Air-Pot containers have been the choice of experts in all areas of horticulture for years. The containers work in two ways. Increased oxygen in the growing medium means healthy bacteria can release more nutrient to the plant; the revolutionary design of the pot wall eliminates root circling by air pruning the roots. Each developing root is guided by the shape of the container towards an air hole, where increased oxygen dehydrates the tip. This prunes it and stimulates root branching right back to the stem. The process is continually repeated until the plant has developed a dense mass of fibrous roots. This root system allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and water for better health and faster growth. Made of tough recycled plastic, Air-Pot containers come in a range of sizes for all stages of the growing cycle, from seedlings to massive plants. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, growing with traditional potting soils, soilless, coco fiber, or rockwool.