Tips For Growing Marijuana In The Seedling Stage

By JP Wood
Published: July 16, 2018 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 05:36:08
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Key Takeaways

The team from Crop King Seeds gives us this guide to growing marijuana during the vulnerable seedling stage.

Your Cannabis plants will never be as vulnerable as they are in their seedling stage. Seedlings are prone to damage and disease than they are at any other stage in the plant’s life cycle. That’s why taking special care at this point in the growing process is a must.


While these warnings may sound dire, the truth is that while caring for cannabis seedlings is extremely important, it isn’t terribly difficult to do if you know what to look out for. This article is meant to serve as a beginner’s guide to caring for seedling cannabis.

These three basic steps should be enough to get you started:


1. Pots and Mediums for Cannabis

It’s important to choose the right container and growing medium for your seedling plants. Soil has always been a popular choice to germinate marijuana because it’s the simplest and most familiar medium.

Before you choose, you also have to take into account whether you’re using autoflowering seeds, or feminized seeds:

A Pot For Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

When you choose to go with autoflowering seeds, you need whatever pot you choose to be able to accommodate the full grown plant. By choosing the right pot for your autoflowering seeds at this point, you will begin to see substantial growth within the first three weeks of your seedlings’ lives.


Regardless of the strain you use or what growing method you choose, the size of your pot should be between 1-5 liters. In this case, size does matter as the pot has a huge impact on the size of your weed plant, how often you need to water it, and most of all, its overall yield. We suggest choosing airpots, since they will offer the roots of your seedlings more oxygen than a standard pot might. The result of more oxygen is a healthier plant that will producer more buds.

Pots For Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Starting pots for feminized seeds to not need to be full sized, as it is extremely easy to transplant feminized seedlings from pot to pot.


2. Environmental Conditions for Growing Marijuana

Cannabis seedlings are delicate when it comes to their needs for growth. The environment they’re growing in should be fairly specific:

Cannabis Grow Room Lighting

Though seedlings are just small cannabis plants, they already need a specific type of light in order to flourish. The good news is that they don’t need the same intensity of light that their fully grown counterparts do, and a simple CFL light in the blue light spectrum should do just fine.

Cannabis Watering

Watering the seedlings is where many first time growers experience their first real issues. It’s easy to over-water, so that’s something that needs to be very closely monitored during the seedlings stage.

3. Nutrients for a Cannabis Seedling

A cannabis plant will not grow to produce a potent bud without the help of right set of nutrients. Seedlings, however, do quite well in producing their own nutrients without interference. However, as your plant grows, it will slowly begin to require more than simple soil can provide.

Though you may be tempted to feed your seedlings anyway, Overfeeding is a pitfall that can easily end your plant’s lift prematurely. Some well meaning nutrient supplements could easily poison the seedling.

Crop King Seeds provides a large selection of both feminized and autoflowing seeds.


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