yield and medicinal value.


However, several things need to be taken into consideration when growing spices, condiments and aromatic plants for flavor and quality, such as the safety and purity of the ingredients in the bloom booster. Boosters that contain impure or excessive active ingredients may cause plants to have a harsh or bitter taste and generally be unsafe for human consumption.

The Flowering Needs of Home-Grown Harvests

Crops have different nutritional needs from strain to strain. Basic research is needed on the response of important medicinal species that are, and can be grown, in the home gardens to variations in quantity and quality of light; and to determine the effects of varying light regimes and organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on yield and quality.


In short cultures, the transition from vegetative phase to generative phase is very brisk and a good yield is dependent upon the plant receiving the correct nutrients. Bloom boosters may assist those key fertilizer components needed to create bumper harvests and measurably increase the quality of beneficial compounds and flavor of grow-your-own medicinal favorites like garlic, capsicum, basil, strawberries and tomatoes.

Plants often deplete the potassium around their root system within three to four days if the plant is starting to transition into the flowering stage of its life. Without adequate potassium, the plant is unable to produce carbohydrates to fuel generous flowering. This causes a decline in not only a plant’s flower and bud production but also its taste and desirable healing compounds.

Use a Respected Brand of Bloom Booster

There are a lot of commercially available bloom boosters. Some bloom booster brands have attained great respect in the world of short cycle cultivation. Developed in Holland over 20 years ago for the commercial grower, Reiziger® produces an organic bud booster that is a chosen favorite by Dutch craftsmen to halve your labor and double your harvest - and be rewarded with flavour that simply cannot be bought. It further aids in yield production and escalates enzyme activity to render a robust harvest of highly potent and nutritious edibles.


Check for Purity

Many substances commonly used in the fertilizer industry can be harmful to people or the planet. It’s advisable to buy brands that design products with cleaner, safer materials to reduce and eliminate these dangerous carcinogens and toxins.


Reiziger is derived from 100% pure nutritive Dutch ingredients and is free of damaging sulphates, chlorides, carbonates, excess soluble salts or other undesirable elements.

Used with tap water, they prevent salt accumulation, which damages the plant and the planet. Reiziger provides your favorite medicinal species with precisely what they need without affecting harvest quality or the environment.

Growers can check the label to guarantee the product is free of agricultural-grade potassium supplements which frequently undergo a chemical extraction process leaving harmful residues. Unregistered or synthetic plant growth regulator pesticides should never be used on herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

Research the Ingredients

Prior to using a bloom booster on any consumable crop, it’s prudent to take the time to research the ingredients, speak directly with the booster’s manufacturer or read the Guaranteed Analysis section on the label closely. Many nutrient manufacturers have websites where they outline their products, disclose manufacturing processes and ingredients.

How a True Bloom Booster Should Work

Reiziger Bud Booster is engineered from seed and medicinal plant extracts. It is a true metabolic boost for plants and improves the enzymatic and proteic regulation in the plant which increases its glandular density while building the compound content of the plant’s very fibers. Growers will notice an increase in the plant’s glandular trichrome densities, precursor production and enzyme activity.

Reiziger Bud Booster contains potent bloom stimulators that enhance the plant’s ripening while improving overall uniformity and structure. The plant experiences stress resistance and overall elevated resin concentration levels with improved cannabinoid production in cannabis.

Another form of bloom booster manufactured by Reiziger to supplement the plants nutritional requirements is their Bloom Minerals. A combination of pure phosphorus and potassium minerals they provide the plant with the additional minerals it needs to produce large, robust blooms while Bud Booster ensures that there’s the energy available to use these bloom minerals.

Anytime a plant is harvested for medicinal use in a home garden, the plant’s quality must be superior and with the performance of Reiziger Bloom Minerals, the grower can rest assured in the fact that the plant’s flavor, taste and yield will far surpass expectations while being free of nasties.

Bloom boosters, such as those formulated by Reiziger, are contaminant free and have a double feeding action that feed plants through roots and leaves for bigger flowers and vibrant colorful blooms throughout your garden. The solutions are specifically tailored for hydroponic growing methods but can also be used in soils.

Once the roots and leaves absorb the flowering stimulants in the bud booster, the plant experiences an increased energy surge aided by the Bloom Minerals to help in the production of flavorful, nutritious fruits and flowers.

It’s All About Timing and Nitrogen Abstinence

In order for a bloom booster to be safe and successful, it’s best given to the plant at the correct time in the cycle. Craftsman hydroponic growers know to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on a bloom booster label for the ideal time frame to use the product before applying it to a fertilizer program.

A phosphorus potassium bloom booster ought to be applied late in the plant’s generative phase to spur bud and flower production. Ideally, the booster needs to contain a combination of ultra-pure phosphorus and potassium with little or no nitrogen. Excess nitrogen encourages a plant to produce abundant vegetative growth which is counterproductive to flowering and budding.

Too Much is a Bad Thing

As with any fertilizer, too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing. The dosage on any plant nutrient label should be carefully followed. Taking great care when applying bloom boosters to your plants helps prevent over fertilization, nutrient deficiencies or nutrient burn.

A master craftsman grower generally trusts just one brand of nutrient to supply all the necessary products required for their grow and adapts the suggested application regime to ensure that they do not get too little or not enough of any single nutrient element.

Adjusting the amount of bloom booster given to any medicinal or aromatic species without first consulting the fertilizer manufacturer is strongly discouraged because unbalanced element levels can decrease the plant’s flavonoids or negatively influence its healing value or production of essential oils.

Be Proactive With Questions

Any time a grower is cultivating high value medicinal crops, it’s a good idea to do some basic research. Perhaps ask associations or gardening bodies or go directly to the bloom booster manufacturer to confirm that the product is safe for use on plants useful as medicine and food. A reputable manufacturer can quickly confirm where the ingredients in the bloom booster were gathered and communicate the purity level of their product.

Growers processing medicinal plant species to be used in traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals have a duty to always cultivate with precision and the utmost care to guarantee the crops safety and purity. Remember that everything a plant absorbs is ultimately going to be ingested by another human being in varying levels when consumed.

Home gardens will continue to be an important land use system for small-scale growers. Training growers in improved cultivation and processing practices, sourcing from reputable retailers and establishment of reputable institutions that ensure quality standards will go a long way in promoting medicinal plants in the home garden.


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