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    The Tale of the Terp Slurper

    When we talk about smoking hash many people flash back to their friend’s dingy basements in the 1990s, with Cypress Hill or Nirvana blasting from the boom box...

    By: Kyle LeGrow | Cannabis Photographer, Brand Content and Media Manager

  • Image for Lean & Dab: Safe Dabs and Optimal Methods

    Lean & Dab: Safe Dabs and Optimal Methods

    If you had to guess the number of people who consume cannabis around the world, what would your guess be? If you were in the ballpark of around 200 million people, then...

    By: Nicole Skrobin | Writer

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    Dabbing 101

    A fairly well-accepted origin story for the term “dab” is that it was inspired by the jingle for Brylcreem. The hair product advertisement included the line...

    By: Grubbycup | Indoor Gardener, Owner & Writer of Grow with Grubbycup

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