GeoPot’s signature fabric and novel construction helps growers achieve optimal water and nutrient uptake, yielding rapid, optimal plant growth throughout each growth cycle.

GeoPot, a breathable fabric container constructed of the thickest non-woven polypropylene material available, allows air to easily reach your plants’ root zones—delivering superior drainage and creating a healthier root environment. The porous material, available in black or tan to accommodate your growing environment, is reinforced with high quality bonded-polyester thread.

GeoPot’s innovative quad-stitched construction allows the container to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure, while retaining its self-supporting form and structural integrity—even in challenging climatic conditions and during irrigation. The container’s sturdy handles (optional) make it easy to quickly and safely move your plants, while the square bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in your grow area. GeoPots are available exclusively through Left Coast Wholesale - visit their website at for more information.