The Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Tent

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: August 8, 2022
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Key Takeaways

It’s been interesting to see the different ways that legalization has influenced the cannabis landscape. While there has been obvious growth in the commercial sector, there has also been a renewed focus on home growers on the part of horticultural equipment suppliers. Perhaps no new piece of equipment has been as influential on hobbyist growers in the past decade as grow tents.

When used in conjunction with the appropriate grow lights, exhaust fans, and atmospheric controllers, grow tents offer unparalleled convenience for indoor cultivators. In fact, forward-looking companies like AC Infinity make all-inclusive, high-quality grow tent kits specifically for home growers.


While the popularity of grow tents in today’s industry cannot be denied, many people remain unsure if these prefabricated kits are well-suited for their needs. That being said, if you are interested in starting indoor growing but remain unsure about of grow tents, we put together this brief exploration on the main benefits of these kits.

Overall Affordability

For many home growers, the biggest perk of growing cannabis in a tent is overall affordability. If you have ever done a custom build-out of a growroom, you know all-too-well that overhead expenses quickly add up. Not only does growroom construction require materials like wood, screws, and panda film, but you must also spend a good deal of time amassing these materials.


By purchasing a grow tent, you get all the materials needed to setup up a functional grow space in a single kit. Not only does this reduce the overhead cost for materials, but you also spend far less time figuring out the logistical parameters of your growroom.

With a grow tent, it's much easier to control your budget and avoid the financial “surprises” that always come with custom build-outs.

Convenient Setup & Breakdown

cannabis growing in dual grow tentsEspecially for hobbyist home-growers, it’s tough to beat the convenience of setting up and breaking down a grow tent. Traditional growroom build-outs require a good deal of construction labor such as sawing, drilling, nailing, and stapling. With grow tents, you simply unpack the frame and material from the box and follow the directions to put the whole kit together. For many people, it’s just a matter of minutes before they have a functional grow space up and running.


Once your grow tent is setup up, the internal frame offers a convenient place to hang equipment such as lights, fans, and carbon filters. Tents also feature ports on the ceiling and walls that can easily run ducting and electrical cords in and out of the structure.

When you are not using your grow tent, the structure is extremely easy to break down and pack away until it's time for your next crop. In fact, most high-quality grow tents come with storage sleeves so you can easily pack up tent poles, as well as fabric materials.


Cleanliness in Your Home

Grow tents also do an amazing job of keeping your home protected from potential damage. Because they are totally encased with waterproof materials, tents keep water, nutrients, and sprays from making their way into your house. In like fashion, they keep soil messes contained within a single location for easy cleanup.

When you grow plants directly within a basement, bedroom, or garage, you are almost guaranteed to damage your house. In the worst-case scenarios, irrigation water leaks into the floor of the structure and warps boards, flooring, and beams. Similarly, overly humid environments in growrooms can lead to black mold outbreaks in your home.

By using a tent to house your indoor garden, you also avoid having to cut holes into walls and ceilings for things like carbon filters, light fixtures, and wall fans.

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Garden Privacy

cannabis flowering in a grow tentGrow tents also offer remarkable privacy for indoor cultivators. Especially if you want to keep your cannabis garden hidden away, simply setting up a small tent in an inconspicuous place is a great way to keep your garden secure. With their small size and dark coloration, you can position grow tents in basements, bedrooms, and other places that are out of the way.

With light-proof walls, grow tents keep any excess light from spilling out into your home. Simply keep the door zipped up and your tent will keep even the brightest grow lights contained.

As seen with horticultural lighting, grow tents are also engineered to keep odors contained. With a strong internal frame and thick fabric walls, you grow tent will support the weight of a carbon filter, while also keeping smells from leaking out into the rest of the house.

Environmental Controls

Because of their small size, its relatively easy to regulate the environment inside of grow tents. In like fashion, grow tents help you conserve energy by controlling things such as light leaks.

Because grow tents are self-contained growing systems, it’s easy to troubleshoot temperature fluctuations, as well as environmental anomalies. Conversely, custom-built rooms can be difficult to troubleshoot because they often have cracks in doorways, floors, and windows that affect negative air pressure. With grow tents, you can easily create a static climate with simple tools like inline fans and environmental controllers.

Grow tents are also designed to use lighting as efficiently as possible. Importantly, to get the most out of your electric bill, it's important that the walls of your growroom reflect valuable PAR light. Most leading grow tents such as those from AC Infinity are lined with Mylar, which is widely regarded as one of the most reflective materials on earth.

Grow tents offer an easy and practical way to avoid many of the pitfalls that come with custom growroom build-outs. Not only do grow tents save you time and money on the front end, but they also help you streamline the process of growing cannabis indoors. In the end, the more control you have over the cultivation environment, the better your cannabis plants will do.

No matter how talented of a cultivator you might be, new growroom projects always pose unexpected challenges. Moreover, custom-built growrooms often require that you outsource the help of a carpenter, and spend exorbitant money on building materials.

With grow tents, you will save time and money on construction, while also providing your plants with an environment where they will thrive.

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