Sorting Your Flower: The Most Important Step You Didn’t Know You Needed to Do

By Chris Bond
Published: October 22, 2019 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 07:22:47
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Key Takeaways

Before the invention of sorting machines, dozens of pairs of hands and many work hours were wasted on sorting cannabis flowers by hand. But now, you can maximize productivity and efficiency with a sorting machine and a batcher.

Harvest time is a hectic, all-hands-on-deck time, with many growers just trying to get their cannabis flowers harvested as quickly as possible. A lot of money can be left on the table if the extra step of sorting your flowers is not done either at the same time or after the harvest. Taking the time to sort your flowers can allow you to get the best consistency and quality for your customers, as well as to better capitalize on your crop.


Small and large operations alike can benefit from the investment of sorting machines. With sorting products, none of the smalls or shake goes to waste. Switching to using a bud sorter allows many companies to offer new products and cast aside "wastes" to their pre-roll department.

Before the advent of sorting machines, cannabis growers who opted to sort their flowers, had to do so by hand. This laborious process often involved dozens of pairs of hands and copious amounts of work hours.


Growers who skipped on sorting their flowers experienced difficulty in providing consistency to their customers. An "eighth" might have equated to being a single large bud, a few medium buds or smaller buds mostly consisting of smalls and shake. One customer’s experience wouldn't be the same as the next one. As a result, many customers moved onto another source in search of consistency.

Enter the GreenBroz Sorter.

This revolutionary sorter is extremely user-friendly and gentle on your precious flowers, unlike some other sorters which can damage flowers with their harmful vibrations. Built from food-grade polyurethane and stainless steel, the GreenBroz sorter maintains the integrity of your product by limiting the amount of time it is handled by human hands. With up to seven customizable sizes, it also boasts rates as fast as one pound per minute! With it, your flowers will spend less time outside of a controlled environment.


When coupled with other GreenBroz products such as the Model M trimmer or the Precision Batcher, sorting flowers is just one of the many ways that help increase production efficiency. It's also a sure way to have your buds earn you more “green”.

Not sure whether to sort your flowers pre or post-trim? Consider the following:


3 Benefits of Sorting Pre-Trim

  1. Flowers of similar sizes can be trimmed in batches and at the same time. Mechanized trimmers such as GreenBroz Model M can be employed with this process because they can be dialed into the cultivator's desired size. Trimmers such as these are indispensable in determining accurate production costs because they let the grower know exactly how much time it takes to trim a given area.
  2. Harvest times can be extended if flowers are trimmed at their peak size, with smaller ones being allowed to develop further before harvest.
  3. Growers can better plan trimming schedules since flowers of different sizes require separate trim times

2 Benefits of Sorting Post-Trim

  1. If there were time constraints on the harvest, this is the stage where you can take the time to ensure you get the absolute most out of the harvest.
  2. Any desired size can be prioritized at this stage depending on customer demands.

Depending on the method you choose, it's time to move onto other post-processing methods once the flower is all trimmed and sorted.

This is where a product like the Precision Batcher by GreenBroz comes in handy.

Batching Your Flower Into Its Final Packaging

Batching equipment can pay high dividends and ensure that each package is the same weight. As a result, you can expect consistent and uniform packages that your customers want and deserve.

The GreenBroz Precision Batcher is one of the most accurate batching systems on the market today for the cannabis industry. Instead of using harmful vibrations, it uses gentle puffs of air to move the flowers.

Its user-friendliness is often cited as well. The operator can assign the machine any arrangement of buds or nugs such as a large, two mediums, or another pre-determined amount of small nugs to fill out the package or any other desired arrangement.

Taking the time to sort your flower allows post-processing tasks such as batching, weighing and packaging to be conducted with more efficiency and consistency for the consumer.

In the words of GreenBroz's own CEO, Cullen Raichart:

“The GreenBroz Sorter provides massive benefits to our clients. Since we brought this machine to market in 2018, we’ve had clients tell us they’ve been able to expand their catalog of end-products, in addition to those products being much more consistent in terms of bag/jar appeal. That enhanced product offering leads to more profits for our clients and goes hand in hand with the greatly improved efficiency in their harvest process. Not to mention the ROI for this machine is less than a month in most cases. It’s a real win-win for our clients.”

Check out the GreenBroz Sorter, Precision Batcher, Model M trimmer and dozens of other cutting-edge products at


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Written by Chris Bond | Certified Permaculture Designer, Nursery Technician, Nursery Professional

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Chris Bond’s research interests are with sustainable agriculture, biological pest control, and alternative growing methods. He is a certified permaculture designer and certified nursery technician in Ohio and a certified nursery professional in New York, where he got his start in growing.

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