Slinging the Slang on Cannabis Extract Lexicon

By Kasey Craig
Published: November 1, 2021
Key Takeaways

Back in the day, drug slang was used as code to evade authorities while creating a level of coolness within the cannabis community. Today, these terms are becoming mainstream lexicon for those who partake, along with parents, authorities, and healthcare clinicians attempting to treat patients.

Street names or slang words for cannabis are common. You may have seen the posters listing every term that identifies marijuana. Now, the rising use of extracts and concentrates has ushered in a new wave of slang terminology.


Some of the terms are pretty funny. But, imagine how the older generations of cannabis users felt when “dabbing” became popular. And, as medical edibles became available only to be called “medibles,” I doubt the hippies of the ’60s were thinking about that, largely because medicinal cannabis wasn’t available yet.

As new products emerge, we can only anticipate the cool slang terms that will evolve. Until then, let’s check out some of the “cool kid” code names for cannabis extracts and concentrates.


Terp Slurper

Stoners may be one of the most innovative groups of people on the planet. Oh, look how far we’ve come since the water bong and apple bowl days. Terp slurper is the newest design for the dabbing community. The terp slurper is a perfect attachment for users who prefer larger dabs. Since the terp slurper has an additional tube that leads down an open tray, users can ensure less wasted product.

Budder (or Honey)

This slang term describes cannabis extracted using butane. Because the appearance is similar to butter or honey, you will hear it called “budder” or “honey.” Budder retains most of the cannabis terpenes. Some say budder has a strong flavor profile in comparison to other forms of concentrate made from butane.


Twaxing is when you mix the concentrate, such as budder, into a regular herb joint. While dabbing and vaporizing concentrates is more popular, this is one method to give an added boost to your rolled up cannabis.



Upside down 710 spells OIL. The term can refer to cannabis wax, bubble hash, shatter, resin, and other oils. Pronunciation is “seven-ten.” And, just as we celebrate on April 20th, July 10th could be considered a cannabis oil holiday — “dab day.”


Rosin is cannabis concentrate made through the application of heat and pressure through a barrier, such as wax paper. Solventless hash oil is the cleanest type of concentrate: it’s pure marijuana without any solvents. Since there are no solvents used in the extraction process, the flavor of the strain is obvious.


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Shatter resembles glass in the way that it’s translucent and solid. The glassy look comes from the production process, where the molecules are less agitated. Shatter is extracted using solvents such as propane, carbon dioxide, or butane. Butane hash oil may be called BHO for short. Shatter is dangerous to DIY at home. Expertly made shatter goes through a production using safe closed-loop systems. These systems prevent toxic fumes from entering the room and risking an explosion.


Instead of pronouncing it “oil,” dab culture is calling it “errl,” like the reference to motor oil. Errl refers to sappy or liquidy weed oils. It may sometimes be misspelled “earl.” Either way, it refers to any kind of cannabis oil; this could include liquid gold, 710, and more.

Liquid Gold Extract

It’s clear that weed has many different names, and there is no difference when we’re discussing liquid cannabis products like oil. Liquid gold popularity has grown due to the increase of vape pen use across the globe.


Blasting is when a solvent is forced through the plant to pull out the oils. Butane is the most common solvent. The butane flows across the plant as the oils seep out the other end of the tube. Due to the flammable nature of this process, it’s a dangerous method of extraction. The name could derive from blasting the butane through the plant, or because of it’s explosive potential in the making process.

Ice Hash

Unlike the dangerous blasting method, ice hash could be a fun way to make your own flavorful cannabis concentrates. Since there are no solvents, and there is no potential for an explosion, it’s safe to DIY. Even though the process can require more time, at least you won’t worry about starting a fire. Meanwhile, Ice Wax is made by either filling washing machines or buckets with ice and water to agitate the trichomes. Another name for ice hash is bubble wax since bubble bags are part of the extraction process.

What Do You Call Your Extracts or Concentrates?

Just imagine, it’s July 10th and you’re dabbing with your friends feeling budder than ever after a nice terp slurp. Maybe you try your hands at making ice wax. You can call it glass, shatter, errl, tink, or ice hash. But what’s in a name? That which we call a bud, by any other name would smell as sweet and make you feel euphoric.

When you tap into your inner James Bond, what cannabis extract code name would you create?


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Written by Kasey Craig | Senior Content Writer at MedicareFAQ

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