The 8 Best Cannabis Strains for Better Focus

By Chris Bond
Published: July 4, 2019 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 06:54:33
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Looking for a cannabis strain to achieve better focus and mental acuity? Here's 8 strains that can help.

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Not all those who spark up are in search of achieving a zombie-like, comatose state of Zen after a stressful day. Many, either through medical prescription or through their own trial and error, have come to rely on several different strains of cannabis to achieve better focus and mental acuity.


Fortunately, there are many such strains available to suit those looking for the upper hand at work or at play. The following strains will aid those seeking a clearer head and steadier hand.

Kali Mist

This sativa-dominant hybrid has many awards to its name. It is renowned by artists of all mediums as another tool in their creative arsenals. It delivers energy, sharper focus, enhanced creativity and helps to keep away the distractions of the day. Practitioners of yoga and meditation also find benefit to their craft when using Kali Mist. This strain is also sometimes recommended by medical professionals for those seeking to reduce or alleviate anxiety and stress.


Blue Dream

Another sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream (also known in some circles as “Azure Haze”) delivers a “calm euphoria” after its initial cerebral rush. This cannabis type is also favored by artists and creative types, but is not necessarily recommended for anxiety sufferers. It will initially deliver motivation and drive to its user, but it is followed by yielding a highly relaxed state. It is also beneficial for battling fatigue, depression and lack of appetite.


This oddly named, high THC strain (Chocolate Thai x Cantaloupe Haze) is known for its subdued, yet intense high. Definitely a mood enhancer, Chocolope will impart upon its user an almost immediate sense of happiness and energy, perfect for focusing. This often prescribed medical strain is also potent for those looking for relief from pain, headaches or nausea.

Pineapple Express

This now well-known strain (thanks, Hollywood) is another sativa dominant favorite. Pineapple Express will not deliver the burst of energy, like Blue Dream or Chocolope, but will help to attune your senses allowing for an increase in awareness, creativity and focus. This great tasting and smelling strain will also help those with anxiety, stress, pain and depression.



Yes, that is actually this strain’s name. Like Pineapple Express, Zkittlez has a fruit-like smell and taste though this one is an indica-dominant strain. This is a good choice for those looking for a strain to use throughout the day. It does give the user a sense of relaxation to be sure, but also a sense of awareness to help focus on the affairs of the day. Zkittlez can also be used for those looking to alleviate or reduce stress, pain, fatigue and mild depression. This one is a good, all-around strain.

Black Domina

Born of many parents, including Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Ortega and Afghani SA strains, Black Domina is a powerful strain useful for a range of conditions. Though mostly used for dealing with chronic pain, stress or insomnia, many users of Black Domina feel much focused after using it.


This indica-dominant strain will reward its user with a relaxed as opposed to euphoric high. Those seeking focus from Black Domina should try it in smaller doses initially to see if it delivers too much of a comfortable high. If it does not deliver a heightened sense of awareness for you, keep it in your arsenal to use for those sleepless nights.

Green Crack

Many would claim that this is the go-to strain for those looking for the ultimate cannabis type to deliver focus. Besides the smirk-inducing name, Green Crack can be counted on to deliver a mental buzz to keep you well focused on the task at hand. Expect a boost of energy as well from its use. This strain, related to Afghani, is another fruity tasting and smelling strain that will reward its users with a smooth, long effect.

Auto Lemon Skunk

The only autoflowering type on this list, Auto Lemon Skunk doesn’t rely on grow lights to flower. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Lowryder #2 delivers the familiar, “skunky”, acidy and citrusy smell and taste of its namesake mother. Users of Auto Lemon Skunk can expect focus and motivation galore with a dose of euphoric energy on top.

Some consume cannabis not for its ability to take the user away to a far-off paradise, but instead to help them buckle down and do a more detailed job of the task at hand.

Whether it is focus or not that you seek, be sure to have a look over the entire inventory at Seed King to find the right strain for your particular need. From their vast selection of medical and high THC strains, to autoflowering, feminized or other premium varieties, they have the seed that’s just right for your particular need.


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Written by Chris Bond | Certified Permaculture Designer, Nursery Technician, Nursery Professional

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