The Key Benefits of Making Cannabis Concentrates With a Rosin Press

By Maximum Yield
Published: September 20, 2019 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 07:12:10
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Key Takeaways

Rosin presses are simple, inexpensive and allow the full flavor profile of the plant to come through.

Rosin pressing is excellent for home growers looking to get started making their own cannabis extractions. A rosin press allows growers to quickly take their cultivated cannabis plants and process them on-site at a fraction of the startup cost. In the process, they create some of the purest expressions of their hard work.


With rosin, consumers will be able to taste the plant's actual profile and the hard work the grower put into it.

Are you interested in producing solventless rosin? Here are a few of the key benefits.


Solventless Concentrates are a Pure Expression of the Plant

Solventless processing methods are the best embodiment of full plant profiles that growers cultivate. With solventless rosin, extractors can produce a product that comes directly from the plant. The steps to making rosin require some machinery and natural elements like water and heat. What it doesn't need is chemicals of any kind.

Sure, solvent-based extraction does remove all the chemicals from the final product, but it also strips the plant of its profile. Often, these solvents will pull much of the plant's essential elements out, requiring producers to use natural or unnatural additives. Consider terpenes: they create the plant's aromatic and flavor profiles, as well as some its medicinal effects.

While technology has gotten better at adding those elements back into products, it simply can't match the true full plant profile. Choosing a rosin press over a chemical extraction ensures that consumers get the full plant experience that connoisseurs want and are willing to pay for. Show off the plants you've grown by pressing rosin on-site and in-house.


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Rosin Pressing is a Safer Process

We always have to highlight safety. With rosin presses, producers have few safety concerns to worry over, whereas with a solvent process, the risks of severe physical harm and property damage exist. In fact In California, the state recently enacted a bill which bans the sale of large amounts of non-odorized butane. Governor Gavin Newsome signed the bill into law to help curb illegal operations, which have caused an unnamed number of explosions and several deaths.


On the other hand, pressing rosin is extremely safe. The Helix models give producers a safe, manual way of taking their plants from green to gold...and back to green in the form of cash if you're selling products.

Producers can enjoy a safe experience while using the easy-to-twist press operation. Not only does it allow users to control the pressure of the extraction, but it also keeps hands free from the heat plates. Compared to the concerns that can arise with solvents, it's clear which is the safer pick.

Rosin Pressing Allows for Quicker Profit

With vastly lower startup costs, rosin pressing enables producers to earn back their investment money in shorter order. In addition to the price of the equipment being lower, producers can keep the entire operation in-house and on-site. Instead of having to send trim, buds and everything else off to a processor, growers can take their own cultivations and put them right in a process for solventless extraction. Many operators break even on their purchase in a week or less.

Looking at the numbers, both financially and in terms of product turnaround times, pressing rosin just makes sense. As a massive growing trend and major connoisseur brand building product, solventless rosin is quickly becoming the ultimate product in any dispensary. Growers can go from growing the plant to seeing the extracted results in no time. And, just like the flower they grow, this product comes from their own making. This is particularly true if manual pressing with a Helix.

The Helix also allows growers and producers to run low-cost test batches on strains. Instead of going through long processes, buds can go off the plant and into the testing process in no time while not having to risk wasting a large amount of product to see its outcome.

The same can be said for people producing for themselves. The turnaround may be a bit slower, but consider all the money saved on not buying rosin and other concentrates. Saving anywhere from $60 to a couple hundred dollars a month will definitely start to add up.

It's Time to Start Pressing Rosin...

Looking into buying a rosin press? Both the Helix and Helix Pro represent leading solventless cannabis extraction technology that won't financially kneecap growers looking to produce in-house. Helix technology offers growers the opportunity to produce extracts with science-grade variable control while significantly cutting down on any potential safety risks.

For any home grower, investing in a Helix means investing in your future. Whether producing for yourself or a business, the Helix will give you scores of cannabis extracts straight from your own cultivated buds.

Growers and connoisseurs looking to start making rosin for themselves and others should consider the Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses. Combining sophisticated technology with human pressure, both Helix models allow producers to press rosin in no time while learning the basics of the craft in short order. The Helix series rosin presses also offer a small form factor, but with professional-grade variable control and reliability. They are quite literally the most precise rosin presses in the world today, allowing users to increase pressure during the extraction process in tiny fractions at a time.


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