SUNPACK Shines Through Pandemic with Essential Growing Kits

By Karen Lloyd | Last updated: July 7, 2021
Presented by SUNPACK
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Heat up your indoor seed starting routine with a steady flow of summer weather from SUNPACK.

Whether you’re germinating seeds or propagating cuttings, most plants will sprout quickly in balmy weather. Since not all seedlings have the opportunity to revel in the warm glow of a California sun, SUNPACK brings them the next best thing.


“Our primary focus is on seed propagation products, including high-performance LED strip grow lights and seed starting accessories,” said SUNPACK Products VP of Sales Frank Garcia. A division of California-based manufacturer DSM&T, SUNPACK Products sprung to life in 2019 to sell the company’s heat mats and full line of custom-designed garden accessories. DSM&T holds over 100 patents on their technologies including the seedling heat mats as well as electrical connectors and wire harnesses. DSM&T has been in business for nearly 40 years.

Seeds, Soil, and a Simulated Summer Ambience

While light provides energy to seeds, heat triggers germination, root growth, and causes dormant buds to sprout. But in many climates, outdoor temperatures aren’t always warm enough to germinate seeds.


Considering seeds typically require a minimum of 65-75 °F to sprout, it’s often best to start them indoors before heading out in late spring or early summer. Cannabis seeds like it even warmer, around 75-86 °F.

Since soil temperatures are almost always cooler than air temperatures, warm crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, melons, and cannabis perform better if they are started on a heat mat. The heat from a SUNPACK heat mat is subtle but constant, with germination much more even for a higher chance of success.

“The industry is only going to grow larger,” said Garcia. “Covid restrictions allowed more people to get into gardening, which created millions of new potential customers for our garden products.”


Experienced gardeners put in extra time in the garden during quarantine and people from all walks of life seized up the hobby. According to Garden Media Group, some 16 million Americans claimed to have started gardening in 2020.

SUNPACK's three most popular products.


Top-3 Selling Garden Industry Innovations at SUNPACK

SUNPACK produces quality garden products at competitive pricing to help growers make the most of the gardening season by giving their seeds the best start. Besides seed starting trays and humidity domes, SUNPACK also sells pots, saucers, and square pots. Here are the company’s top three selling garden industry products.

1. SUNPAD Seedling Heat Mats

The SUNPAD Seedling Heat Mat is perfect for every shade of green thumb from beginner to expert gardener. It reliably warms the root zone to 10-20°F above ambient air temperature, creating excellent conditions for rooting of cuttings, seed germination, and seedling propagation. When used with the SUNPACKTM Heat Mat Temperature Controller and tray domes, growers can dial in an ideal temperature and control the humidity for outstanding success. The mat’s patented double-layer construction is tough and waterproof, which makes it ideal for greenhouses, nurseries, and commercial operations.

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2. MEGA Propagation Colored Trays

Constructed from premium food-grade, UV resistant, and BPA-free virgin plastic, SUNPACK’s MEGA propagation trays come in five colors. Trays are 0.88” thick and can support up to 120 pounds. Reinforced sides and lips make them safe and easy to carry around the garden, house, or greenhouse.

3. SUNKIT Mini-Greenhouse System

This easy-to-use system includes everything you need to start your own flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate cuttings, and cultivate fresh herbs at home year-round. The high-quality BPA-free food-grade plastic dome, tray, and insert make it a fantastic choice for herbs and edibles.

“Being a new player in a large industry created a challenge to introduce our products to the market, especially with Covid causing the cancellation of in-person trade shows,” said Garcia.

But the company pushed through. SUNPACK introduced new products and reached new customers through virtual trade shows and an aggressive email marketing program to connect with industry buyers. The company is also developing an innovative technology to produce a commercial seedling heat mat called MEGAMAT.

SUNPACK employees boxing products.

Safety First for Growers

All SUNPACK products are designed and engineered with customer safety and satisfaction in mind, and each one is tested and approved before making it to market.

The company also takes its environmental impact seriously and recently expanded the role of a key employee who now has the responsibility to monitor, track and correct any potential environmental issues that occur during manufacturing.

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“Many of our products are recyclable, which will have an environmental impact,” said Garcia.

Since it began manufacturing garden accessories in 1982, DSM&T has made many product improvements, including durability changes and design modifications to enhance the user experience.

While they aren’t always necessary if you have a warm room and sunny window to start seeds, a heat mat and a grow light will provide a Northern California climate when your indoor environment is less than ideal.

After basking in warm moist soil for about 10 days, SUNPACK soaked seeds are ready to burst through the earth and blossom into their full potential.


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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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