The Best Cannabis Strains for Grow Tents

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: November 28, 2022
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Key Takeaways

By nature, cannabis plants love wide open spaces. But there are some strains, mostly indicas, that will do well in tight confines.

To be a skilled indoor cannabis grower, you must balance horticultural talent with a strong understanding of growroom mechanics. This means knowing the biological requirements of cannabis plants—as well as matching indoor environments with these demands. For tent growers, one of the most important parts of this balancing is choosing the right cannabis strains to grow in such small spaces.

Because cannabis has a diverse evolutionary history in places as varied as equatorial Africa and the mountainous Middle East, modern growers have a rich array of interesting strains to choose from. Not only do different cannabis strains offer unique psychoactive effects and terpene profiles, but they also grow in distinct ways.

To maximize the limited space available in grow tents, it's best to choose strains that grow short and bushy. As your skills as an indoor cultivator continue to evolve, you will grow even more astute at matching genetics with your setup—including environment, nutrients, and personal touch.


What Type of Plant Structure is Ideal for Tent Growing?

Due to the tight confines of grow tents, you will almost always want to choose indica-dominant strains for your garden. Because indica genetics originally come from high-altitude climates in the Middle East, they've adopted a stout stature to survive harsh conditions. Their small size makes indica-dominant strains ideal for small spaces like closets and grow tents.

While you can trust that indica strains will grow in the shape of pine trees, topping and bending them will create a uniform canopy for your grow tent. By carefully training indica plants, you can utilize all the square footage in your tent, while also ensuring that valuable PAR light is evenly distributed throughout the garden.

If you enjoy sativas more than indicas, don’t worry, you still have some great options. As a vast majority of genetics in today’s market are hybrids of some sort, a few strains actually grow like indicas, yet offer the energetic, cerebral effects of sativas.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush StrainAfghan Kush is one of the original indica strains that come from high-altitude regions of Asia. In fact, it is said that you can follow the genetic lineage of Afghan Kush directly back to the Hindu Kush mountains that border Afghanistan and Pakistan. As any classic indica should, Afghan Kush produces dense, heavy buds that are caked in trichomes. Even more, it has sedating effects that are sure to put even the most restless souls to sleep at night. If you choose to grow Afghan Kush in a tent, plan on the strain taking about 55 days to flower. While you will want to pack your canopy as densely as possible, be sure that there is ample airflow around flowering tops. Since Afghan Kush produces such dense buds, it can be susceptible to mold outbreaks.


Green Crack

Green Crack is one of those rare sativa-dominant hybrids that grows like an indica strain. While its lineage is somewhat shrouded in mystery, most people agree that Green Crack is a cross between Skunk #1 and an unknown landrace indica. The strain’s somewhat controversial name was coined by famous rapper Snoop Dogg after a sampling. Green Crack is known for having dense, conical flowers with bright red hairs and a fruity nose.

Interestingly, while Green Crack is widely regarded as a sativa-dominant hybrid, it grows short and bushy like classic indica strains. Not only is Green Crack great to grow in small spaces like tents, but it is also very easy to work with. You can feed Green Crack plants heavy with nutrients and they will respond well with robust growth.

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Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is one of the most famous indica strains. As a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this unique strain has a sweet, fruit-like nose and unmistakable purple flowers. Even better, GDP buds develop bright red hairs—creating a truly unforgettable bag appeal. Since GDP is known for its bodily effects, it's a great choice for people dealing with issues like chronic pain and soreness.

You can plan on GDP requiring about 60 days of flowering to reach full maturity. Like many other indicas, GDP produces dense flowers that are sometimes prone to botrytis. This notion is particularly true for outdoor crops grown in humid environments. If you choose GDP for your grow tent, be sure to keep humidity below 50 percent and have ample airflow in the garden canopy.


Banana Kush

While Banana Kush is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, it's one of the few that offers more sativa-like effects. As such, Banana Kush offers a bit of a “grow hack” for indoor producers—it allows you to grow a squatty plant that still provides a cerebral experience.

As the name implies, Banana Kush smells and tastes just like fresh bananas. With sugary buds and an otherworldly terpene profile, Banana Kush is prized by newbies and connoisseurs alike. Aside from its pungent banana smell, the strain also provides a sweet flavor straight from tropical paradise.

Just like most indicas, Banana Kush does better indoors than outside. If you top Banana Kush the right way, it will produce a uniform canopy so you can always situate your grow lights at the perfect height.

All things considered, being a good indoor grower takes more than a green thumb. Not only must you master many different types of cultivation technology, but you must match cannabis strains with your growroom, feeding schedule, and cultivation style. To this end, you will find that many of best indoor growers have gone to great lengths to figure out which strains work well with their garden setups and personal techniques.

When it comes to producing the best possible cannabis in a grow tent, it's recommended that you go with a high-quality manufacturer for your equipment. To illustrate, AC Infinity has developed Advanced Grow Tent Systems that are fully integrated with every type of technology needed for a state-of-the-art home garden. By matching top-of-the-line equipment with the right genetics, you can produce craft flowers throughout the year.


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