If Pink Kush were music, it would fall somewhere between glam-rock and trip-hop. Think soothing Brian Ferry meets vibrant Lee Scratch Perry. It’s uplifting, yet seductive and mellow.

On the mellow end, this dynamic indica-dominant cannabis strain is known to rain euphoria in small doses and can effectively wash away any feelings of anxiety or upsetting thoughts. Pink Kush is an excellent strain for both insomniacs as well as individuals who deal with chronic stress. No money for rent? No problem. Good night!

On the uplifting side, Pink Kush will at first have you feeling invigorated and inspired. A few tokes will turn you into a machine. Before the big-time munchies kick in, followed by an uncontrollable desire to curl up and watch Netflix, Pink Kush will give you a huge boost of energy, or maybe it’s confidence. Either way, you’ll find yourself with enough strength and stamina to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

With subtle sweet vanilla and luscious berry flavors, Pink Kush is arguably as much a pastry as it is a plant. If only. If Pink Kush were a dessert, it might be a bowl of strawberry ice cream. A little goes a long way to boost your mood and bring on the giggles. You suddenly see the world through Pink Kush-colored glasses. It's sparkling and sublime.

Easy to grow (either indoors or out), Pink Kush is an ideal choice for novice growers. If you’re patient enough to wait up to 11 weeks until she flowers, this coveted OG Kush relative will reward you with bountiful yields of bright green buds boasting glorious pink hairs, shimmering trichomes, and a high level of THC (21 percent). Both exhilarating and exquisite, if Pink Kush were a stairway, it would most certainly lead to heaven.