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Technology has dominated the 21st century but while some industries have acclimated to the advancements others have lagged their peers. Agriculture ranks number 1 in share of GDP and Employment in the U.S. on the McKinzie Digitization (more...)

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Cannabis Extract
Trimming Machine
Dry Sift
Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction
Seed Pod
Delta 3 Carene
Micron Screen
Terpene Isolation
Gamma Aminobutyric Acid
Wild Weed
Odor Control
Jack Herer
San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club
Church of the Universe
Culture High
Terpene Profile
Hybrid Vigor
oil pen
Dry Sift Hash
Golden Goat
Growroom Automation
Growroom Ventilation
Dab Torch
Borosilicate Glass
euphoric high
Maximum Yield
Marijuana Seedbank
Girl Scout Cookies
Skywalker OG
Odor-Proof Bag
Possession Laws
Bubba Kush
bulk cultivation
Blue de Hue
Rose Blunt
Super Lemon Haze
Whole Plant Cannabis
Eagle 7
Force Flowering
12/12 Lighting
Wake and Bake
Drug Free America Foundation
Alternating Leaf
Organoleptic properties
Purple Urkle
purple cannabis
Gas Mask Bong
Brick Weed
Cavi Cone
Grape Ape
Pineapple Express
Mark Emery
Cannabis Day
Sticky Cannabis Bud
Dirt Weed
Cannabis Culture
Male Cannabis Plant
High Times
Nectar Collector
Deep Water Culture
Black Ganga
Street Weed
Cannabis Coffee
Marijuana Delivery Service
Doob Tube
Verticillium Wilt
Ash Catcher
Wax Vaporizer
Synthetic Urine
Super High Me
Pack A Bowl
Canna Virus
Neem Oil
Open-Air Dab Rig
Marijuana Stock
Laughing Grass
Canna Clinic
Marijuana Abuse
Drug Test
Cannabis Cultivation
Honey Blunt
Apical Bud
Female Cannabis Plant
Cooking With Cannabis
Hindu Kush
Fungus Gnat
Spider Mite
Gravity Bong
White Rhino
Carbon Filter
Raw Cannabis
Botrytis Cinerea
Cannabis Essential Oil
US Food and Drug Administration
Closed-Loop Extraction System
Carb Cap
Cannabis Cooperative
Domed Nail
Fresh Frozen
THC Ministry
First Church of Cannabis
Vacuum Oven
Vegetative Stage
Metal Halide
Daily Light Integral
G13 Strain
Foliar Feeding
Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Finger Hash
Maui Wowie
Emerald Triangle
Selective Breeding
Synthetic Cannabinoids
Psychoactive Compound
T5 Fluorescent Lamp
Colloidal Silver
Cannabigerol Acid
Cannabichromenic Acid
Cheech and Chong
Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America
Oaksterdam University
Kyle Kushman
Ed Rosenthal
Non-Solvent Extraction
Flowering Night Cycle
Gibberellic Acid
Seed Feminizer
Inert Grow Medium
Light-emitting Diodes
Marihuana Tax Act
Hippie Trail
Controlled Substances Act
Therapeutic Hemp
Rick Simpson Oil
Edible Extract
Smokeable Extract
Open-Loop Extraction
Cannabis Plant Syndrome
Super Cropping
Jelly Hash
Hand Whipping
Electronic Nail
High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract
One Hitter
Q-Tip Technique
Extraction Artist
Blue Dream
Sugar Bloom
Watts Per Day
Green Out
Heady Glass
Down Stem
True Breed
Low-Temp Dab
Quartz Banger
Concentrate Slurry
Inbred Cannabis
Terminal Bud
Diagnostic Venation Pattern
Induce Flowering
Vape Mods
Cannabis Concentrate
Cannabis Tincture
Bubble Hash
Honey Oil
Caryophyllene Oxide
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Hydrocarbon Extraction
Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
Low Stress Training
Access Point
Sea of Green
Vape Pen

More Cannabis Content

Image of hands holding a small cannabis plant next to a bottle of CBD oil.

Despite gaining a lot of traction in recent years, most people still know very little about CBD. Many are ignorant to the fact that it comes from hemp and that it can be...

Image of mature cannabis plant of autoflowering variety.

By growing autoflowering marijuana plants, novice growers can enjoy yields faster. Decide whether autoflowering is right for you with these 3 pros and cons to...

Photo of various cannabis buds lined up together.

Sativa, indica, or ruderalis? With hundreds of different cannabis strain out there, it's important to pick the strain with the right personality for you.

Woman's hand holding cannabis joint in front of marijuana plants.

As cannabis consumption continues to grow in popularity, microdosing is emerging as another popular trend. But just what exactly is cannabis microdosing? Explore the 3...

Image of the process of cannabis extraction.

There several ways to extract compounds from the cannabis plant. Chris Bond reviews some of the key extraction methods plus the benefits and pitfalls that come with them.

10 Ways to Save $$$ at the Grow Shop

Visiting your favorite grow store doesn't have to be expensive. Although gardening can end up costing a pretty penny, you can lower you bill by following these 10 tips...

Cannabis influencer Mary Jean Dunsdon aka Watermelon poses with a cannabis plant.

Party pro and cannabis diva Watermelon dishes the goods on what it takes to host the party of the season and serves up a recipe for cannabis-infused margaritas.

Diagram of human skeleton and nervous system.

Rich Hamilton walks us through what cannabinoids are, how they enter our system through the endocannabinoid system, and what the endocannabinoid system is.

essential nutrients

All plants, including cannabis, require certain essential nutrients to grow healthy, strong, and productive. Grow the most fruitful cannabis plants with the right...

A chunk of cannabis concentrate rosin on a blue background.

Rosin presses are simple, inexpensive and allow the full flavor profile of the plant to come through. Check out these and other key benefits.

Popcorn, a bottle of oil, and a cup of warm milk on a white background.

You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen to whip up some amazing edibles at home.

A cannabis bud and macaron cookie on a fork.

For cannabis users, edibles are a becoming a popular method of enjoying the herb. But, as Rich Hamilton explains, those gummies or tasty chocolates can pack a serious...

Close up photograph of rosin.

Scott Wakeham delves into the various rosin extracts, how they are made, and the accessories required.

Macro shot of cannabis pistils and trichomes.

When it comes to how cannabis impacts consumers, more is being discovered about the entourage effect.

cannabis growing seeds

Seeds or clones? There are two ways of growing and you need to pick a side before you begin. Each comes with its own set of advantages of disadvantages, which will...

Bowl of salsa surrounded by cannabis leaves.

Lucky for most of us the outdoor cannabis harvest and the end of the garden season usually coincide with each other and this leads to some dank salsas.

Hand placing a pan of ground cannabis into an oven to decarboxylate.

Those who are new to cannabis and keen to make edibles need to learn the process of decarboxylating their weed to trigger the THC before baking those tasty marijuana...

Close up of the cannabis extract live resin.

Loved for its vibrant aromas and flavors and continually approved upon with new technology, live resin is quickly becoming the Holy Grail of cannabis products.

Single bud of the cannabis strain Sensi Star on a white background

Souris Skies is a wonderful, indica-dominant strain from Canada’s Island Garden (CIG).

How To Set Up Your LED Grow Light

If you've just bought a grow light or are about to pull the trigger, learn how to hang the lamp, at what distance, determine light intensity (PPFD, or PAR), and we also...

A split image of a woman's mouth. On one side she is exhaling smoke, on the other she is holding a cannabis edible in her lips.

How you choose to consume your cannabis will have vastly different effects on how your body absorbs it.

Praying mantis on top of a cannabis plant

Follow Alan Ray’s pest control tips for inspection and eradication, and your cannabis plants will live happy and productive lives.

Woman smoking cannabis and practicing yoga inside an apartment.

A combination of cannabis, yoga, and meditation can reduce stress and increase positive thought and movement.

Purple cannabis plants in a commercial growroom. Photo courtesy of Broken Coast Cannabis.

You’ve done everything right and have some great-looking cannabis plants ready for harvest. Don’t blow it now.

industrial hemp

One of the ways that new technology has improved the processing time for hemp is with the introduction of high capacity buckers and trimming machines suited to the...

Beneficial insect ladybug on the leaf of a cannabis plant.

Beneficial insects for pest control can supplement or replace the use of insecticides.

Balmy Breezes: How Air Circulation Affects Temperature, Humidity and CO2 in Your Growroom

We’ve all heard that moving and exchanging the air inside a growroom is essential. But why?

Treating Alzheimer’s with High-THC Cannabis Strains

Can marijuana help treat ailments from Alzheimer’s disease?

A Beginner's Guide to Vaping Cannabis: Where to Start

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis among new weed users, and an increasingly more available method of consumption, is vaping. Here's what you need to know.

10 Steps to Supercharged Cannabis Cuttings

Maximum Yield contributor Andrew Taylor takes us through his step-by-step process to create supercharged cannabis cuttings.

10 Common Marijuana Leaf Problems and How to Fix Them

A closer look at how to tackle 10 of the most common problems cannabis growers may face in the grow room.

Working Out with Weed: Best Strains for Exercise

Exercise enthusiast Isaac Cedillo shares his preferred strains for when he’s ready to get his heart rate up.

Flying High: A Guide to Using Edibles on a Long Plane Ride

Watermelon assembled a modest guide to improving your air travel experience with edibles, and dishes up a recipe for Whiskey Bliss Balls.

The 8 Best Cannabis Strains for Better Focus

Looking for a cannabis strain to achieve better focus and mental acuity? Try one of these 8 cannabis strains to help you find your focus.

cannabis trimming

Trimming can be the most daunting and time-consuming part of the cannabis growing process. Automated trimming takes the hassle away in a number of ways.

autoflowering cannabis

Lighting is easily controlled in a greenhouse, but outdoor growers can be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to photoperiod development. That's where autoflowering...

Cannabis plant

Growing great cannabis requires good lighting, proper ventilation, proper diet and more. This article gives us the means to identify nutrient deficiencies and excesses...

Veganic Weed: Superior Method, Superior Product?

Veganic weed is considered by some to be higher quality than its counterparts, but for growers it’s more about the method than the results.

The Lesser Known Cannabinoids and their Effects

Chris Bond looks at some of the lesser known cannabinoids and what known properties they have.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

Girl Scout Cookies has been a go-to strain for cannabis connoisseurs for a long time. SunWest Genetics breaks down the history and details of the strain.

Cooking with Cannabis: Cannabis Caldo Verde

Caught somewhere between a soup and a stew — a stoup — is Chef Sebastian Carosi's cannabis caldo verde.

Recycling Heat in Your Bloom Room

Lee G. Lyzit explains how recycling heat can have a positive impact on a grower’s bottom line.

Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

Back pain can be one of the most debilitating kinds of discomfort. It can wear you down and reduce your quality of life. More and more, people with back issues are...

cannabis and sleep

For an increasing amount of people, sleep is difficult to come by in the modern era. Thankfully, there are some cannabis strains that send you straight to dreamland...

Pink Kush

Use whatever analogy you like to describe Pink Kush, it will land you in a place where you can accomplish whatever you set out to do and feel great doing it.

10 Cannabis Tips For Growing High Quality Bud

Planting weed and getting it to grow is generally not a complicated process and can be done by anyone. However, plant growth rate and size are not the things that...


Confused about grow lights? Here are some tips on how to buy inexpensive LED grow lights from retailers like Amazon, eBay and Walmart.


Sometimes, outdoor growers aren't patient enough to wait for some of the longest cannabis strains to flower. Here are nine fast-flowering strains to consider.


If discretion is a concern when you grow cannabis, autoflower strains are your best bet. Here are some cannabis strains that don't attract the wrong kind of attention.

5 More Cannabis Strains That Are High in CBD

CBD-rich seeds have revolutionized the cannabis market thanks to their multiple medicinal benefits, as well as their appreciated qualities for recreational use.


Chef Sebastian Carosi trained at Portland’s Western Culinary Institute, apprenticed with renowned chefs in Italy, and went on to lead the Farm 2 Fork movement in New...


With an edibles revolution on the horizon, the uses for shake flour in home baking are only limited by imagination. Watermelon serves up some baking inspiration as well...


One of the oldest forms of cannabis, hashish has a long, long history after becoming popular in the Middle East more than 1,000 years ago. There are many ways to make...


It’s never a good thing when you’ve consumed too much cannabis and begin greening out. It can be downright scary, but there are ways to prevent overindulging and steps...

Breeding with Autoflowering Cannabis

When it comes to breeding cannabis, autoflowering is one of the most basic types of genetic traits of the plant, as it follows the laws of simple recessiveness and...

cbd oil

As CBD oil undergoes ongoing clinical testing, anecdotal evidence of its benefits is increasingly backed by science. Shannon McKee explores health conditions known to be...

CBD For Chemo

Many cancer patients struggle with the debilitating after-effects of chemotherapy and traditional cancer treatments. Nicole Skrobin examines how CBD can help those...

cannabis plant

Want to grow your own cannabis? This basic setup is all you need to get started.


Sometimes your cannabis plants require some minor manipulation to make them perform their best. FloraMax’s Andrew Taylor draws on years of experience to offer some tips...

growing high-quality cannabis

Growing great cannabis doesn’t just happen. It takes experience, knowledge, and discipline. Scott Wakeham shares his years of success so you, too, can grow the cannabis...

cloning cannabis

Some cannabis plants are so much better than others that you wish they’d just live and produce forever. While you can’t create an everlasting plant, cloning is a common...

5 Things To Know Before You Plant Hemp

Every crop has specific needs and conditions necessary to produce a successful harvest. These may include soil condition, irrigation methods, nutrition and fertilizers,...

rare strains

Exclusivity and rare treasures make people feel special. Connoisseurs and serious smokers have a dream: to be able to smoke legendary and hard-to-find strains.

natural pesticides

When it comes to dealing with pests on cannabis plants, the best way to go is using an all-natural pesticide. Chris Bond examines the different types of natural...

kandy Kush

With its high-end potency, Kandy Kush OG is a strain that will leave you absent-minded, super relaxed, and perhaps even couch locked.

Raised Garden Cannabis

Marijuana grows exceptionally well hydroponically and, as writer Wiley Geren tells us, cannabis also does very well in its natural environment, growing outdoors in a...

Cannabis Extraction

A partnership between PolyScience and Summit Research is leading the charge in the emerging legal cannabis market, using science and laboratories to make the best...

Baking With Cannabis? Here Are 7 Important Considerations for Home Bakers

A little properly converted, cannabis can be very potent. Here's how to process it for baking.

cannabis pests

Once they act, they are easy to identify. From the leaf miner, to its white 'sister,' to others, such as the aphid or caterpillar, insects act quickly on the cannabis...

PolyScience Extraction

When it comes to extraction, the name of the game is purity. With new technology and methodology, PolyScience and Summit Research are teaming up to create the ultimate...

Terpene Production

With newly discovered healing properties, terpenes are more important than previously thought. August Dunning explains how minerals and light can be used to boost...


When it comes to learning about the CBD products you are considering or are taking, the product label can often be misleading and confusing for consumers.

cannabis strain cbd

THC gets all the glory. It is, after all, the cannabinoid responsible for weed's famous psychoactive effects. Sneaking in under the radar (until recently) is CBD. While...


If you want to grow your own cannabis but are short on space, check out the bud-producing SCROG (screen of green) method of marijuana cultivation. Kyle Ladenburger lays...


Summit Research is one of the many distributors providing the testing and feedback, so when PolyScience rolls out a product it is assured it can handle anything the real...

Grow Cannabis in a bubbler

Growing marijuana in bubblers is relatively easy and promotes very fast growth from the vegetative to the flowering stages, allowing growers to get much bigger cannabis...

beginner cannabis grower

Every cannabis grower has to start somewhere. While trial and error is a good way to learn, it can be mitigated to help save time and money. Kent Gruetzmacher points out...

cannabis and insomnia

Cannabis users who suffer from insomnia and have trouble sleeping should make sure their strain of choice is not having a detrimental effect. Kasey Craig looks at three...

Super Silver Haze Review

Get focused, creative, and inspired with Super Silver Haze, the strain that brings color to the colorless daily grind.

3 Traditional Cannabis Extraction Techniques and 3 Modern Innovations

Cannabis extraction techniques have evolved over time but the extraction industry is seeing more innovation now than ever before. Check out some of the key extraction...

What’s Next in the Cannabis Extraction Industry?

By improving on past designs and incorporating environmental responsibility, the team at PolyScience is moving things forward in cannabis extraction.

CAnnabis Strains

Did you know that medical marijuana can help cure the blues? As in all things cannabis, some strains are going to be more effective than others in treatment. This...


PolyScience president Philip Preston and Summit CEO Elliot Kremerman together to discuss innovation in the cannabis industry. This was the takeaway.

Harvesting Cannabis

Harvesting cannabis isn’t a cut and dry process (though cutting and drying are involved). To get the most out your plants, there are a few extra steps you should take.

Cannabis Test Lab

Testing is an important aspect of cannabis production, and some labs are more qualified for the task than others. Jodi McDonald explains what to look for in a quality...

UVB Lighting

As research ramps up on how lighting affects cannabis, many are focusing on how UVB affects the final stages of growth. August Dunning takes us to the molecular level to...

seeds or cuttings

When you decide to grow your own cannabis, there are many decisions you need to make. One of the first is choosing whether to grow from seed or a cutting. Rich Hamilton...


Despite suffering chronic pain, PTSD, and MS, Pam Edgar hesitated to trade her prescribed cocktail of meds for cannabis due to the stigma associated with it. This is her...

Growing Weed For Beginners

While it might seem daunting at first, growing marijuana indoors isn’t really that difficult, as Tony van Liefde explains. If you’ve never tried growing cannabis before...


In 2017, the news of MMJ recalls in Canada dominated the headlines. But, what exactly do recalls like this entail?


The baby boomer generation once used marijuana as a form of protest and rebellion. With raising families and careers now behind them, many are returning to the plant,...

The (Light) Cycle of Life: Solstices, Equinoxes, and Growing Cannabis

The solstices and equinoxes are significant for planting and growing cannabis and can be helpful in planning an outdoor season.

Weed Beer

Beer and Weed have more in common than you’d think, and commercial brewers are even starting to combine them into one glorious product.

Cannabis Side Effects

Chris Bond sourced the latest reports to provide a snapshot of how cannabis can affect us for better or for worse.


For those wondering about the stages a marijuana plant undergoes as it grows from seed to potent bud, Chris Bond breaks it down by detailing what to expect from each...


Solvent extracts used to be the norm, but many producers are now focusing on solvent-less. Here’s why.


When it comes to cannabis terminology, “bud,” “oil,” and “edibles” are self-evident. The term “dab,” however, is not. What is it? How do you use it? Grubbycup is here to...

Autoflowering Strains

Growing your own Cannabis can be a scary proposition. It doesn't have to be. This article has some suggestions that might help turn your record around by giving you five...


Rachel Wilde gives her opinion of a lesser-known cannabis strain, Cannatonic. The strain is best known for its high CBD content.


When it comes to CBD products, there are several different products available, each boasting low THC levels. Karen Lloyd explains the top six various CBD products, how...

cannabis juicing

You don’t have to smoke or eat cannabis to enjoy its wide-ranging benefits. Making a cannabis smoothie will provide all kinds of healthy nutrients and CBDs in liquid...

cannabis cooking

Maximum Yield's Watermelon provides more insight into enjoying home-prepared cannabis-infused foods and even provides a personal recipe of her own.

smoking and vaping health

There is little peer-reviewed science available on how smoking and vaping cannabis grown with pesticides affects human health. However, most experts agree that inhaling...


While it has become popular to give dogs cannabis to ease a variety of ailments, there is little research to back up how Fido might react. Alan Ray explores the...

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Jack Herer

Not for rookies, Jack Herer lives up to its name by leaving you clearheaded, creative, and energetic.

The Top 6 Types of Terpenes Found in Cannabis

The aroma and flavor of each specific cannabis strain is trying to tell you something. Just listen to those terpenes...


If you’ve watched the news in the past couple years, you may have heard about some store-bought cannabis containing contaminants like mold or residual pesticides. It's...

Cannabis Trim

If you've always thought that the only useful part of the cannabis plant is the flowers, then you'll be pleased to find out that a lot of what you trim away in the...

Can medical cannabis relieve rheumatoid arthritis?

Physicians are still advised to counsel against cannabis-based medication as a first response, but as research increases, evidence shows cannabis does reduce pain.

Traveling With Weed

With medical and recreational cannabis laws gaining ground, more and more people are curious about the legal dos and don’ts when it comes to traveling with weed. Here’s...

How To Tell If You've Consumed Too Much Weed

Too much of a good thing? While most of the side effects of cannabis consumption are relatively harmless, some users may still experience some discomfort.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Auto Brooklyn Sunshine is a well-balanced hybrid strain bred by Dutch Passion that smells so good you’ll want to burp your nugs every day.

Cannabis Lighting Plan

Cannabis plants have specific requirements when it comes to lighting, and your grow room may have its limitations. Choosing the right lighting will take some careful...

calculated yields

How, exactly, do you measure the success of your cannabis garden? There are several ways to track and calculate your cannabis yields and learn about your profit margins.

Evolution of extracts

Within the cannabis industry, there are many ways to create extracts. Some are riskier and potentially hazardous to human health than others, while some are safe. Nicole...


While creating your own clones is the ideal method, purchasing them is also an option. Whichever method you choose, there are important steps to take to protect your...


MTV’s Cribs features the swanky houses and mansions of celebrities. The good folks at Growers Network felt they could bring a similar show to the cannabis realm, so the...


When it comes to enhancing the flavor of cannabis buds, understanding terpenes is key. Knowing how to enhance terpene production in marijuana goes a long way to making a...

Hemp and Weed

Are hemp and marijuana the same or are they different things? The truth is somewhere in the middle. Chris Bond takes the time to lay it out for us.

Cost of a joint

Ever wonder what the ecological cost of a joint is? Ian Ashdown, Maximum Yield advisory board member and senior scientist at SunTracker Technologies, did. After...


After his own amazing recovery from cancer, Rick Simpson has spent much of his life helping others recover from the disease by sharing his Rick Simpson Oil recipe.

Death Star

John Weidlande takes a deep dive into Death Star, and the force is strong in this particular strain. Join him in as he gives us the facts and his own opinion.


Sometimes, just smoking your cannabis isn't enough. Science has given us a number of ways to make stronger medicines by extracting the active chemicals and concentrating...

Sunset Strain

Sunset, as the name alludes, is a strain for those needing some help catching some z’s. Gibson Lannister tells us more.

Dry vs. Dried Out: How to Keep Your Buds Fresh

You put a lot of work into growing your plants and harvested them at just the right time. Now, the next challenge is keeping your buds properly stored.

Weed Storage

There may be no more useful, and unexpected, item to add to your cannabis kit than oven bags. They're thick, they kill smells, and they can be made airtight.

How To Avoid Buying Cannabis Concentrates That Contain Residual Solvents

Here’s what you need to know to make safe, informed decisions at your local dispensary.

Growing Cannabis at Home for Migraine Relief

While Heidi has had migraines for a good portion of her life, she just recently started using and growing her own cannabis for pain relief.

Cannabis and PTSD

After smoking for the very first time, Cody received significant relief from his pain and PTSD, and found that smoking cannabis helped tremendously with minimizing his...

How to Make Rosin and Dry Sift Out of Your Home-Grown Bud and Trim

Concentrates such as Dry Sift Hash can be made from trim using very simple techniques, and the end result is a very high-quality concentrate.

From Food, to Sex, to Fine Art. Why Weed Makes Almost Everything Better

Why is dope so... dope? There are scientific reasons why we feel the way we do when we ingest THC.

Comprehending Your Cannabis Test Results

No matter the reason you tested your cannabis plants, the lab results are useless if you don’t know how to read the report. Jodi McDonald gives us the lowdown on...

A Brief History of Cannabis Use in North America

Just a few generations ago, cannabis was widely used as medicine in North America to treat numerous ailments. By the early 1930s a tax on cannabis made its use...


Gibson Lannister shares his thoughts on the indica-dominant strain, Headband.


There are several terpene-moderated variations of CBG acid molecules that determine the amounts of the various cannabinolic compounds found in the trichomes, and you can...

Protect your eyes

Be careful of your eyes when you choose your next grow lights. Some LED grow lights can cause damage if proper precautions aren't taken.

Paleo and Cannabis

When one of the country’s top personal trainers and a certified nutritionist forged a friendship, they discovered that they were stronger together and formed a business...

Cannabis Flowers or Concentrates: Which is Right for You?

If you are new to the cannabis scene, whether as a medicinal or recreational end user, you’ll need to decide if you want to use flower or any of the wide variety of...

High in CBD

There is no doubt cannabis has amazing power to heal and strains high in CBD are the ones that are most effective for a host of ailments. Nicole Skrobin lists the top...

Can a Person be Allergic to Marijuana? Cannabis and Allergies: What You Need to Know

Cases of rashes, hypersensitivity, and even anaphylaxis due to contact with cannabis pollen, plants, or smoke are on the rise.

Root Mass

A plant’s health all depends on how well it is cared for beneath the soil. Get the basics down, and you’re well on your way to a higher quality, more productive yield.

How to Grow Cannabis Organically

As a cannabis cultivator, what are the benefits of going the organic route vs easier, or cheaper, methods.


There are several terpene-moderated variations of CBG acid molecules that determine the amounts of the various cannabinolic compounds found in the trichomes, and you can...

How to Grow Your Own Cannabis Plants From Seeds

Growing from seed is all about the quality of your seeds. Plants will never be better than the seeds they grew from. but how can you tell?

10 Markers of a Quality Marijuana Seed

If you're looking to start growing your own marijuana, the first place to start is with the seed. What should you look for? How can you tell a good cannabis seed from a...


THC and CBD usually get all the glory, but breeders are now developing strains rich in other cannabinoids. Here’s a primer on three of them—THC-V, CBD-V, and CBG—and a...

Cannabis Cloning

Cloning cannabis is no easy feat. You need to select a good mother plant and make sure atmospheric conditions are consistent, among other concerns.

cannabis seedling

The team from Crop King Seeds gives us this guide to growing marijuana during the vulnerable seedling stage. Turns out it's just a little bit different that a grown...

Build Your Own Aquaponics System

How does an aquaponics system work, and how can you make your own? Our friends at Crop King Seeds bring us this handy, introductory guide.

Dry Trimmer

Cannabis growers have two choices when it comes to trimming their harvest: Hand trimming, or automated trimming. Which is right for you?


Cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years to produce specific smells, tastes, and effects. Today, it's an art form. Here are 10 strains that report high in...


Growers know that vapor pressure deficit is important for healthy plants but requires strict attention to detail and equipment that can ensure consistent humidity levels...

Growroom Lighting

Deciding which indoor horticultural lighting to purchase for your growroom can be a confusing endeavor. To make the process smoother, Kent Gruetzmacher says there are...

Purple Weed

Purple: the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and historically the most significant and interesting color. It’s rarity in nature has given it a supernatural aura....

Grow Room

Without the right equipment or square footage, your crops couldn’t even begin to achieve maximized yields.

Three Difficult & Three Easy Cannabis Strains to Grow

You might have the greenest of thumbs, but that doesn’t mean you can simply grow a good crop of cannabis. Some strains are just tougher than others.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cannabis Harvest Processing

Have you ever wondered what you had to do after you harvest your cannabis? This article takes us through with a step by step guide.

Pot Plant Anatomy

Alan Ray provides a brief biology lesson on the cannabis plant to keep you in the loop.

Durban Poison

In need of a boost, our hybrid-loving author tries out a classic, pure sativa: Durban Poison. Here’s what went down.

dry vacuum pump

Cannabis Extraction and Distillation can be a complicated and time consuming process. A Vacuum pump can take a lot of that pain away, reducing both dangers from extreme...

Craft Cannabis

With mega weed corporations emerging, will there still be a place in the industry for craft cannabis producers? Kent Gruetzmacher tells us more.

Cannabis Trimming: Wet or Dry?

Once you've grown your bud, you have to harvest and trim. Trimming can be done either wet or dry. What does it mean, and why does it matter? We take a look at both sides.

11 Common Pests That Can Destroy Your Cannabis Crop

Many of the same pest species that are the bane of many greenhouse and field growers of traditional crops can affect cannabis crops just as easily.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Maui Waui and Blue Ribbon

Lacey Macri caught up with CJ of California, a long-time medicinal cannabis cultivator, who shares some expertise on two of his most recommended strains.

Cannabis Business

In the highly-competitive cannabis sphere only businesses that have laid the proper groundwork will succeed. Making the right connections, navigating government...


Like every crop, marijuana has its own sweet spot when it comes to the optimal levels of nutrients, electrical conductivity (EC), and potential of hydrogen (pH). Here's...

Six Ways to Build a Successful Cannabis Brand

These days, you need more than a solid product to compete in the cannabis market; you need to build a brand. And just how do you do that? Bjorn Wallman has a few tips.

Strengthening the Roots of Your Cannabis Plants

The root system of a plant is where essential nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the rest of the plant. As a plant grows and develops, so does the root mass.

Cannabis Cloning 101: A Back-to-basics Guide

Are you ready to take the plunge and try cloning? These days, the technologies, tools and techniques are making this process easier, but there are still a few things you...

4 Common Myths About Cannabis

We know you’ve heard some of these cannabis-growing myths before. Let’s clear the air, shall we?

3 Tips for Creating Sustainability in Cultivation Featuring Brandy Keen, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor for Surna, Inc.

Seed to Sale Show speaker and cultivation pro, Brandy Keen, has offered to share her top three most valuable insights on what it takes to create sustainability in...

GreenBox Grown Provides Complete Cannabis Growing Starter Kits for the Home Grower

Hydrolife contributor and GreenBox Grow founder Dylan Osborn shares how his young company came to be.

3 Major Hurdles Facing Canadian Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in 2018

Though there are still a few hurdles to overcome, Canada looks to be on track to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana by July 2018.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Purple Haze

Though he wasn’t singing about this strain, we’re pretty sure Jimi wouldn’t have minded the popular connection between his song and the beautiful, powerful Purple Haze.

BioAgra Technologies: Researching. Consulting, and Finding Solutions

BioAgra Technologies is a research, consulting, and system/product implementation company for licensed and LP applicants.

Marijuana Goes Mainstream: How to Enter The Marijuana Job Market

Marijuana industry professionals and hopefuls alike must adapt to the challenges put forth in an ever-dynamic, rapidly-growing vocational climate.

People Who Helped Shape The Cannabis Industry: Ed Rosenthal

The name Ed Rosenthal has become synonymous with world-class marijuana cultivation wisdom and techniques.

People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Rafael Mechoulam

Rafael Mechoulam is one of the most influential, yet least publicized, figures in the contemporary cannabis space.

People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana patient with a profound story to share.

People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is one of the most recognizable names in cannabis cultivation.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: It Might be Time for a Detox

Several states have reported seeing chronic marijuana users walking into emergency rooms with abdominal pain and intense vomiting, though medical professionals are...

How to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Bud Rot in Your Cannabis Grow Room

Bud rot starts inside of a bud, so it is not easily seen until it has started to spread. It favors dense colas and densely leafed plants. Dealing with a suspected...

The Easiest Way to Clone a Cannabis Plant and Grow Mother Plants

Learn how to take healthy clones from your cannabis plants and use them to grow a mother plant.

How to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Powdery Mildew on Your Cannabis Plants

In small amounts, powdery mildew is mostly a cosmetic issue, but if left untreated for a long enough period of time, it can kill your plants.

Summit Research Tech Creates High-Tech Cannabis Extractors and Distillation Equipment

How Elliot Kremerman went from tinkering around with extraction methods to establishing his own business, Summit Research Tech.

Canada Is Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis By July 2018

Hydrolife contributor Dylan Osborn of Green Box Grown examines what effects Canada’s upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis will have on home grows.

The Story Behind Whoopi & Maya's Specialty Cannabis Products for Women

Canna-innovators Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth teamed up to develop a specialty line just for women’s menstruation cycles and not only is it working, it’s taking...

Is There Any Danger of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis Concentrates?

Pesticides can be so toxic to humans that when it comes to testing, they are measured in parts per trillion. Here's how lab testing is keeping up with pesticide testing...

Bacteria? Virus? Fungi? Diagnosing Common Cannabis Diseases

Like marijuana plants that have fallen victim to a pest infestation, diseased cannabis plants will have visual symptoms as well.

Try This Highly Recommended Cannabis Lighting Schedule

The key factor in growing cannabis is not the light periods; it’s the dark periods. Surna’s Stephen Keen weighs in with his preferred light schedule for growing big,...

Dispensary Profile: Northern Specialty Health

Ten years ago, Ryan Milkey, now the owner of the medical marijuana dispensary Northern Specialty Health in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, was pursuing his career as an...

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Infusions

Here's a quick guide to making your own infusions, and a prediction of how strong they will end up being.

Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis-Infused Baked Salmon with Asparagrass

Cooking with cannabis does not need to be a daunting task. It becomes a very creative process once you get the hang of it. Essentially, it’s an herb. Use it like one.

Potcoin: The Bitcoin Alternative for The Marijuana Industry

Bitcoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, but it isn’t the only one. In the cannabis space, Potcoin is an up-and-coming contender looking to be the currency of...

Cannabis Themed Weddings Are on the Rise
New Cannabis Regulations for California

The Californian senate recently updated the state’s cannabis regulations. Here’s an overview of the changes and what it means for cannabis business owners and consumers.

How to Trim Cannabis: Wet vs. Dry Methods

What's the best way to trim marijuana plants? Wet? Dry? Fast? Slow? Hand? Machine? Ask 20 different people and you’ll get 20 different preferences.

The Best Way to Trellis Outdoor Cannabis Plants

If your growroom’s parameters are on point, indoor cannabis has a pretty cushy life. Its outdoor cousin, on the other hand, has to deal with the whims of Mother Nature.

A Pot Pilgrimage: The Legacy of the Hippie Trail

In the late 1960s through to the end of the 1970s, hundreds of thousands of counter-culture youth embarked on a voyage along the now-legendary Hippie Trail.

How the War on Cannabis Started: A Brief Guide

Despite persisting negative opinions, cannabis derived products are receiving a wider approval than ever before. How did we get here and what were the historical factors...

Weed Traveler: San Diego Local Sesh

The San Diego Local Sesh is undeniably a place for the once covert cannabis community of San Diego to come together in unity to enjoy each other, exchange information,...

6 Myths About Cooling Your Cannabis Grow Room

There are a lot of myths that surround the cooling needs in the cannabis industry. Surna/Hydro Innovation’s Stephen Keen delves into some of the most common ones we hear.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Critical Mass

Named for its huge branch-breaking buds, Critical Mass is an indica-heavy hybrid that novice cannabis enthusiasts will find easy to grow, but perhaps a little hard to...

Cannabis Use and Mental Health: Things to Keep in Mind

Many people use cannabis to treat illnesses and disorders or alleviate disease symptoms. Others use it for the positive effect it has on their mood, or for relaxation....

Topstone Vaporizers Are Much More than a Cannabis Concentrate Accessory

When medical concentrates became an integral part of William Bosch’s life due to illness, the aspiring cyclist soon found that his vaporizers couldn’t handle the heavy...

Back to the Future: The Origins of Cannabis

From its early origins in the steppes of Central Asia to ubiquitous usage and vilified status, cannabis has gone hand-in-hand with human civilization.

The Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis

Long touted as a medicine for a variety of issues, lesser-known is the nutritional quality of cannabis—which is so remarkable that some doctors say it belongs in the...

How Cannabis Branding is Changing

In today’s skyrocketing legal cannabis market, companies wanting to stand out have had to modernize their branding and marketing tactics to appeal to the mainstream....

Why More Professional Training in the Cannabis Industry is Needed

The marijuana industry is booming, and companies are fiercely competing for a relatively small pool of qualified employees.

Weed Traveler: San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market

With the establishment of the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market in 2016, cannabis start-ups gearing up for recreation, and an ongoing Local Sesh popping up regularly,...

Understanding the Magic of Cannabis Concentrates

In recent years, the cannabis world has been buzzing about concentrates. However, many people might be a little bit confused over exactly what constitutes a concentrate.

The Amazing Cannabis Plant: Understanding the Differences Between THC and CBD

As new strains are developed and the wonders of the older indica and sativa plants are explored at greater levels, a new understanding of how the plant's many...

Proficiency and Accreditation in the Cannabis Industry

The function of the third-party test lab is to ensure that the cannabis products producers sell meet safety and quality requirements for the patients who buy them.

How to Clone Your Cannabis Plants the Right Way

Cloning cannabis plants is a surefire way to know what you're going to end up with at the end of the growth cycle.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Starkiller from Broken Coast Cannabis

There has always something singularly difficult about trying to convey the taste and aroma of a powerful Kush.

A Look at North America's Renewed Interest in Cannabis

Chris Bond provides reasons on why the noose on marijuana may be loosening.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Broken Coast Cannabis Sour OG

Sour OG’s very high THC content (more than 25 per cent) provides an uplifting and relaxing emotional high paired with a pain dampening body buzz.

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Hashberry

Earthy and fruity, Hashberry is a high-quality, indica-dominant strain. From its origins to appearance, medical use, effects, and cultivation habits, Laci Macri reviews...

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Afghan Kush

An indica to its core, Afghan Kush produces a stress-relieving and meditative body high.

The Secret to Starting a Successful Commercial Cannabis Enterprise

As both medical and adult recreational usage clear hurdles with voters, increasing competition for a stake in tomorrow’s billions will require cannabis entrepreneurs to...

Cut & Dried Strain Review: Purple Berry

Purple Berry grows well in indoor environments because of its average-sized stature. Best enjoyed at the end of a long day, the finished product is perfectly dense and...

Cut & Dried Strain Review: White Fire OG #5

Known for its uplifting effects, White Fire OG #5 is commonly used by qualified medical marijuana patients as a daytime medicine.

medical marijuana

There has been an increase of glioma patients who are considering cannabis as a treatment modality. Finding — and trusting — information about using cannabis to treat...

autoflowering white widow

Autoflowering cannabis is the third type of cannabis (Ruderalis genetics) that evolved originally in short summer locations. Autoflowering cannabis doesn’t have a...

Are cannabis suppositories safe, and will they get me high?

Suppositories are a popular method of cannabis administration and can be effective at treating some conditions and disease. However, information available on healthcare...

tangerine dream

Thank you for your question. When growing in a small enclosed area (like a grow tent), atmospheric conditions are a major concern. Since you are growing from seed, you...

ask a nurse

In most cases, the symptoms associated with shingles last about one month and resolve on their own. In these instances, cannabis (via inhalation or ingestion) can be an...


Thank you for a great question. Regardless of what you plan to do with the stored crop, you want to preserve all the characteristics the buds had before they went into...


The most common question that we receive from Radicle Health patients is “What type of cannabis would help with____________?”Our response, typically, is “It depends.”...

Cannabis Edibles

With cannabis edibles, there exist multiple factors that affect the onset of action and the potency of a dose, and these factors can create challenges for patients...


Cannabis as a medical treatment for individuals suffering with pain and inflammation is becoming a more accepted treatment, especially in the United States and Canada. A...


This is a question that goes to the heart of the genetic code of cannabis.Generally speaking, all strains of cannabis require a specific range of temperature and...

How do I know when my cannabis plants are ready for harvesting?

There are two common methods to determine when a cannabis flower is ready for harvest: with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass or microscope.With the naked eye,...