The Benefits of Using a Smart Thermo-Hygrometer

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: July 25, 2022
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Key Takeaways

When it comes to controlling the environment in your growroom, temperature and humidity are the two most important factors and a thermo-hygrometer is a must-have tool for cannabis growers.

The practice of indoor cannabis cultivation is founded on basic tenets of environmental control. Just about every piece of equipment in your growroom is engineered to help you regulate light, temperature, and humidity. For example, some types of technology move stale air from growrooms, while others give readings on environmental conditions.


Thermo-hygrometers are designed to monitor two of the most important environmental factors for indoor cannabis growing: temperature and humidity. On their own, thermometers measure the temperature in a room, while hygrometers keep track of humidity levels. By combining both technologies in a single piece of equipment, thermo-hygrometers are invaluable tools for indoor growers.

While many people think that smart grow technology is only used for commercial production, there are some new products on the market today specifically for hobbyist growers. Of these, smart thermos-hygrometers are powerful tools for keeping tabs on growroom conditions from afar.


grower taking a reading with a hygrometer

What is a Smart Thermo-Hygrometer?

Smart thermo-hygrometers combine temperature and humidity measurement into a single device, with the added integration of mobile apps.

The most basic thermo-hygrometers show current temperature and humidity levels. More advanced models also keep track of important information such as the minimum and maximum temp and humidity readings for the day. By keeping track of past temperature fluctuations, these thermos-hygrometers offer more data for troubleshooting purposes should the need arise.


More complex hygrometers also display information related to barometric pressure and weather forecasts. Such models are helpful for greenhouse gardens that are more heavily influenced by weather patterns and temperature fluctuations.

Mobile App Integrations

Over the past years, product manufactures have worked tirelessly to integrate mobile technology with hydroponic equipment. Today, there are some standout choices for smart thermos-hygrometers on the market.


The AC Infinity Cloudcom B1 Smart Thermo-Hygrometer relays all information related to temperature and humidity to your mobile device via a mobile app. With this integration, its simple to keep close tabs on your indoor garden environment from afar.

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How Can a Smart Thermo-Hygrometer Help with My Cannabis Garden?

Smart thermo-hygrometers are a great tool for indoor growers for several reasons. Not only do they give you real-time readings on growroom conditions from anywhere, but certain apps also record data sets that can be used for troubleshooting purposes. By keeping track of relevant data, smart thermo-hygrometers allow you to quickly put out small fires in the growroom before they become major issues.

Accurate Climate Readings

While there are many different models of thermo-hygrometers available on the market, they can differ greatly in their quality. To this end, the best thermos-hygrometers use steel thermalloy probes to accurately measure environmental conditions, as well as generate daily high and low readings of different locations.

Quality thermo-hygrometers like those from AC Infinity give you the accurate information you need to get the most out of your cannabis plants. Especially if you are planning on using CO2 enrichment, being able to walk the line with precise temperature and humidity thresholds is extremely important. Temperature imbalances in your growroom can lead to situations where you waste power on grow lights that aren’t directly contributing to plant growth.

grower taking a temperature and humidity reading with a hygrometer

Remote Monitoring of Your Garden

If you plan on growing indoor cannabis all year round, it can be challenging to get away from home for long periods of time. Especially if you have a large garden in the flowering phase, it’s often stressful to leave home without being able to monitor the climate. To this end, a smart thermo-hygrometer can relieve much of the anxiety that comes with leaving your cannabis garden unattended for long periods of time.

With a mobile app, you can keep an eye on temperature and humidity levels - no matter where you happen to be traveling. Whether at work for the day or away on a vacation, you can monitor exactly what is happening in your growroom at all times.

Automated Alarms & Notifications

One of the most attractive features of a smart thermo-hygrometer is the automated alarms and notifications that come with such technologies. Importantly, top-of-the-line smart thermo-hygrometers have robust capabilities such as trigger alarm programming. With such automation, you can receive custom push notifications on your mobile device for rapid responses to environmental anomalies.

By setting your mobile device to alert you to changes in your growroom environment, you can put out minor fires before they become huge issues. For example, if an exhaust fan stops working and you are out of town, you run the risk of killing your crop with excess heat or creating an environment where pathogens like botrytis can easily proliferate. In this situation, a simple alarm cluing you in about the malfunction can be the difference between a successful harvest and a lost crop.

From simple wall fans to complex commercial HVAC systems, every piece of equipment in your growroom helps regulate important factors like temperature and humidity. However, even the most sophisticated growroom on earth won’t produce a good cannabis harvest if you don’t have the right tools to monitor the climate.

Whether you are growing in a tent or have a custom-built room, a quality thermo-hygrometer is one of the most important tools for understanding the climate of indoor cannabis gardens. All things considered, spending the extra money on a quality smart thermo-hygrometer will not only give you peace of mind when you’re away, but will also provide more accurate readings when your home.

In the end, those smart thermo-hygrometers with alarms and push notifications are invaluable tools because they have the potential to save your cannabis crop.

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AC Infinity is the foremost name in air delivery systems, designing and developing the latest innovations in cooling and ventilation technology. They offer a suite of quiet inline fans that automate the growing progress and track key metrics. Visit or contact [email protected] to learn more.


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