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  • Image for Hemp too Hot in the Arizona Desert
    Industry News

    Hemp too Hot in the Arizona Desert

    When you were a kid, coloring between the lines was the challenge. Now that you’re a hemp-growing adult, staying within THC levels becomes the major task, and many...

    By: Lee Allen | Writer, Reporter, Gardener

  • Image for Growing Healthy Hemp Plants
    Plant Types

    Growing Healthy Hemp Plants

    The re-emergence of hemp as a viable commercial crop has shaken up the traditional agriculture world. The prospect of raising a lucrative crop has individuals who have...

    By: Chris Bond | Certified Permaculture Designer, Nursery Technician, Nursery Professional

  • Image for Foolproof Hemp Cloning
    Industry News

    Foolproof Hemp Cloning

    The rising acceptance of hemp and CBD, along with easing regulations at state levels, has helped spark a surge in US hemp production.The industry grew by 40 per cent in...

    By: Lee Allen | Writer, Reporter, Gardener

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