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  • Image for 6 Ways to Increase Cannabis Shelf Life

    6 Ways to Increase Cannabis Shelf Life

    Anybody who appreciates quality cannabis should take the time to learn how to keep their stash fresh and in tip-top consumable condition. If you think that keeping your...

    By: Rich Hamilton | Writer, Consultant, Author of The Growers Guide

  • Image for Is Curing Cannabis Always Necessary?

    Is Curing Cannabis Always Necessary?

    There are different methods of curing cannabis after it has been harvested, and which is best depends on a combination of how it is intended to be consumed and personal...

    By: Grubbycup | Indoor Gardener, Owner & Writer of Grow with Grubbycup

  • Image for A New Way to Cure Bud
    Industry News

    A New Way to Cure Bud

    While the origins of drying cheese predate recorded history (perhaps as far back as 8,000 BC), super techie David Sandelman has updated that process as a way to dry and...

    By: Lee Allen | Writer, Reporter, Gardener


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