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Everything you need to know about getting the most out of your plants' growth, including lighting, plant nutrition, mediums, beneficial organisms, irrigation, plant science, and more.

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Join us for a candid discussion about the mind-bending harvests NorCal Cannabis Co. has enjoyed since outfitting the facility with high-intensity LED...

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Image for 7 Tips for Using High-Intensity LEDs
In FOHSE's Masterclass they take a deeper dive on how your facility can better utilize LEDs beyond just a plug-and-play system.
Image for 6 Reasons LED Crushes HPS & Metal Halide
Here are 6 reasons the right LED lighting systems crush HID lights every day of the week.
Image for Fohse_LED-Myths-Busted
FOHSE has compiled several myths we have heard many times in order to provide cultivators in our industry with the right information they need to get growing.
Image for 7 Misconceptions about LED Lights
Because the technology is relatively new, rumors and hearsay surround LED grow lights wherever they are implemented.

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