Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. The nutrients in hydroponics can be from fish waste, duck manure, or normal nutrients.

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General Hydroponics
Inches Of H2O
CO2 Bottle
Deep Water Culture
Verticillium Wilt
Dutch Bucket
Expanded Clay Aggregate
Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
Deep Flow Technique
Hydroponic Gardening
Hoagland Solution
Mesh Pot
Aeroponic System
Aquaponic System
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Media-Based Hydroponics
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Hydroponic Microgreens
Inert Grow Medium
City Farming
Buffering Capacity of Water
Hydroponic Substrates
Rooftop Hydroponic Greenhouse
Inert Grow Medium
Net Pot
Dutch Style Nutrients
Open Cultural System
Controlled Environment Agriculture
Ebb and Flow
Run to Waste
Sand Culture
Gravel Culture
Hydroponic System
Organic Hydroponics
Automated Gardening System
Bato Bucket
Fulvic Acid
Nutrient Reservoir
Hydroponic Nutrients
Membrane Meniscus Method
Hydroponic Pods
Tower Garden System
Lighting Control Box
Trough Culture
Hydroponic Crops
Nutrient Film Technique
Drip System
Slow Sand Filtration
Recirculating Deep Water Culture
Recirculating System
Kratky Method
Indoor Farming
Soilless Mix
Closed System
Indoor Gardening
Drip System
Air Stone
Active System
Shallow Water Culture
Ebb and Flow
Wick System
Plant Factory
Passive Hydroponics
Nutrient Solution
Soilless Growing
Nutrient Doser
Irrigation Control System
Electrical Conductivity
Ultrasonic Fogger
Deep Water Culture
Nutrient Film Technique
Nutrient Strength
Grow Tray
Grow Tent
Total Dissolved Solids
Clay Pebbles
Coco Coir

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Hands holding a small lettuce plant in a cup above a hydroponic system.

For growers trying out hydroponics for the first time, choosing the best system can be a daunting task. Are you up for the challenge?

Growing Niche-Market Hydroponic Crops: Ginseng, Bay, and Tarragon

Crops that currently receive the highest returns on local markets include those such as ginseng, bay, tarragon, and saffron, all of which are suited to both hydroponics...

10 Common Marijuana Leaf Problems and How to Fix Them

A closer look at how to tackle 10 of the most common problems cannabis growers may face in the grow room.

Low-Cost Hydroponic Technology: Drawing the Line Between Cost and Function

For growers who would like to get into hydroponics, cost or complexity need not be an issue.

Flushing for Soil and Hydroponic Gardens

Nutrient flushing is an important, relatively simple, and all too often misunderstood technique that should be used by just about every grower.

How Soilless Agriculture Differs from Soil-based Agriculture

Whether plants are grown using soilless or soil methods, all crops require essential nutrients to grow. But is one method of delivering nutrients better? Read on to...

Hydroponic Hops

Hops are not the first thing one thinks of when considering a hydroponic crop, but as Lynette Morgan explains, they are increasingly in demand and do very well in a...

Considerations When Selecting a Systemic or Non-systemic Pesticide

No grower wants pests in their garden, but how they are dealt with can have varying consequences on plant health, your health, and the environment. Make the right choice...

Hydro Systems Hydroponics

If you’re thinking about building your own at-home hydroponic system, your best bets are either a nutrient film technique setup or an ebb and flow system.

Garden Everywhere! Creative Spaces for Your Next Indoor Garden

There is always room to grow, even if you live in an apartment or every spare room in your house is spoken for!

Perlite Revisited for Hydroponics Gardens

Anyone looking for a hydroponics system addition that is reliable, easy to use, and is budget friendly, should try growing their next crop in perlite. Read on to...

Finding a Happy Medium: Soilless Grow Media Tips & Tricks

Finding a good balance among different products and processes is the key to a successful indoor garden, and plant media is a prime example. Here’s some more info on all...

Adventures In Vertical Gardening

If you can’t grow across due to a lack of space, try growing up. Vertical gardens are easy to set up and maintain just by applying the basic principles of container...

Beneficial Microbe Populations in the Indoor Garden

Millions of beneficial microbes live in and around your plants’ roots and root zone. Even though you can’t see them, these little guys can make or break your garden.

Organic and Hydroponic Food Safety

As many as 76 million people in the United States report coming in contact with some form of foodborne illness every year. Of this, around 5,000 cases result in death....

Hydroponic Citrus

Often overlooked in hydroponic growing, many citrus varieties make for excellent indoor growing cultivars and reward horticulturists with some tasty fruits and...

hydroponic equipment leaks

When you work with water, pumps, and pressure, you’re eventually going to have leaks. The risk of springing a leak in your hydro system can be mitigated, however, by...

Grindo: Indoor Quality, Outdoor Quantity, Greenhouse Grown

In a greenhouse, you have the ability to cultivate plants efficiently with indoor quality and outdoor quantity while greatly reducing your overhead and environmental...

Hydroponic Nutrient Management

When you choose to grow hydroponically, it becomes your responsibility to ensure your plants are receiving what they need to be healthy and productive. Follow Monica...

ph control

For horticulturists using pH control systems, any type of failure can be devastating to a crop. Philip McIntosh looks at what can go wrong with these systems and ways to...


NFT systems can present problems — for both home and commercial growers — if they aren’t monitored properly.

Deep water culture

Deep water culture hydroponics is a great method for fast growing, heavy yielding crops. It’s accessible to new growers, but it’s not fail-safe. Here are 10 essential...

Beneficial microbes

Understanding the benefits of microbial life in the rhizosphere of your hydroponic plants will go a long way toward growing healthy, productive crops. But how do you...

Irrigation: You Want Wet Plants, Not Soaked Plants

Using a jug to measure the volume of nutrient solution from each dripper in hydroponic systems is important for irrigation. Growth differences between plants in the same...

Putting Nutrient Film Technique to the Test

Since it was developed more than 30 years ago, the benefits of the nutrient film technique hydroponic growing system have been highly debated among commercial growers....

Greenhouse Growing 101

A greenhouse is the perfect place to germinate seeds and allows you to extend the natural growing season. So if you want to grow vegetables year-round, it may be a...

Hydroponic Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine crops are well-suited to grow successfully in hydroponics. Lynette Morgan explains how to successfully grow these flavorful products while ma

Applying Green Principles to Hydroponic Growing

Organic products are not the only way to go green in the garden. Making your system more efficient, while challenging, is another way.


No longer your run-of-the-mill cauliflower and broccoli best consumed under heaps of cheese sauce, modern brassicas are colourful, flavorful, healthy, and suitable for...

Hydroponic Disenfecting

A sure-fire way to quickly kill hydroponic plants is through pathogens in the water supply. By keeping water clean, growers can practice environmental responsibility...

Classroom Garden

The key to running a successful school-based hydroponic and garden project is knowledge. Without it, limited budgets (and cut corners) can lead to an off-putting mess...

Organic Hydroponics: Taking Soil Out of the Mix

Organic hydroponics can seem like an oxymoron since many organic-food producers insist that soil is an essential component of the mix. However, as Dr. Mike Nichols...

Cold Weather and Hydroponic Gardens

Cold weather is a situation where hydroponic gardening, whether in your home or in a greenhouse, has an unbeatable advantage. Here’s how to make the most of it.

How Greenhouses Change the Way You Grow

The term ‘greenhouse effect’ doesn’t have to be a bad thing—it can describe the enjoyment that growers will feel when they discover a way to extend their beloved hobby...


For many growers, their gardening practices falls under the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, as Matt LeBannister points out, change can help make...

Root Restriction in Hydroponics

Most hydroponic crops only require a small root zone volume. However, as Lynette Morgan points out, the restriction methods used are just as important as the result they...


Commercial NFT operations have all the bells and whistles, but some of their practices can easily be applied to a hobbyist set-up for more successful yields. Zachary...


While hydroponic crops are robust and quick growing, sometimes the taste quality can leave a lot to be desired. Lynette Morgan looks at how plant stress, and other...

Hydroponic Leeks: A Not so Dirty Business After All

Growing leeks is traditionally a dirty business, but hydroponics is about to change all that.

Hydroponic Float system

Solution Culture Systems may be the purest hydroponics system. That’s because in float, raft, raceway, pond, deed flow technique, and nutrient film technique systems,...

Building an In-Ground Hydro System

Simple in-ground hydroponic systems can be an extremely cost-efficient solution for hydroponic growing. Read on to find out what you’ll need to get started.


Cannabis can be grown successfully in soil, soilless media or hydroponically. Consider some of the pros, cons and tips to each method before jumping the gun and making...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Expanded Clay Pebbles

Expanded clay pebbles are safe and easy to use, and provide plants with plenty of what they need to thrive. Apply these tips and tricks during your next growth cycle to...

Root Zone

Dr. Lynette Morgan tells us how root zone manipulation can have a huge impact on plant performance.


If it’s simplicity, low cost, and maximum yields you are after in a hydroponic system, NFT could be the system for you.

Hydroponic Nutrients

While hydroponic water culture systems can produce big results, you must work to get those optimal results. One of most important things to do is make sure you’re...

How to Make the Perfect Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Sure, you could just buy a premixed nutrient solution, but where’s the fun in that? If you have some time for preparation, mixing your own nutes is an easy and rewarding...

UV in Hydroponics

Ultraviolet sterilization is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms. Shannon McKee tells us more.

How to Grow Marijuana in Commercial Shipping Containers

We now live in a time when cannabis cultivation is becoming more widely accepted, and this means more options for growers who are active in the cannabis community.

Creating Novel Hybrid Hydroponic Systems

What is hybrid hydroponics? Here, Ryan Taylor offers a definition of this hot catchphrase, gives an example of a custom hybrid system and reveals valuable tips for...

Leafy Greens

Though not as common as Western crops like lettuce, Asian greens grow just as well in hydroponic setups and offer a diverse range of flavors alongside their stacked...

Grow Room

Hydroponics is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are many different systems, add-ons, and tools you can choose from to customize your grow room. Here are a few...

The Year-Round Greenhouse

You’ll need different things from your greenhouse in the hot summer months than you will in the depths of winter - read on for some useful information before you buy or...


Autodosers provide consistency, precision, and certainty while removing the potential for human error. It’s no wonder that commercial and hobby growers alike are taking...


Due to various pressures, the planet is losing plant diversity at an alarming rate. This is not god for ecosystems or humans. Lee Allen asked numerous experts for their...

Tips For the Home Grown Beginner: What Do I Need To Do To Start Growing My Own Weed?

Growing your own weed for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming process. We take a look at what you should consider before you purchase your first seeds.

Grow Tents: 21st Century Greenhouses

Grow tents are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to bring the greenhouse inside. Casey Jones Fraser explains why he’s a big fan.

Efficiency and the Indoor Garden

‘Why bother taking steps to maximize efficiency? My garden works, isn’t that enough?’ A garden writer examines cost versus yield in a typical indoor garden set-up and...

Organic hydroponics

Until November of 2017, growers debated the organic certification of hydroponics. Now, the verdict is in.

10 Key Tips for Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics

Getting started using hydroponics to grow marijuana can be tricky. Here are ten tips to make it a little bit easier.

Hydro Meal Planning 101

Every garden is unique, so a one-size-fits-all nutrient scheme isn’t always the best for hydroponic setups. In this article, Eric Hopper lays out the basics of how to...

10 Tips For Gardening in Grow Tents

A grow tent is a handy piece of equipment that can turn any kind of indoor space into a garden.

Measuring, Analyzing, and Adjusting Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

If measuring, analyzing, and adjusting nutrient solutions is a tough task for you, we simplify the concepts for hydroponic nutrient solutions.

What Grow Medium Is Right For You?

Matt LeBannister discusses the attributes of various hydroponic grow mediums and which systems they are ideal for.

The Best Hydroponic Systems for Lily Production

Lilies are a beautiful and popular flower that can be very effectively grown hydroponically, but all systems are not created equal. Which systems are best?

Personal Food Computers: The Ultimate Community Garden?

The Personal Food Computer (PFC) could have us creating our foods like a Star Trek replicator. Learn more about it here.

Good to Grow: LED Grow Lights, Hydroponic Bucket Systems, and Calcium Additives

Boost the performance of your garden with the latest products available for modern growers, featuring items from Lumileds, Vitaponix, Divine Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply...

The Art of Harvesting Hydro Hops

Hydroponic hops aren’t new, but growing them in nutrient-rich solutions is.

How to Grow Tubers, Bulbs, and Root Crops Using Hydroponics

We tend to treat potatoes, onions, carrots, and similar root and tuber crops as cheap commodity vegetables, but they have far more potential than most growers realize.

How and Why Millennials Are Making Urban Gardening Mainstream

Martha Stewart once said millennials don’t have the drive to learn how to grow a vegetable, but nothing could be further from the truth.

How to Start Your First Hydroponic Garden: A Guide for Beginners

After learning about grow media choices, finding the correct water source and the planting process, you’ll see that the art of hydroponics doesn’t have to feel like...

Good to Grow: LED Bar Lights, Liquid Fertilizers, NFT Systems, and Bud Boosters

Boost the performance of your garden with the latest products available for modern growers, featuring items from Current Culture, KIND LED, Growers Supply, One Way to...

3 Types of High-Value Cash Crops to Grow Hydroponically

If your local grocery store is always out of certain produce that can be grown hydroponically, there might be an opportunity to fill that niche.

Grow Lettuce Indoors All Winter

There’s nothing better than biting into a nice, crunchy salad made with homegrown lettuce leaves, but with frost covering the backyard garden, you’re going to need to...

Tips for Growing Plants in a Hydroponic Wick System

Wick systems are cheap and easy to set up, but they can take a lifetime to master. Here are a few tips.

Improving the Flavor of Crops with Photoperiodism

Understanding your plants’ photosynthesis requirements and matching them to proper lighting affects taste and nutrition in your hydroponic garden.

Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG Systems

Boost the performance of your garden with the latest products available for modern growers.

Peas, Beans, and Peanuts: How to Grow Legumes Hydroponically

While dried lentils are cheap enough to buy at the grocery store, fresh legumes have a place in your hydroponic garden.

The 6 Most Common Types of Hydroponic Systems Found in Modern Grow Rooms

Hydroponic systems have come a long way since they were first envisioned. These are the six types of hydroponic systems that you will find in the modern cultivator’s...

Want To Go From Hydroponics To Soil? Here's a Quick Guide

There are many reasons why cultivators might transplant their plants from hydroponic systems into soil. Here's how to go about it.

Things to Consider Before Growing Hops Hydroponically

Hop crops are in big demand these days, but can they be grown hydroponically? Let's take a look.

Setting Up a Kratky Hydroponics System in 6 Easy Steps

Kratky hydroponics is a soilless growing method that is so simple in its design, it is the perfect introduction into the world of hydroponics.

Tips for Growing Spinach, Endive, and Chard Using Hydroponics

Spinach, endive, and chard all have good levels of some well-researched health promoting compounds and are well worth the investment in time and effort to grow.

Don't Try to Grow These Plants Hydroponically

There are some crops that just do better in hydro systems, and some that you'll want to avoid even trying to grow.

Food Grade vs. Food Safe: What's The Difference?

Think you know the difference between food-grade and food-safe terminology? Think again! The answer isn't very clear.

How Hydrogels Can Benefit Your Hydroponic Garden

Hydrogels, strange products that act as a solid even though they absorb vast amounts of liquid, have a wide range of uses in the modern world.

Grow It: 3 Products To Help Boost Your Cannabis Yields

In this post we are featuring One Way to Grow nutrients, Sierra Natural Science disease and fungal control, and Nature's Nectar terpene booster.

How to Grow Plants in Rockwool

For many commercial growers, rockwool is becoming an increasingly popular growing medium. It is also becoming popular for home growers. But with any growing medium,...

Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics: Which One is Right For You?

It can be difficult to get consensus on whether aquaponics or hydroponics is better. Let’s look at the two systems and learn what some experts on the subject say.

Using a Bloom Booster to Supercharge the Flavor of Home-Grown Harvests

Several things need to be taken into consideration when growing spices, condiments and aromatic plants for flavour and quality, such as the safety and purity of the...

Your Plants Are Hungry, Feed Them (But Not Too Much)

When looking over the nutrient aisle there are a vast number of products to choose from and just as varied are the directions for feeding. Be sure to find the feeding...

Algae Growth in Your Hydroponic System: Friend or Foe?

Algae, a green slimy plague that can rapidly overrun an unprotected hydroponic system, is a constant battle many growers face in keeping their indoor garden sparkling...

Big Blooms: How to Grow Exhibition-sized Flowers

Exhibition-sized flower blooms of many species can have a real wow factor, whether they are on display at a local floral show or tucked away in an indoor garden.

Growing Saffron Hydroponically

Saffron, the world's highest-priced spice, lends a distinctive and highly prized flavor to many dishes. It turns out the crocus sativus plant can thrive in a hydroponic...

Tap Water and its Impact on Hydroponic Nutrients and Supplements

There’s no point in feeding your garden expensive nutrients if the stuff in your tap water is keeping the plants from absorbing them.

Hydroponics: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Get the latest updates on hydroponics from these top influencers on Twitter.

Can Hydroponics Lead to a Healthier Global Food Supply?

Can hydroponics play a role in providing healthier food, conserving resources, and reducing emissions as the world population grows?

How to Grow 4 Types of Berries Hydroponically

While hydroponic strawberries are not an uncommon crop and are relatively easy to grow, hydroponic blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries can also be produced on a...

Soil vs. Hydroponics: What Method Grows the Best Plants?

As more of our food and herbs are grown through various hydroponic techniques, the question of which is better: soil vs. hydroponics, comes up a lot.

How to Reduce Your Grow Room's Operational Costs

Save time and money while growing marijuana with these growroom efficiency tips from expert growers.

Why Growers are Crazy for Coco Coir

Coco coir (made from coconuts) is quickly becoming a popular grow medium offering horticulturalists many advantages in the garden. Coir fibers are rich in hormones and...

How to Grow Basil and Cilantro Using Hydroponics

Growing basil and cilantro outdoors is easy, but growing these herbs indoors presents challenges. Discover a few tips to keeping the flavor and overall quality of these...

How to Grow Fodder in a Hydroponics System

When we think about hydroponics, we often only consider products for human consumption. However, for many reasons, farmers are now looking for new ways to produce their...

Can You Sterilize and Reuse Your Grow Media?

The prospect of saving money and reducing waste by reusing the disposable components of your growroom is tempting, but it doesn’t come without risk.

Humic or Fulvic Acid: What Kind are Your Plants On?

Humic and fulvic acids are natural, complex molecules that improve the uptake of nutrients in both soil and hydroponics. Sourcing these acids for your garden can be...

Tips for Growing Alliums in Your Next Garden

Garlic, onions, shallots, scallions and chives are all a part of the allium family. While many types thrive outdoors, others are better-suited to indoor gardening,...

Why Are My Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yellowing leaves can be caused by just about anything that’s a little out of whack. Here we examine three common nutrient deficiencies.

Hydroponic Seed Starting 101: A Primer for Beginners

Starting your seeds hydroponically has many benefits, but many people are unsure how to go about it.

How to Boost the Calcium Levels in Your Hydroponic System

Ah, calcium complexities. Improving calcium nutrition within the plant is not merely a simple case of dosing up with increasingly higher levels of this element.

Will Hydroponic Crops Ever Become Organic Certified?

Kathleen Marshall explains why certified organic hydroponically grown foods are under scrutiny.

Can I Grow Cauliflower Hydroponically?

Cauliflower is a member of the brassica family, which also includes kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Light Intensity vs. Temperature in a Grow Tent

To maximize efficiency in an indoor garden, it’s tempting to hang grow lights as close to plants as physically possible, but this could spell disaster, especially when...

How Vertical Farming Works to Maximize Crop Output

Vertical farming is one of the hottest things to happen to agriculture, showing tremendous potential for revolutionizing the field.

The Power of ORP: Getting the Most Out of Oxidation Reduction Potential

Have you heard of oxidation reduction potential? Well, turns out it can have a huge impact in the indoor garden. Read on to learn all about ORP and how to use it to your...

5 Mistakes Rookie Home Growers Make

If you are new to maintaining a home garden, there are a handful of rookie mistakes that are easy to make. Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Next Generation Hydroponic Farming: Desert Greens H2O

2016 was one hell of a year so far for Tom Blount, systems designer and grower at Desert Greens H2O.

Hydroponics Economics: Pricing Out a Hydroponic System

For many hydro hobbyists, spending money on their passion is a joy, not a burden. After all, it’s what makes you happy. Still, most of us have household budgets we need...

Getting Rid of Algae in the Grow Room

Although they aren’t classified as plants, algae are comparable photosynthetic organisms that grow in the same environment as plants.

Growing Fruit Trees Using Hydroponics

While not the most common choice, it is possible to grow fruit trees in a hydroponic garden.

Using PRO-MIX in Hydroponics

With the increased popularity of indoor gardening, the term hydroponics has been associated with peat-based soilless growing media. However, there are some differences.

Choosing the Right Grow Media for Greenhouse Herb and Vegetable Production

Growing media are made of engineered materials designed to provide ideal physical and chemical characteristics for the root environment. There's a lot that goes in to...

What the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) Can Do For Your Garden

The concept of cation exchange capacity (CEC) is one that often confuses novice and seasoned gardeners alike; however, a basic understanding can greatly influence...

Meet the Maximum Yield Team at the San Jose GrowX Show, June 3-4 2017

Maximum Yield is hosting a new series of indoor gardening trade shows and is kicking things off in San Jose on June 3-4, 2017 with the GrowX. Come join us on Saturday or...

Healing Hydroponics: Try Growing These Medicinal Plants

How to grow Hieracium pilosella and Hypericum perforatum hydroponically.

Farm to Table: The Boathouse

In Traverse City, Michigan, The Boathouse offers its customers a true locavore dining experience, literally from farm to table.

How to Optimize the Strength of Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

Accurately measuring the concentration of your nutrient solution being applied to your crops is critical for optimizing yields, but don’t forget to factor in...

What Every Grower Needs to Know About Water Quality

Water. It’s a basic requirement for all life on our planet and absolutely essential to every aspect of gardening—both indoors and out—but how much does the average...

Seeing Double: Double-ended, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting

Double-ended, high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting is emerging from several manufacturers in the hydroponics industry, and growers trying the new technology experience...

Talking Shop with Green Coast Hydroponics

The origin of Green Coast Hydroponics was a convergence of enthusiasm and a need to put some smarts to good use.

The Top 7 Mistakes Made By Hydroponic Growers

Dr. Nate Storey’s guide for beginning growers who are interested in operating successful hydroponic systems details seven of the most common obstacles encountered by...

How Do Modular Hydroponic Systems Work?

Modular hydroponics systems are repeatable grow systems that can extend from a small area such as a closet or bedroom to any unlimited space.

How to Decide Between a Grow Tent and a Grow Room

There are plenty of choices to make when starting a new grow operation, but one of the biggest is deciding on where to house your plants.

The Convenience of Hydroponic Nutrient Application Systems

The application of a balanced nutrient solution to plant roots is a basic principle of hydroponic growing. Making this irrigation as efficient and effective as possible,...

The Benefits of Introducing a Gentle Breeze to Your Indoor Crops

Frank Rauscher explains the benefits of introducing wind to your indoor crops.

An Introduction to Microponics: How to Create a Tiny Ecosystem in Your Backyard
Hydroponics: Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Gardening

Plants grown hydroponically are of exceedingly high quality, occupy less space, and consume fewer resources than traditional growing methods.

Goldleaf Hydroponics Set to Open in Bloomington, Indiana

Goldleaf Hydroponics is pleased to announce their grand opening celebration taking place on April 1, 2017, in Bloomington, Indiana.

9 Creative Places to Start Your Next Garden

Gardens need not be confined to the backyard. Here are some other potential places to start a garden this spring.

Farm to Table: Future Foods Farms

With a large organic farm that raises fish along with produce by using aquaponics, Adam Navidi’s Future Foods Farms also utilizes fruit trees, soil beds, and chickens to...

Progress is Sweet (Potatoes)

For years, researchers have searched for a carbohydrate crop that grows well, efficiently, and reliably in simplified hydroponics. It’s possible the search is over.

The Kratky Method is a Simple and Fun Way to Grow

The Kratky Method is a way of hydroponically growing your plants in a container without needing electricity, air stones, pumps, or anything else.

Take It Outside: Why Outdoor Hydroponic Systems Make Sense

While designed for indoor growing, outdoor hydroponic systems can provide solutions to problems such as diminishing arable land, water shortages, and food security. Eric...

Perlite in the Garden: To Use or Not to Use?

Though tiny, a grain of perlite can be mighty. Frank Rauscher digs deep to outline the benefits and drawbacks that lightweight perlite can play in aerating your growroom...

Is Biofilm in a Hydroponic System Bad?

Biofilms are often poorly understood by hydroponic gardeners. Here's why.

FarmScrapers: Vertical Gardening that Combines the Past and Future of Agriculture

Enter farmscrapers: skyscrapers with veggies on the inside and even some with trees on the outside. This revolutionary approach takes its inspiration from vertical...

The Birds and the Bees of Hydroponics: How to Pollinate Plants

Pollination and the resulting fruit set are vital processes for many common hydroponic crops, and an indoor garden can pose challenges to both.

10 Things to Know About Your Nutrient Reservoir

Let's take a look at 10 things you should consider when pondering the efficacy of your nutrient reservoir and system. Some of your persistent problems may begin, and...

Is Chemical Flushing Necessary

In nature, water serves as an ideal flushing system. It will work for your hydroponic system, too. But is it the best means available? Rich Hamilton dives in headfirst...

Comparing Various Water Culture Hydroponic Systems

Water culture hydroponics is one of the fastest growing segments of hydroponics, but there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a system.

Hydroponic Ginger & Turmeric Production

?Bored with growing tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce? Try growing spicy rhizomes!

The Facts on Fogponics

Many growers are already well-acquainted with the various ways in which to set up a growing system. While hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics are all becoming more...

I’m Getting Great Results, Should I Change Something?
The Eco Home II: New Homes for a New World

Charles Winslow is very concerned about the state of the planet, but he’s got some pretty amazing ideas about how to fix it—and they all start at home.

Reverse Osmosis: How to Get the Most out of Your RO System

Pure water is as important for your plants as it is for you. Find out how to use a reverse osmosis filter to get the most out of your garden and learn how to extend the...

Get Smart - Grow Hydro: 3, 2, 1
Analyzing Nutrient Film Technique

NFT systems are still widely used by both commercial and hobbyist horticulturists. Although the commercial use of NFT is focused on leafy greens and vegetative crops,...

Evolution of Hydroponic Nutrition

Hydroponic nutrients, like indoor gardening hardware, have evolved immensely over the last 10 years. There have been major breakthroughs in the methods used to extract,...

Parasitic Pathogens: Infectious Diseases in Hydroponics

Problems with parasitic pathogens in your indoor garden? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, parasitic or infectious diseases are not an uncommon occurrence in the growroom.

Giving Plants the Green Light

Green light is not apparently useful for plant metabolism, but it does seem to play a role in plant form and composition, as well as being a catalyst for the better use...

Going with the Flow: Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

Ebb and flow, or flood and drain, hydroponic systems are popular with hobby growers because they are easy and inexpensive to build, can be built to fit any space, and...

What is a Deep Water Culture System?

Standard water culture systems and deep water culture systems (DWC) are about the simplest types of hydroponic systems available, and they are also very efficient at...

Bioponics: A Strange Hybrid

Bioponics, a method of growing coined by hydroponics veteran William Texier, involves the use of certified-organic nutrients in a hydroponic solution along with a...

Is Organic Hydroponics Always Better?

Is organic the only wise choice left out there? Let's start by deciding what it means to be truly organic in the first place, and then apply the concept of organics to a...

Tasty Tomatoes: Improving Flavor and Quality in Hydroponically Grown Tomatoes

Off-season tomatoes are usually dull, tasteless and way too firm. Thankfully, however, there is now research being conducted on how to breed that summer flavor in those...

Undergoing an Organic Transformation

Over the past few years, many people have become more educated in organic production techniques. Here’s a closer look at how this education has helped transform the...

Keeping With the Flow: Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

Hydroponics relies on water flow. Here’s a look at how two of the main irrigation systems—drain-to-waste and recirculating—keep plants healthy and waste to a minimum in...

Hydroponics 101: A Back-to-basics Guide

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants, food crops or flowers in a liquid medium without the use of soil. Hydroponic crops can be grown indoors year-round,...

Perfecting the pH of Your Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

The pH levels in small hydroponic systems can often be overlooked if a grower is focusing more on monitoring a solution’s EC or TDS, balancing nutrients, providing...

Something Old, Something New: New Crops for Hydroponics

Plant breeders are continually coming up with new cultivars, but some of the most interesting new prospects for hydroponics are actually ancient crops with great...

A Deep Look At Deep Water Culture

Deep water culture is a method of growing plants hydroponically where the plant's roots are suspended in a solution of nutrient-rich, oxygenated water. Here's everything...

Going Down: Gravity-fed Hydroponic Systems

Understanding the ups and downs of gravity-fed hydroponic systems.

A Tale of Two Hydro Systems: Drip Irrigation & Ebb and Flow

The two popular types of watering systems compared in this article are ebb and flow and drip irrigation.

Powering Photosynthesis: How to Maximize Light Usage in Hydroponic Crops

To achieve maximum yields, growers need to ensure they are providing the right amount and type of light and optimal environmental conditions for plants to...

How Grow Tents Work

A basic grow tent is comprised of a lightweight, six-sided fabric exterior installed over a rigid frame and includes a main opening and various apertures suitable for...

Defining Malnutrition in DWC Hydroponic Systems

From ‘more is more’ to ‘less is more’, deep water culture growers are now settling in the middle when it comes to plant nutrition.

8 Crop Micronutrients Growers Can't Ignore

Understanding the small role each micronutrient plays in the garden will help prevent gardeners from overlooking their importance.

Take Your Growroom to the Next Level

A hydro shop owner discusses all of the ways she helps her customers turn their basic growrooms into super growrooms.

Hydroponic Systems: Know When to Flush ’Em

There are two main reasons to flush a hydro system. You’re either flushing to clean out the system, or to rid your plants of excess nutrients.

Developments & Dialogue: Phytoponics

Phytoponics is a start-up company tackling food security and sustainability through a patent-pending, low-cost, easy-to-use and adaptable hydroponic grow bag called the...

Going Greener: Five Ways to Reduce your Growroom’s Environmental Impact

While growing your own food does wonders for the environment, hydroponic systems still use a lot of energy. Luckily, there are at least five ways you can reduce your...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Rockwool

As a growing medium, rockwool has been in use for more than 40 years and is one of the most commonly used substrates in commercial hydroponic productions across the...

Taking Control Using Control Systems

Right now there is a newer type of technology practically becoming essential for growing. All in all, control systems are a part of the indoor gardening industry that...

Between Hydro Crops: What to Do and What to Reuse

When you’re between crops in the indoor garden, it’s a good time to think about cleaning your system and sorting out what to keep and what to throw away.

Growing Fodder Hydroponically for Backyard Chickens

Chicken fodder, grown from seeds such as rye grass, millet, buckwheat, clover and kale, can easily and plentifully be grown in an ebb and flow system.

Eliminating Odors in the Growroom

Most growers have experienced a strong smell coming from their growrooms, caused by either their plants or products they are using. Here’s a look at some different...

Waste Water and the Hydrologic Cycle

We take you on a tour of our planet’s water cycle—which may or may not include alien motherships.

Delectable Delights: Growing Hydroponic Melons & Eggplants

Fresh, sweet, vine-ripened melons, exotic eggplant varieties and the lesser-known, fragrant pepinos are just some of the culinary delights we have come to expect from...

Dialing In Your Greenhouse

For commercial greenhouse growers, providing the optimal growing conditions for plants is vital to success.

Hydroponics 7 Ways: Tips for Setting Up Common Systems

Considering switching to hydroponics? Having a good understanding of how the different hydro systems work will help you get the best results possible.

The Future of Hydroponic Crop Production: The Membrane Meniscus Method

The membrane meniscus method is an innovative hydroponic growing method that proponents say has the potential to drastically change the way growers view hobby and...

Disposing of Growroom Waste

Responsibly disposing of growroom waste isn’t always easy, especially with regulatory discrepancies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Still, we all want to do our best...

Seasonal Greenhouse Maintenance

Greenhouses are an effective way to control the environment of your plants and protect them from a host of ill fates. The downside is that greenhouses are the perfect...

Extreme Greenspaces: 21st Century Greenhouses and Urban Gardens

The planet is running out of arable land to feed an ever-increasing population, but that’s not stopping innovative problem solvers from coming up with solutions.

Hydroponic Hygiene

The “kill everything” approach to sterilizing a hydroponic system during a massive cleanout is an outdated idea. After all, you don’t want to kill the good microbes that...

Good Greenhouse Planning

A greenhouse can provide growers of all skill levels with some fantastic, additional growing space. With the proper design, greenhouses can give green thumbs extended...

Hydroponic Illumination & the Daily Light Integral

Working out your garden’s daily light integral, or the total amount of light your plants receive during a 24-hour period, is an illuminating process that provides some...

Troubleshooting in the Hydroponic Garden

Most common problems experienced in hydroponic gardens are caused by one of four main things: nutrition, the plant’s growing environment, pests and pathogens and—less...

Top 10 Troubles in the Beginner’s Growroom

Many of the following 10 common mistakes in the growroom can be prevented with a little diligence during the initial stages of plant growth.

Algae and Hydroponics

Many fans of hydroponics regard this method of growing as a form of weed-free gardening, but that doesn’t mean hydro growers are in the clear where weeds are...

Gardening 101: A Back-to-Basics Primer for Growing

All gardeners start out the same way—not knowing how to garden, and then learning. Here is the first in a series of articles written for those just starting out. Read on...

Physiological Disorders of Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardening offers to plants conditions that are fully under the gardener’s control. So, when physiological disorders strike, they can seem strange, mysterious and...

Green Blueprints

Good planning is as an important factor when it comes to thinking about your garden space as the location, water, soil, plant variety and weeding.

A Basic Guide to Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a method of hydroponic gardening that grows plants in an air or mist environment.

The History Of Hydro

We always hear that history repeats itself. This is so true when discussing hydroponic and aquaponic gardens.

The Modern Farmer’s Guide to Artificial Lighting

The following guide explains how LEDs work, how efficient they have become for indoor gardens, and some of the often overlooked factors when choosing LED lighting...

Slow & Steady: Slow Sand Filtration for Hydroponics

Sometimes taking your time truly does produce better results, which is why microfiltration using sand is one of the best defenses against nutrient-borne pathogens.

Lessons In Hydroponics

From ways to stretch a dollar when it comes to your lighting system, to effectively monitoring your pH levels, to scaling up your hydro system, the following article...

Aquaponic Worms FAQ

Much to everyone's surprise, worms are an important part of the ecology of an aquaponic system.

Choosing the Right Hydroponic Substrate

Today’s hydroponic substrates come in many different forms. The type you should be using depends on the needs of your specific application. Consider the following five...

Growing Organic

As Kermit the Frog says, it’s not easy being green. But when it comes to gardening organically, the reward is knowing what you’re eating is not filled with chemicals,...

Advanced Aeroponics: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Growing plants in an aeroponic system is simple if certain environmental parameters are met. For example, if your water temperature never reaches above 64°F, bad biology...

Making the Switch to Organic Hydroponics

Organic growing takes a little bit more work, but for those who do it, the end result of healthier crops is worth the extra effort. As the interest in organic produce...

Buffering Up: Adjusting the Cation Exchange Capacity in Coco Growing Media

The widespread use of calcium and magnesium supplements in the indoor gardening industry is an indication that many growers have discovered the cation exchange capacity...

Why Grow in a Greenhouse?

While some growers employ small greenhouses as part of their hobbies, real commercial-scale greenhouse production has the potential to generate a higher-value crop than...

The Aquaponics Revolution: How to Get Started

Aquaponics is an appealing method of gardening that is catching on in a big way across the United States.

A Delicacy From the Dark: Hydroponic Forcing of Witloof

Belgian endive, also known as witloof, is unlike any other vegetable grown hydroponically and its unique value and sophisticated flavor are two reasons why it is gaining...

Hydroponic Croponomics

Nutrient management is one of the vital components of a successful hydroponic garden.

How to Grow Aquatic Crops Hydroponically

Aquatic plants are easy to grow in modified hydroponic systems and provide both great indoor displays and exotic food crops to tempt the taste buds. Better yet, aquatic...

Essential Components for Starting an Indoor Garden

The first step to a healthy, vibrant indoor garden is to build a growroom with the hardware required to ensure plants are supplied with the essential elements for growth...

Daily Duties: Keeping Them All in Check

Much of the equipment that provides environmental manipulation and correction in a growroom should be checked every day. Automation has its place, but nothing replaces a...

The Evolution of a Growing Industry

The indoor gardening industry is constantly growing and evolving as new technologies emerge. Over the past couple of decades there has been a significant spike in growth...

Growing Up: How to Create Living Walls of Edible Plants

A properly designed and well-maintained living wall is a beautiful thing to behold and gathers many a compliment for the grower willing to put in the time and effort to...

Hydroponic Growing in Drought Conditions

Want to conserve more water? Recirculating water in your growing system for longer periods of time carries a few risks, but by following the guidelines in this article,...

Water Conservation and Hydroponics

As hydroponic gardeners already, we all understand the importance of conserving water—a hydroponic garden uses less water than a traditional, soil-based garden, and many...

Deep Impact: Dive Into Deep Water Culture

As the outdoor growing season nears its end, many growers will be considering their options for moving indoors. Might we suggest deep water culture?

Glazing Your Greenhouse: 5 Ways to Cover Up

A greenhouse glaze is the transparent cover material used over the frame that allows light to reach the plants inside. You may be surprised to learn there are several...

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The future of agriculture is making a gradual, and hopefully a positive, shift. People are embracing the possibility that they can take food production back into their...

Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

An ebb and flow hydroponic system maximizes nutrient uptake and available oxygen in the root zone. Here's how these systems work and why this method of hydroponic...

New Trends in Hydroponic Growing: What to Expect in 2016 and Beyond

Technological advancements in the hydro industry are happening, fueled by the growing demand for fresh produce that’s cultivated closer to home.

Maintaining Healthy Hydroponic Root Systems

While root growth and health may go largely unobserved by many indoor gardeners, well-functioning root systems are vital to plant productivity.

Strands of Gold: Growing Saffron

Saffron is not difficult to grow indoors and saffron bulbs are readily obtainable at the right time of year for those who want to grow some of their own exotic spice.

Building up the Brix for Healthier, Nutrient-Dense Crops

The best organic farmers often boast about growing nutrient-dense, high-brix plants. Brix is a measurement of the sugar content in the sap, expressed as a percentage....

What’s the Problem? Hydroponic Troubleshooting

Many of the problems we encounter in a hydroponic garden are fairly easy to identify. But sometimes the problem plaguing your plants isn’t so clear. Here we diagnose...

Starting an Outdoor Hydroponic Garden

Summertime gives indoor growers the opportunity to take their hydroponic gardens outdoors, as plants, like their owners, also benefit from all of that free sunshine....

The Micro Revolution: Growing Hydroponic Microgreens

With just days between seed germination and harvest for many varieties and ideal for small spaces, microgreens are increasing in popularity amongst even the most...

Recipes for Success: Plant Diet Basics and Formulation Fundamentals

Experimenting with various nutrients and boosters is not just for commercial growers—thanks to the wide range of products available today, the hobby gardener can try it...

Your Guide to Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights

Ceramic metal halide grow lights are an up-and-coming technology in the indoor gardening industry that come with many advantages. Here’s your guide to understanding...

The How-To of Organic Hydroponics

Growing organically means different things to different growers, but there are some basic principles at play when it comes to applying the concept to hydroponic systems.

The Future of Drones in Agriculture: Here Come the Agridrones

With more and more applications possible all the time as the technology improves and expands, agricultural drones are poised for takeoff, both outdoors and indoors. Here...

Reduce Your Overhead Costs with Greenhouses

Here is Jonathan Valdman with his take on how greenhouses can help a grower maximize profits and grow better crops.

Preparation of Fertilizer Stock Solutions for Hydroponics

Stock solutions are time- and labor-saving liquids that also offer gardeners a lot of control. Here’s how to go about making your own.

Is Organic Hydroponics Even Possible?

When is an organically grown hydroponic tomato not organic? When it’s Canadian, apparently.

Balancing Growth in the Garden

In hydroponic systems, it’s not uncommon to see extremely lush vegetative growth at the expense of fruit yields, or plants that take forever to produce flowers—or don’t...

Low-Maintenance Hydroponics: Self-Watering Containers

Thinking about that summer vacation? Well, sub-irrigation—with its concealed water supply hydrating the growing medium—might be the key to some well-earned time off....

Blushing Hydroponic Tomatoes

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of eating locally and seasonally. Fortunately, by taking advantage of the technology used in hydroponics, we can all enjoy...

Going Pro: The Advancement & Commercialization of Indoor Gardening

The indoor horticulture market is rapidly expanding and becoming progressively more competitive. Thinking about going pro? The first thing to look at is streamlining...

Aromatic Adventures: Growing Exotic Herbs and Spices Hydroponically

Many people value the distinctive flavors that herbs and spices from faraway places add to a dish and the good news is many of these tropical and subtropical plants...

Organic Concepts: Their Theories and Practices

About 150 years ago, investigators proposed a concept known as the humus theory. While the original hypothesis was undermined years ago, this theory remains the base for...

Perfecting the System

Lee McCall walks us through the set-up for a comprehensive new growing system that he thinks just might be the start of something big in the grow biz.

Happy Ginger (in Hydroponics)

Globally loved ginger is normally grown in tropical/sub-tropical soil. Here's how you can grow this rhizome using hydroponics.

Why are runner roots coming out of my rockwool cubes in my hydroponic garden?

In nature, seedlings will project their roots as fast as possible into the ground to anchor the plant and start searching for nutrients in the soil. In rockwool cubes,...

What is the best way to grow an avocado plant using an aeroponic system?

Congratulations on building your first aeroponics system! Here are the answers to your questions in order.The best nutrients to use with aeroponics are typically...

How can I reduce the cost of starting an indoor garden?

Thank you for your question, Nick. Most of your indoor gardening costs should come from a combination of environmental conditioning and artificial lighting, so those are...

What types of nutrients do hydroponic melons require?

Fruiting plants such as muskmelons being grown on this scale really do need to be provided with different vegetative and fruiting nutritional formulations as they move...

How can I tell if the biofilm in my hydroponic system is beneficial?

Biofilms usually contain a number of different microbial species, some of which may be pathogenic (but usually many which are also beneficial or benign in a healthy...

I have organic sources of N-P-K on hand already. How would I go about mixing them to the correct N-P-K ratios?

Hello, Page. Thanks for the detailed information. Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of simply switching from normal hydroponic fertilizer salts to organic products in...

Cucumber flavor more resembles water than cucumber. Any suggestions?

Hello Scott, Unlike tomato fruit, cucumbers don’t tend to develop a particularly strong flavor: however, they shouldn’t taste like water. There can be a number of causes...

What is the ideal nutrient ppm concentration for watermelons, and what special care is needed to grow square watermelons?

Watermelons grow extremely well in hydroponic systems. Provided conditions are warm enough, plants will produce large, sweet fruit. The elemental levels for growing...

What advice can you offer about making a hydroponic garden out of an old shipping container?

Shipping containers have been turned into highly successful hydroponic systems in many different climates and they can be a good choice for a compact and productive...

What is the recommended color temperature for growing wasabi?

There are more than 20 varieties of wasabi known in its native habitat, Japan, where cultivars are often region specific. In the United States, the main cultivars grown...

How do I determine if my hydroponic nutrient solution is the right concentration for my plants?

Most hydroponic fertilizer companies will include application directions in their product literature that are broken down by specific plant sizes and stages of...

Can you give me some tips on setting up a small and inexpensive aquaponic system?

Aquaponics, which is the use of a live fish farm to feed the hydroponic garden set-up, is a great way to garden that helps conserve water and maximizes yields...

What is the difference in start-up costs between hydroponic and aquaponic systems?

You should take comfort in the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of people scratching their heads over these exact problems right now. If you’re very quiet...

What should a new grower know about nutrients?

When growers are choosing a base nutrient, they will quickly discover there are one-part, two-part or three-part options. Although these base nutrients vary by the...

Where can I get wasabi seeds?

Unfortunately, there probably isn’t much available in the way of wasabi seed at certain times of the year, as when the plants would typically have only just finished...

Can you grow potatoes hydroponically?

We know many readers have been experimenting with growing different crops hydroponically. For this special Ask the Experts section, we went to the experts at Hydrofarm....

What are the best plants to grow with an ebb and flow (flood and drain) hydroponic system?

The best varieties for a small, hydroponic greenhouse in your climate would be hybrid types of tomato and cucumber plants, and heat-tolerant cultivars of lettuce. Hybrid...

How should I mix hydroponic nutrient solution concentrates when cultivating ginger hydroponically?

Standard practice when making up hydroponic nutrient concentrates, which are stock solutions that you then further dilute with water to working strength to apply to the...

Which nutrients should I provide to grow ginger in a hydroponics garden?

Ginger grows extremely well in hydroponics and there have been a number of research trials investigating the best methods of production as well as plant nutrition. A...