Maximum Yield aims to educate readers with the best and latest information on how to grow cannabis and employ its medicinal properties. Find articles on how to choose cannabis seeds, how to grow cannabis, how to harvest, process and extract it and, finally, learn about how marijuana—and all its different strains—impact the body and your health. Check in here as some of the best and most experienced industry writers contribute advice on the most current grow techniques, and cover content aimed at beginners and long-time weed aficionados.

Cannabis Webinars

Bernard Brideau, Market Development Director – Medicinal for PRO-MIX®, and Mitchell Alswiti, CEO, Founder, and Master Grower at Purplefarm...

Join us for a candid discussion about the mind-bending harvests NorCal Cannabis Co. has enjoyed since outfitting the facility with high-intensity LED...

Supplemental lighting in greenhouses has traditionally been an "all or nothing" approach - either your lights are on or they’re not...

How much light is too much light? Are HPS fixtures good for my crop? How do I dial in my environment around my lighting? What’s the deal with...

Cannabis Downloads

Image for Post-Harvest-Care
Have you ever seen a beautiful cannabis crop in the grow, but the processed flower doesn’t look, smell, or feel like it did before harvest? Maybe it is a shaved version...

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