Just because you aren’t a child doesn’t mean you can’t indulge on Halloween. On that same note, always make sure your cannabis-infused edibles are stored in a safe place out of reach of children and pets. Try these top five rated treats on a night in when you aren’t operating vehicles or machinery so that you can simply relax and enjoy all of the fruits of what infusion progressives have to offer.

Trick-Or-Treat, it’s CannaWeen: Best Edibles to Enjoy on Halloween

Hi-Fi Chocolate Bars: Best Bang for Your Buck

The marriage of chocolate and medical marijuana is by no means a new combination. This year, finding the absolute best cannabis-infused chocolate bar is at the forefront of every canna-trick-or-treater’s Halloween priorities. The Hi-Fi chocolate bar series is undeniably awesome. Ranging in donations from $10-$20, you can walk home from your local collective with one of these 200 milligram bars that may likely be enough to last you the whole week, depending on your tolerance. With this particular bar, I can’t emphasize the concept of tolerance enough.

Do not underestimate the strength of these bars based on their superb flavor. It is quite possible that you will mistake these bars for a canna-free candy because they are so perfectly blended for optimal flavor. The Hi-Fi 200 milligram bars are split into four sections, each as 50 milligram servings. I would not recommend eating more than one square at a time until becoming more familiar with your tolerance as it relates to this specific edible. The Hi-Fi chocolate bars are both a trick and a treat in one delicious crudite, so tread lightly and enjoy.

Trick-Or-Treat, it’s CannaWeen: Best Edibles to Enjoy on Halloween

Flaming Hot Weetos: The Must-Have Guilty Pleasure

The ultimate munchies are now available in a cannabis-infused version of one of America’s favorite snacks: Flaming Hot Weetos. Available in three-ounce packages at a strength of 150 milligrams THC combined with 1.8 milligrams CBD, this might be your best bet for a post-supper snack that will satisfy your craving for junk food while simultaneously medicating.

You will notice a mild hint of cannabis in your first few bites, but the spicy seasoning helps to mask the pungent flavor and aroma of the medicine. The nutrition facts report that there are approximately three servings per package, so be careful not to scarf down the whole bag at once if it is your first time trying. If you want to save your Weetos for later, they stay relatively fresh if the bag is clipped and stored in the refrigerator up to a few weeks, surprisingly.

Trick-Or-Treat, it’s CannaWeen: Best Edibles to Enjoy on Halloween

Awakening Mints: For Guys and Gals On-The-Go

Dixie Elixirs’ line of mints is the quick fix in the crowd. If you feel an oncoming headache, nausea, back pain, or mild sense of mental or physical discomfort of any kind, these mints will help take the edge off while allowing you to remain alert throughout the day. Available in five- or 10-milligram tablets in the Awakening, Relaxing and Synergy formulas, there is something for every qualified MMJ patient.

Although the packaging is somewhat reminiscent of birth control pills, it is also very functional. This discrete packaging approach makes it easy to medicate in public for those who have obtained their scripts so as not to alarm those of a different lifestyle. If you are new to MMJ, this may be a good place to start, as the effects are mild and the doses are light.

Trick-Or-Treat, it’s CannaWeen: Best Edibles to Enjoy on Halloween

Cousin Andy’s Hard Candy Buttons: The Night Cap Refresher

Cousin Andy’s catalog continues to grow, for those who are inclined to partake. These affordable hard candy buttons make a perfect refreshment for the middle of the day or for an after-dinner nightcap when added to your favorite non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage.

There is a very mild trace of cannabis flavor when eaten as a hard candy, but if you are fizzing it out in a drink, it becomes even more difficult to detect. At 50 milligrams per button, this is a perfect dose for those who have some experience with MMJ, but aren’t looking for serious symptom management on a per serving basis. Enjoy it with a hearty meal for the perfect balancing act.

Trick-Or-Treat, it’s CannaWeen: Best Edibles to Enjoy on Halloween

Cheeba Chews: Cut to the Chase

For those looking for a medication that has the ability to alleviate even the most severe symptoms, Cheeba Chews take the cake for strongest medicinal value in a small-package size. Each standard chew contains at least 70 milligrams of medicine, some being pure THC or CBD, and others offering a hybrid between the two. Because they are basically the size of a Tootsie roll, it is hard to split them up into multiple servings.

If you are unsure about your tolerance, try taking a bite of one before swallowing it whole. These powerful bites are perfect for sleep deprived individuals or those who experience severe pain. The manufacturer has also released a new line of recreational cannabis edibles in select locations that offer milder doses for a gentler delivery. Cheeba Chews offer 11 different products in 800-plus dispensaries and have won three Cannabis Cup awards, so you know it’s got to be the good stuff.