When the time comes to plant seeds, most farmers would prefer to use feminized cannabis seeds. To ensure seed feminization, most people resort to purchasing feminized seeds from commercial seed banks. But how does one guarantee feminization and what is the most efficient way to do so other than purchasing seeds? After doing research and utilizing different ways to produce feminized cannabis seeds, I have found that using ionic colloidal silver is the most efficient, safest, and cost effective method for producing feminized seeds.

Pollen sacs on a cannabis plant.Cannabis pollen sacs.

How Colloidal Silver Works on Cannabis Plants

Here is how it works: When using colloidal silver formulated and 20 ppm or greater as a foliar spray, drenching the target area of the plant for 10-18 days in a row, the silver ion then inhibits the ethylene production needed by the cannabis plant to produce female flowers; In turn forcing the female plant to produce male pollen sacs. Because female plants having zero male chromosomes the pollen produced is female, resulting in 99.99% guaranteed female seeds when using the pollen from the plant that was treated with colloidal silver.

When to apply colloidal silver: The best time to use colloidal silver for feminization would be a day or two before you switch to flowering (12/12.) Immediately begin spraying colloidal silver on newer growth every day until male sacs start to form (typically 10-18 days.)

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Once you visualize the male sacs starting to form I would separate and isolate this particular plant from other plants that are flowering so you don’t pollinate other female plants (the less air flow the better so pollen doesn’t get airborne.) Once male sacs are developed it takes quite some time for them to open and produce a yellow like pollen (typically 2-3 weeks but varies with different genetics.)

Hand holding cannabis pollen sacs and pollen.It can take 2-3 weeks for male sacs to produce pollen once developed.

Once pollen is present, gently tap the sacs on a mirror or smooth surface making it easy to collect the pollen. Use the pollen right away or store it a container in the freezer for later use. Now you have “female pollen” readily available to pollinate any genetics your heart desires! The next step is to pollinate your flowers (everyone uses different methods for pollination so I will let you decide how to do that)

Not only is colloidal silver used as an oligodynamic biocide, but it has many other benefits for plants as well, including feminization and sterilization. Thanks to science and nature's elements, colloidal silver can be used to maximize yields and maintain plant sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of cannabis.

Helpful Tips When Creating Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Pick the best looking female plant for this process to ensure premium genetics.
  • Make sure to separate and isolate the plant once sacs start to form – move to another room away from flowering plants.
  • Be prepared and take the necessary steps to have in place, a female cannabis plant that is nicely flowering and isolate and pollinate it with the feminized pollen created with colloidal silver (take some pollen on the end of a Q-tip and gently tap it over the flowers you would like to pollinate.)

Within 3-6 weeks your flowering plant will produce feminized seeds. GUARANTEED!

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