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    Plant Types

    Indoor Herb Gardens

    Let’s face it. A lot of people these days live in apartments, and the dream of owning a house with a garden is only attainable for the lucky few. However, with...

    By: Becky Evans

  • Image for Sweet on Stevia
    Plant Types

    Sweet on Stevia

    A tiny, prototype house used to display that urban dwellers can grow much of their own food has proven a single plant can play a big role in the reduction of refined...

    By: Peggy Bradley | Engineer, Founder of Institute of Simplified Hydroponics

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    Plant Types

    Floral Feasts: Edible Flowers

    Feasting on flowers has a long culinary history. In the Victorian area, edible flowers were particularly popular and used to create elegant designs of candied violet and...

    By: Lynette Morgan | Author, Partner at SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants


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