Everything you need to know about horticultural lighting, including grow light types, lighting schedules, recommendations, plus the latest grow lighting technologies and advancements.

Lighting Webinars

High-performance LEDs are more complex than a plug-and-play addition to your cultivation facility. However, industry-leading success can be found...

Join us for a candid discussion about the mind-bending harvests NorCal Cannabis Co. has enjoyed since outfitting the facility with high-intensity LED...

In this free webinar, you will learn about the latest research on lighting for cannabis. Data from several plant trials will be condensed and shared...

As growers are educating themselves more on different lighting technologies, horticultural lighting manufacturers are often faced with questions...

Lighting Q&As

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Answered by: Lynette Morgan | Author, Partner at SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants

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Answered by: Ian Ashdown | Research Engineer, Consultant, Owner of Sun Tracker Technologies

Lighting Downloads

Image for 6 Reasons LED Crushes HPS & Metal Halide
Here are 6 reasons the right LED lighting systems crush HID lights every day of the week.
Image for Fohse_LED-Myths-Busted
FOHSE has compiled several myths we have heard many times in order to provide cultivators in our industry with the right information they need to get growing.
Image for 7 Misconceptions about LED Lights
Because the technology is relatively new, rumors and hearsay surround LED grow lights wherever they are implemented.
Image for 7 LED Grow Light Frequently Asked Questions
Discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about LED grow lights that set you up for growing success now and into the future!

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