Spannabis 2022: El Rey Regresa (The King Returns)

By Rich Hamilton
Published: August 25, 2022
Key Takeaways

Postponed for two years because of COVID, Spannabis roared back in Barcelona in March to reclaim its place as the King of Cannabis trade shows.

Spannabis Barcelona is one of the most important trade shows for the cannabis sector calendar and the number one show in Europe — maybe even worldwide. Despite no event since 2019 thanks to COVID, Spannabis remains one of the most anticipated shows in the industry, with attendance north of 40,000 people.


Some of you will remember March 2020, when we were on the cusp of the coronavirus pandemic, the Spanish authorities in Catalonia canceled the show just two days before its opening. It was then postponed until September 2020, April 2021, and then October 2021. So, by the time March 2022 rolled around, everyone was more than ready to get back to business.

Spannabis is now in its 18th year of celebrating the culture, diversity, and innovation of the cannabis plant. The show offers weed enthusiasts, start-up entrepreneurs, curious newcomers, or established businesses everything they need to know about cannabis.


Rich Hamilton at the entrance to Spannabis 2022The show opened its doors at Fira de Cornellà (Barcelona) March 11-13, with a show spanning more than 182,000 square feet.

The exhibitors were there in the hundreds — more than 300 to be exact. All the most prominent brands from 100-plus countries in every area you could imagine including recreational consumption, food, seeds, genetics, cosmetics, footwear, textiles, building materials, crops-bonds, farming systems, medicinal, and wellness products.

Over the years, Spannabis has expanded to include a comprehensive itinerary of complementary events and this year was no exception. The event was started on a high March 10 with the International Cannabis Business Conference.


This B2B superconference networking event targeted cannabis investors and business owners. The event acts as a meeting point for the entire European cannabis scene to help drive the industry onward as cannabis regulations continue to be liberalized in Spain and across the continent.

The World Cannabis Conference at the 800-seat Cornellà Auditorium on March 11-12 was well-attended. This was a must-attend for those curious in finding out what the real potential of the cannabis sector is going to be in the next few years.


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The schedule was packed with relaxed seminars given by leading industry figures from all spheres, including science, regulations, activism, and politics. Topics ranged from the current position of the legal U.S. market, ritual uses of cannabis, medicinal research into psychedelic drugs, and the cannabis movement in Spain. Even better, all the seminars were free.

Spannabis 2022 wrist bandThe much-anticipated Spannabis Champions Cup, held March 11, included categories like best sativa, best indica, best hash, and best solvent extraction. The Spannabis Champions Cup is up there with the Cannabis Cup and the High Times Cup in terms of status, so it’s a big deal!

Then comes the beast of the show itself — three days of exhibits, new products, new information, giveaways, experiences, and great food and drink. It was everything every canna connoisseur could ask for. The music performances were carefully curated to make the event more than just another trade show by emphasizing dancing, having fun, and connecting with people. Tie it in with the festival atmosphere that Spannabis does so well, and you have one diverse show! Something that we all needed after the last couple of years of lockdowns.

Music acts performing over the weekend included Barbass Sound, Sharin Skank, Purple Rockets, Women Soldiers, Full Spectrum Selectors, 420 Backyard Battle, Suka, and DJ Rambla. The weather may have been a bit of a let-down this year with heavy rain most days, but it did not dampen the atmosphere. Another triumphant year for Spannabis. It is also an important year because it marks the start of like-minded people getting back together and celebrating cannabis culture like we used to.


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Written by Rich Hamilton | Writer, Consultant, Author of The Growers Guide

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Rich Hamilton has been in the hydroponics industry for more than 20 years, working originally as a general manager in a hydroponics retail outlet before becoming an account manager at Century Growsystems. He enjoys working on a daily basis with shop owners, manufacturers, distributors, and end users to develop premium products.

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