Top 5 Curious Cannabis Extract Products

By Michael Coffey
Published: October 6, 2021 | Last updated: October 6, 2021 07:18:00
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Looking for some killer cannabis extracts? Michael Coffey checks out some of the latest products containing some of the strongest THC on the market.

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Rise of the Hop Head

If you enjoy a cold one as much as a spliff after a long hard day, you’re gonna love the 420 series by SweetWater Brewing Company.


This small craft beer company from Georgia partnered with Aphria not too long ago, and by the time you read this it will be a component of the cannabis conglomerate Tilray. While they have a diverse range of IPAs (Indian pale ales) it’s the 420 series that caught our attention and is bringing something unique to the cannabis beer market. SweetWater is infusing terps. Ok, so you won’t get a cannabis buzz on from drinking a bottle, but you will get a hit of the strain specific flavors. There’s G13, Mango Kush, and Trainwreck to choose from. These are beers with a dank head.

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Sparkling Highs

For those that don’t consume alcohol, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a buzz going from a sparkling beverage. Truss is a Molson-Coors and Hexo joint venture based in Ontario offering a genuine THC high in a can and a selection of CBD & THC beverages. XMG is of most interest, packing 10mg THC per 236ml can and comes in delicious watermelon, citrus, tropical fruit, and mango pineapple flavors. The Verywell range of ice teas is more balanced with 2.5mg CBD and 2.5mg THC, as is the Mollo non-alcoholic beer. While the Little Victory collection of fruity sparkling waters offer the same balanced CBD and THC content plus positively mouth-watering flavors like dark cheery and blood orange. This makes them an ideal companion for a serious session. Whether you want to experience a THC high or just take the edge off with a tasty beverage, these sparkling weed waters are must-try reefer refreshments.

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Plant Power Protein

Cannabis has gained a lot of credibility in the fitness and wellness sectors recently; everyone from professional athletes to mall walkers seems to be supplementing with some kind of CBD. If you are into strength training like calisthenics or weightlifting, then you already know the value of protein for muscle mass and recovery. Combining CBD with protein seems like a no-brainer but it has proved to be a conundrum for many of the popular supplement brands. Too many products in this category fail to measure up to consumer expectations and usually don’t contain nearly enough protein to be considered worthy of a post workout shake. Floyds of Leadville seems to have cracked this complex protein puzzle with their CBD protein powder that not only boasts a healthy 27g or protein per serving, but also a meaningful 25mg of CBD. It’s only available in two flavors (at time of writing), chocolate and vanilla.


However, they seem to have the nutritional science sorted, so it shouldn’t be too long before they can add a few more selections to the line-up. Hmmmm…. cookie-flavored CBD protein powder could be just over the horizon.

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CBD Hitters for Coffee Jitters

CBD coffee is another craze that seems to be getting cannabis connoisseurs all hot and bothered. Caffeine is the most tolerated of all the stimulants but make no mistake, it’s powerfully addictive and not without side effects. As a hardcore Arabica bean-addict I know all about the early morning brain fog and the jitters after that fifth espresso before lunch, too. CBD coffee aims to balance out the bugs in the beloved beverage. OK, so you are not likely to pick up a cup of CBD coffee from any of the big chains anytime soon, but odds are you have probably already invested in a pod coffee machine to get you through lockdown. If you’re like me, it’s akin to a life support machine and just as important as a reliable high-speed internet connection — nothing gets done without it. I’m no barista, so it’s got to be pod coffee and at last CBD coffee pods have come to market, catering to all this pent-up demand.

Strava are offering recyclable k-cup compatible pods in 4mg-, 10mg-, and 20mg-CBD servings; they even have some Nespresso compatible pods. This Denver-based coffee emporium sources their CBD from Colorado hemp and has the best variety of CBD coffee at present. In the future I’m hoping to see some more frothy developments in lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos.

Man vaping

Vape Tech

And finally, some brilliant new inventions from a particularly evil company. Now, before I elaborate on these wonderful breakthrough ganja gadgets it’s important to put things in perspective. Big Tobacco is on the brink. Pressures from the health lobby and nicotine content restrictions are forcing some to turn away from the dark side. The point is don’t be too judgmental when I tell you Altria is developing some killer vape tech.

So, the Big Tobacco beast has finally gotten its claws into the cannabis market, well indirectly, by filing for patents on two new vaporizers that have some revolutionary technology. Specifically: advanced resistive heating technology and precision sensors. One type is aimed at flower and will dramatically increase the “mouthfulness” of the vaping experience. The second is a precision cannabinoid delivery system.

The big problem I have with vaporizers is they don’t really produce a lot of flavor and lack the aforementioned mouthfulness. Version one aims to boost the flavor from the vape to make it comparable with toking a spliff, achieving this by modifying the temps the bud is heated as it is consumed. This strikes me as the connoisseur model. Version two is a cartridge system aiming to deliver a precise dose. A lock-and-load convenience model. Yes, a dose specific vape from one toke to the next. If they actually pull either of these two high-tech vapes off, then I will be compelled to give vaping another shot. Let’s hope “project flavor country” is a success.


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Written by Michael Coffey | Cannabis Cultivator, Writer, Photographer, & YouTuber

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