Top 10 Low-Odor Strains to Grow Weed Discreetly

By Daniel Bianchi
Published: October 24, 2022
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If you’re looking for cannabis that doesn’t smell much, the list below features strains that are all relatively odorless during flowering but are amazing in many other ways.

If you’re looking for weed plants that don’t smell much in flower, you’ll find our list of the world’s least smelling cannabis strains useful.

The characteristic cannabis smell is among this plant’s main attractions, but at the same time, it’s a nuisance to those smokers and growers who want to hide their hobby from law enforcement or nosy neighbors. That’s why weed strains that don’t smell and low-odor strains are very popular search terms.

In our top list of low-odor strains, we present to you ten varieties whose discreet terpene profiles in no way compromise other desirable characteristics, such as yield, bag appeal, the amount of resin, and potency. You can buy seeds of these odorless strains directly from Herbies Seeds and have yourself a grow that’s as inconspicuous as any vegetable garden.


Why Does Cannabis Smell Like That?

Cannabis isn’t unlike other green plants. They all produce volatile molecules called terpenes that serve to either attract insects and other animals or repel them. Cannabis smells so strong because it produces record amounts of these aromatic substances. There are dozens of terpenes and terpenoids, and every strain of marijuana has its unique flavor profile that depends on the percentages and ratios of individual terpenes.

Does Smell Have Anything to Do With Potency?

Many people associate strong smells with strong effects. Some smokers even wonder whether it’s THC that smells so much, but of course, it isn’t. THC and other cannabinoids that contribute to the high from weed are odorless. So, theoretically, it’s possible to breed marijuana that’s completely bland in terms of aroma yet makes you as stoned as you need to be.

However, don’t forget that terpenes themselves contribute to the character of the effects—for example, increasing the stoned sensation (as myrcene does), making the high more uplifting and optimistic (limonene), or calming you down (linalool), among a variety of other effects. So, unfortunately, the lack of smell in your buds can make the experience of smoking them less interesting.

As for the yields, you don’t have to worry—low-odor varieties are capable of producing just as much bud as any other strain of weed.


Top 10 Least-Smelly Cannabis Strains

If you’re looking for cannabis that doesn’t smell much, the list below features strains that are all relatively odorless during flowering but are amazing in many other ways, be it the ease of growing and great yields, the mind-blowing potency, and even—paradoxically—the rich and nuanced, though subdued, flavor.

Photos of Tutankhamon, Green Ninja, AK 48 and Wipeout Express Auto


Sativas have a reputation of being generally less smelly than Indicas, and the Sativa-dominant Tutankhamon is no exception. Though its primary smell is skunk—with some delicious lemony undertones—it’s low-key enough to not cause you trouble. Just remember that if you grow this weed to its full potential, the plant will get gigantic with correspondingly huge yields—500g/m² indoors and up to 1500g/plant outdoors—and the smell from all this tremendous flower mass will compound. The strain is also a potency champion (25% THC), producing an intensely euphoric and creative effect.

Green Ninja

Aptly named after super stealthy Japanese warriors, Green Ninja is ideal for a covert grow-op, whether indoors or outdoors. These Indica-dominant compact bushes keep a low profile, especially if you subject them to severe training, and they further hide their presence in the garden by emitting only a weak smell. At the same time, these inconspicuous plants are as deadly as they are surreptitious—with 22% THC, they swiftly overpower your mind and body, leaving you blissfully stoned and motionless.



Vying for the title of the most misleading name in the industry, AK-48 is nothing like other Sativa-leaning AKs you may have tried.

These dense, resin-covered nuggets with their 18-22% THC go straight for the jugular, overwhelming you with heavy-handed, almost opioid-like euphoria. Forget about errands and chores—you’ll be too stoned to even lift a limb, and your only choice will be bed or the couch. Amazingly, this formidable power is not accompanied by a pungent stench—you’ll still need a carbon filter, but it’ll easily do its job of masking the smell.

Wipeout Express Auto

Another wipe-you-out-with-one-toke variety, Wipeout Express Auto is your ultimate sleep aid, or at least the kind of weed you smoke late at night to spend the few remaining waking hours relaxed and blissful. This strain produces a hefty 20% THC in just 8 weeks from seed, doesn’t grow tall, and smells only faintly—meaning you can have your secret garden close to the neighbors’ fence, grow this strain on your balcony, or plant many seeds indoors without stinking the whole place up.


Photos of Hash Bomb, Northern Lights and Master Kush

Hash Bomb

A very discreet smell during flowering isn’t Hash Bomb’s only great quality. Her other unique feature is a high level of CBD—a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with many therapeutic benefits. Together with a middle-to-high THC percentage in these sticky buds, CBD will calm you down without warping your mind and lift your mood with no trace of anxiety. In other words, you can treat any symptom that calls for either THC or CBD and remain functional, alert, and full of energy. This weed will also win you over with the subtle but delectable smell of sweet and flowery hashish, which makes it a dream come true for extractors.

Northern Lights

Now it’s time to let you in on a little secret—many strains on this list smell so discreetly because their genetic makeup contains a generous helping of Northern Lights. That makes NL one of the least-smelling strains ever. This weed is also the answer to the question of whether low-smell cannabis is low-yielding. Not by a long shot! You’ll seldom see colas so huge and dense, and this translates to greater-than-usual harvests. The buds are also sticky and full of THC, and the powerfully relaxing effects are no joke.

Master Kush

We’re so glad to have found a weak-smelling representative in the Kush family, as this genetic line is highly sought-after by both medical and recreational users. Master Kush is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner and a fast and rewarding cultivar. The smell, though restrained, is delicious—lemony and earthy—and the high can be best described as narcotic. Prepare for a strong body-melting relaxation as your mind travels to its happy place and stays there for hours.

Strain photos of El Alquimista Auto, Jack Herer and Green Crack Auto

El Alquimista Auto

The centuries-long ambition of alchemists was to turn lead into gold, and with El Alquimista Auto, the breeders of Samsara Seeds did something very similar. When you smoke these woody and spicy buds with a slightly chemical background, your body becomes super heavy but feels nothing like lead. Rather, you’ll want to shout from the rooftops, “I am a golden god!” like that stoner in a movie, as that’s exactly how you’ll feel. Growing this autoflower is a breeze; she takes no more than 10 weeks from seed to harvest, stays small, and—with her muted smell—doesn’t attract much attention.

Jack Herer

The king of classic Sativas, Jack Herer is still as popular as it was three decades ago, and one of the reasons growers appreciate this weed so much is its restrained smell while in flower. Of course, other qualities, such as the speed of flowering, above-average productivity, and lab-confirmed 21% THC shouldn’t be overlooked either. However, what earned Jack its excellent reputation and won it many Cannabis Cups is the high—electrifying, uplifting, and creative.

Green Crack Auto

Some say it’s in bad taste to name cannabis strains after hard drugs, but Green Crack Auto begs the comparison thanks to its energizing and motivating character. Perfect for daytime use, this sweet, citrusy smoke is strong but functional, allowing you to work, study, socialize, and go to the gym or a party. The Indica side is present too, manifesting as a euphoric buzz in your body that may feel overwhelming if you smoke too much. This plant is everything you’d expect from a modern auto: fast, productive, and reliable.

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