Today’s modern, space-saving gardening systems and automated gardening technology have opened up a world of opportunities for a generation that is taking a renewed interest in growing their own groceries.

Because of the world’s rising food costs and how far traditionally farmed crops must travel, more and more city dwellers are taking up gardening in their apartments, condos, rooftops, warehouses, parking lots, and city centers.

Maximum Yield has compiled a list of the most influential urban gardening Twitter feeds published by growers who are showing off their incredible yields. Here's your chance to discover urban gardening tips and tricks from the best growers in the field.

Why this list? Well, it's based on Twitter data culled according to content, follower/following ratios, frequency of tweets, blog popularity, the opinions of other analytics experts and our own subjective judgment.

One note: Some influential voices are not included, either because they don't have active Twitter accounts, or they only tweet sporadically. Here, our goal is to provide the best possible stream of urban gardening news and insight.

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Aquaponics Guide

Aquaponics is a rapidly expanding sector of the modern growing industry. Follow this simple guide that contains tips and ideas on setting up your own aquaponics system. The information comes straight from the people who are already hands-on.

Atlantis Hydroponics

David Kessler at Atlantis Hydroponics invites new followers to Grow with the Pros! The people behind Atlantis Hydroponics are hydroponics experts with several retail stores in the southeast. Their hydro blog and awesome online store have some great tips for people growing in urban settings. We love their richly illustrated posts that show you exactly how its done.

City Slicker Farms

Based in West Oakland, California, City Slicker Farms empowers community members to meet the need for healthy food for themselves and their families. We can’t resist the cause or the name of this organization.

Civil Eats

While not an official place to go get gardening advice, Civil Eats, which posts plenty of times throughout the day, is an excellent reminder as to why urban gardeners have become a necessity. Civil Eats is a daily news source about the US food system and has been named a James Beard Foundation Publication of the Year.

Urban Gardening: Top Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Epic Gardening

Kevin, the man behind Epic Gardening, started sharing his hydroponics and urban gardening tips about four years ago and now has an incredible following. Epic Gardening has grown to reach aspiring gardeners in more than 100 countries around the world. If you want to learn about hydroponics, aquaponics, or urban gardening, Epic Gardening is a resource you must check out.

EZ Gardens

While they may have a smaller following than some of the others mentioned on this list, EZ Gardens pumps out a lot of tweets pertaining to better ways to garden. Find tips, reviews, and more for all your gardening and growing needs!


Operating nationwide, FoodCorps is an organization that connects kids to healthy food in school, which has never been more important. Their mission is admirable and worthy of a follow is you’re looking for more motivation to start a garden or ways to give back to the next generation.


Worldwide fruit and vegetable news can be found at FreshPlaza. We love how comprehensive it is and how often it reports stats and interviews with some of the leaders in global agriculture. For an urban grower, this feed can give you some good ideas on what produce could earn you the most ROI. Register to receive a daily newsletter that recaps the day’s headlines.

Gardening Know How

We’ve been in love with Gardening Know How and Heather Rhoades’ articles for such a long time now. If you don’t already have eyes on this Twitter feed, you’re missing out! Not only do they have articles outlining how to grow just about any crop imaginable, their large team of experts invites you to submit your unique questions, as per their tagline: “Ask a gardening question. Get a gardening answer.”

Urban Gardening: Top Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Growing Home

Here are some buzz words that describe Growing Home’s Twitter feed: Social Enterprise - Urban Farming - Organic Agriculture - Job Training - Community Development - Food Access. Leaning more towards the activism side of things, Growing Home gives people food for thought.

GrowUp Urban Farms

In London, UK, new urban farms are popping up every year. GrowUp Urban Foods grows sustainable food for a local market. Their mission? “We're changing the way we feed people in cities, one salad and one fish at a time,” they say. Follow their account for updates on what they are growing and how they are pulling it off.


GROWX, the trade show formerly know as Indoor Gardening Expo, connects a diverse modern growing community through education, partnerships & interactive experiences. Get all the latest indoor gardening company buzz by following the GROWX's Twitter feed.

Homestead Basics

This inspirational feed comes to you from Colorado. Homestead Basics combines modern advancements in the gardening industry with old-fashioned homesteading techniques. We found one tweet in particular: “50 Farmhouses For Sale in Every State Across America” to be so insightful. Go follow them for more.


For global greenhouse news, no one beats HortiDaily’s timely investigative stories and interviews. Within these stories from commercial growers, urban growers can find inspiration and tips for maximizing production at HortiDaily, which is based in the Netherlands.

Mark Diacono

Mark Diacono is a writer, grower, and cook based in England. He helps run Otter Farms where there are raised vegetable beds, a new walled garden, orchards, nutteries, a vineyard, a young forest garden, a perennial allotment, edible hedges, and container gardens. So, you know he knows what he’s talking about!

Shawna Coronado

Shawna Coronado is a wellness, garden, and foodie author. She’s also a TEDx speaker, photographer, blogger, and a travel adventurer with a passion to make a difference. Not only does Shawna share some good gardening tips with her followers, she’ll also show you ways you can enjoy all of that well-earned harvest you’ve grown. She’s the complete package.

Square Roots

Square Roots is an “urban farming accelerator” powered by human ingenuity, technology, and a deep love for local, real food. You can find them in Brooklyn, New York right now, but they have big plans to expand. We love their feed because they are all about the local food movement.

Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con host events about indoor agriculture, as well as growing in warehouses, greenhouses, and shipping containers using hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic tech. If you’re an urban grower looking to expand operations, or take your hobby to the next level, the seminars and trade shows these guys host are sure to be enlightening.

TX Plant Guy

TX Plant Guy is Daniel Cunningham based in Texas. From his Twitter bio, Daniel is a horticulturist and speaker that covers topics such as water efficiency, native plants, growing food, rainwater harvesting, composting, and foraging. With tons of retweets, this account gives a broad overview of urban gardening in the area.

Urban Farm_

Andrew Douglas is managing the Twitter account for Ireland’s urban farming initiatives. He’s also into fungi cultivation @Urban0yster potato heritage @ThankPotato and growing beer @SocialHops when he’s not too busy to show off this team’s accomplishments on social media.

Urban Gardening: Top Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Urban Gardening

The folks behind the Urban Gardening Twitter account are “planting organic food gardens on unused land, space, rooftops, and walls to help green our planet and eradicate hunger.” Highly involved in activism as well, you’ll mostly find pictures of their progress (and inspiration!) on their Twitter feed.

Urban Gardeners Republic

Urban Gardeners Republic is a true DIY Urban Gardening Community that strives to help beginners and seasoned gardeners create and grow their own garden, no matter the space you have at home or the weather conditions. They help people bring urban garden projects to life by guiding them along the way with their inspiring blog.

Urban Gardening Ninja

Urban Gardening Ninja, a.k.a Patrick, is based in Chicago, Illinois. His team of experts bring you a blog that will teach you the basics of urban farming. He has a lot of high-tech advice about lighting and the best types of grow media to use indoors. From time to time he also features interviews with entrepreneurs and shares links to his free eBooks.

Urban Organic Gardener

Based in Los Angeles, California, Urban Organic Gardener’s Twitter feed is filled with gorgeous photos of colorful crops. This gardening collective also shares practical container gardening tips to grow your own food so you can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier, and not feel limited by your lack of experience. Sounds good to us!

United States Department of Agriculture

From Washington D.C., stay up to date with the latest news, events, and info from the US Department of Agriculture. Along with tons of the latest research on plants and animals, this account also features success stories and highlights projects the USDA is investing at any given moment.


Finally, UglyFruitAndVeg is a must-follow simply due to its array of great pictures! Some are ugly, some are beautiful, some are cute, and some are humorous. This Twitter feed is sure to brighten your day up a little.