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10 Advantages of Using Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights
10 Best Indoor Garden Watering Practices
10 Facts on Abscisic Acid
10 Facts on Acids
10 Facts on Auxins
10 Facts on Brassinosteroids
10 Facts on Buffers
10 Facts on Cytokinins
10 Facts on Ethylene
10 Facts on Gibberellins
10 Facts on Leaves
10 Facts on Roots
10 Facts on Salts
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using LED Grow Lights
10 Myths About LED Grow Lights You Should Stop Believing
10 Things to Know About Your Nutrient Reservoir
10 Things You Must Look For When Choosing LED Grow Lights
10 Watering Rules of Thumb for Every Grower
10 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer
10 Ways to Make Your Garden Bloom on a Budget
10 Years Later: Changes in LED Lighting for Plant Growth
17 Essential Elements for Cannabis
4 Benefits of Amino Acids in the Garden
4 Easy Steps to Super Soil for Thriving Cannabis Plants
4 Things Affecting the Drainage of Your Soil
5 Growing Mediums and Their Benefits
5 Reasons to Add Calcium Carbonate to Your Garden
6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing LED Grow Lights
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your First Irrigation System
6 Steps for Preparing Healthy Soil For Growing Vegetables
7 Types of Lighting Systems Suitable for Growing Cannabis
7 Ways to Boost the Bloom in Your Growroom
7 Ways to Disinfect Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
8 Crop Micronutrients Growers Can't Ignore
8 Questions to Ask a Grow Shop Employee
A Beginner's Guide To Buying LED Grow Lights for Less Than $200
A Beginner's Guide to Light Bulb Product Labels
A Beginner’s Guide to Calculating Garden Lighting Needs
A Beginner’s Guide to Fertilizer Product Labels
A Glossary for Growers - Words to Grow On
A Plant's Circle of Life
A Play-by-Play on Plant Nutrition
A Quick Guide to Amending Your Soil
A Quick Guide to Growing Plants in Coco Coir
A Root Primer
A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Soil Cubes From Scratch
A Sum Greater Than its Parts: Soil Composition
Achieving Balance With Bio-dynamics
Achieving Plug Plant Perfection
Air Stones Don’t Starve Your Roots
Amendments to Improve Soil Health
Amino Acid Chelates: Giving Your Plants a Helping Hand
Amino Acids: The Lego Blocks of Plant Proteins
An Element Too Good to Pass Up: The Benefits of Silicon
Anatomy of a Fluorescent Grow Light
Applying Foliar Spray on Cannabis Plants and Which Sprays to Use
Are All Calcium/Magnesium Supplements Alike?
Are Your Plants Getting Enough Light?
Avoid Using These 4 Common Household Items in Your Garden
Backyard Composting Made Easy
Bacteria and Fungi: Mighty Microbes
Balancing Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) Principles
Become a Grow Media Master! How to Grow Like a Pro with the Right Substrate
Being Green: How Plants Work
Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen
Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen: Chromium, Strontium and More
Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen: Cobalt, Silicon, Nickel, and Vanadium
Beneficial Microbe Populations in the Indoor Garden
Beneficial Microbes: A Closer Look at the Microbes Living Around Your Plants’ Roots
Benefits of Adding Molasses to Your Fertilizer Regimen
Benefits of HPS and CMH Grow Lights for Your Greenhouse or Growroom
Biodynamic Compost
Biosolids: A Different Kind of Fertilizer
Bloom Boosters
Bone Meal as a Plant Fertilizer: What You Need to Know
Boosting Your Yields with Potassium Supplements
Breaking Down Biochar
Breaking Down Boron: Function and Uses in the Garden
Brew up a Batch of Compost Tea
Bright Lights in the Big City: LED Lighting and Vertical Farming
Bring on the Berries: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Berries in Containers
Bud Light: The Best Lighting for Growing Cannabis
Buffering Up: Adjusting the Cation Exchange Capacity in Coco Growing Media
Build the Best Organic Soil for Your Growroom
Build Your Own Solar Greenhouse
Building an Effective Fertilizer Regimen
Building the Perfect Organic Fertilizer
Building up the Brix for Healthier, Nutrient-Dense Crops
Cal-Mag Supplements: A One-Two Punch for Plants
Can Mineral Nutrition Affect Plant Disease?
Can You Sterilize and Reuse Your Grow Media?
Care for a Cup of Compost Tea? Your Plants Will!
Cations and Anions: Is Your Grow System Balanced?
Chemical Combinations in the Garden
Choose Your Grow Medium - Coco Coir and More
Choosing LED or HPS Lights for Commercial Growers
Choosing the Right Grow Media for Greenhouse Herb and Vegetable Production
Choosing the Right Growing Medium for Larger Results
Choosing the Right Hydroponic Substrate
Choosing the Right Light for Vegetative Growth
Choosing the Right Light for Your Grow Tent
Choosing the Right Lighting Ballast For Growing
Choosing the Right Soil For Your Garden
Choosing Your Growing Medium
Combatting Soil Compaction
Combining Organic & Synthetic Nutrients
Combining Sunlight and Grow Lights: Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting
Companion Elements in Organic Fertilizers
Comparing Properties of Worm Casting Materials
Compatibility Agents - What Do I Need to Know?
Compost Tea Considerations
Composting...Where a Breakdown is a Good Thing
Conduct Yourself Accordingly: Measuring Electrical Conductivity for Bigger and Healthier Plants
Control Freak: How to Regulate Your Garden’s Artificial Lighting
Copper: Helpful or Harmful?
Creating a Custom Feed Program for Your Plants
Critical Perspectives on Bloom Boosters for Flowering
Daily Duties: Keeping Them All in Check
Dealing with Pythium Root Rot
Debunking Common Gardening Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction
Debunking the Cal/Mag Myth in Cannabis Cultivation
Decoding Nutrient Solutions
Defend Your Roots: Dissolved Oxygen
Defining Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy
Dialing in Hydroponic Drip Irrigation
DLI and PAR Light Measurements: Beyond the Basics
Do You Know What’s In Your Water?
Do You Need to Add More Humus to Your Garden Beds?
Easy Ways to Increase the Amount of Light Energy Reaching Your Plants
Eating the Hand that Feeds You: Rhizophagy and Plant Nutrition
Eco-friendly Horticultural Lighting: The Future is Here
Electrical Conductivity and Monitoring Plant Nutrition
Electrical Conductivity in the Garden
Energy and the Growroom
Enzyme Energy
Enzymes in the Garden
Essential Nutrients for Growing Cannabis
Evolution of Hydroponic Nutrition
Far-Red Lighting and the Phytochromes
Feeding For Flavor
Feeding Plants for Different Stages of Growth
Feeding Regimens for Bigger, Better Cannabis Buds
Feeding Your Cannabis Plants During the Flowering Stage
Feeding Your Garden Biogenic Silica
Feeling Low: Problems with Acidic Soil
Fertilizer: Cracking the Code
Fertilizer: When Too Much Is Too Much
Fertilizers: What’s for Dinner?
Find the Right LED Lights With the Watts Per Square Foot Principle
Finding a Happy Medium: Soilless Grow Media Tips & Tricks
Finding the Fountain of Youth: Delaying the Aging Process to Boost Yields
Finding the Sweet Spot for Artificial Lighting
Finding Your Sweet Spot for Cannabis Growth
Fix Your Brix: Grow Top Quality Crops with High Brix Gardening
Flower Power: When to Apply Flower-Boosting Elements
Flowing with the Phloem
Flushing for Soil and Hydroponic Gardens
Flushing Out the Truth in a Controlled Indoor Growing Environment
Four Methods for Harvesting Rainwater
Free Water? Dehumidifier Water and Consumable Plants
From A to Z: Common Nutrient Additives Available to Growers
From Toilet to Tap: Some Dirty Truths About Your Drinking Water
Fulvic Acid: A Golden Opportunity
Gardening Under Artificial Light: What You Need to Know
Get Your Drip On: The Advantages of Drip Irrigation
Getting off the Grid: Alternative Energies for Hydro Systems
Getting the Right Ammonium to Nitrate Ratio
Getting to Know Your Microbes
Giving Plants the Green Light
Green Means Grow: How Green Light Affects Plant Growth
Grey Water Tips & Tricks: Adding a Touch of Grey to Your Summer
Grow and Bloom Nutrients
Grow Lighting Choices Illuminated
Grow Stronger Plants with the Building Blocks of Proteins
Growing 101: Basic Plant Nutrition
Growing 101: Nutrient Solution Management
Growing 101: Perfect Potting Mixes for Container Gardening
Growing 101: Plant Biology Basics
Growing 101: The Basics of Plant Lighting
Growing Cannabis? Why LED Grow Lights Are the Way to Go
Growing for Health: Fertilizer Recommendations
Growing from Seed Using Containers
Growing Organically with Compost Teas and Nutrient Mush
Growing Plants Under Artificial Light: What’s Missing?
Growing Tough Crops: Vinca
Growing With Guano: How Bat Guano Benefits Soil and Plants
Growing Your Own Cannabis? Don't Forget These 3 Additives
Growroom Ergonomics: Being Comfortable While You Garden is Wonderful!
Handwatering and Drip System Combinations for Outdoor Gardening
Hard Water or Soft Water: Does My Garden Care?
Harpin Proteins: Enhancing your Plant’s Natural Defense Systems
Harvesting the Rain: How to Properly Collect Rainwater for Reuse in the Garden
Help Your Plants Help Themselves: Enhancing Natural Defenses
Here Comes The Heat: Improving Your Plant’s Natural Tolerance to Environmental Stress
High-Throughput Phenotyping: Sensing Technologies and Data Mining
Hold That Hose! Summer Garden Watering Advice
Hormonal Horticulture, a Breakdown of Plant Hormones Part 1: Auxins
Hormonal Horticulture, a Breakdown of Plant Hormones Part 2: Gibberellins, Cytokinins and Abscisic Acid
Hormonal Horticulture, a Breakdown of Plant Hormones Part 3: Ethylene
How Amino Acids Aid Plant Growth
How Enzymes Work in Plant Growth
How Important Is UV Light for Cannabis?
How Living Soil Benefits Cannabis: The Microbes Behind Healthy Plants
How Many Plants Can You Grow Per Light?
How Nutrient Antagonism Leads to Nutrient Deficiency in Plants
How Nutrients from the Ocean Help Your Garden
How pH & TDS Levels Affect Water Quality
How Plant Hormones Work
How Plants Breathe: The Stimulating Story of Stomata
How Plants Communicate: The Secret Language of Plants
How Plants Respond to Different Parts of the Light Spectrum
How Soil Enzymes Benefit Indoor Gardens
How Spectral Light Influences Plant Growth
How Surfactant Solutions Work
How the Water Retention of Soilless Media Impacts Plant Growth
How to be Squeaky Clean in Your Indoor Garden
How to Boost Living Soil with Organic Amendments
How to Boost Plant Oil Production with LED Grow Lights
How to Boost the Calcium Levels in Your Hydroponic System
How to Care for Your Holiday Poinsettia Year-Round
How to Choose the Right Grow Lights
How to Condition Your Sterilized Soil
How to Customize Your Own Organic Potting Mix
How to Detect and Treat Sulfur Deficiencies in Plants
How to Determine if Nutrients are Truly Organic
How to Determine the Nutritional Value of a Compost Product
How to Dispose of Food Waste in a Natural, Earth-friendly Way
How to Enliven Your Soil With Rock Powder
How to Gain Control of Your Garden's pH, ppm, and EC Levels
How to Grow Giant Plants Indoors
How to Grow Plants in Rockwool
How to Grow with Coco Bricks
How to Help Your Plants Deal with Drought
How to Improve Plant Growth with Micro-organisms
How to Make a Natural Plant Growth Regulator
How to Make the Perfect Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
How to Manage Soil Fertility
How to Optimize the Strength of Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions
How to Prevent Clogging of Emitters in Drip Irrigation
How to Prevent Your Plants from Getting Nutrient Burn
How to Respond to Crop Failure
How to Select the Right Soil for Your Bonsai Tree
How To Set Up Your LED Grow Light
How to Set Up Your LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis
How to Successfully Choose Growing Media
How To Tell When Your Lights Need Replacing
How to Test the pH Level of Your Soil
How to Understand a Water Quality Report
How to Use Solar Energy to Power Your Garden
How to Water Your Garden With Ollas
How Understanding DLI Will Make You a Better Grower
How Understanding Phenology Can Make you a Better Gardener
Humic or Fulvic Acid: What Kind are Your Plants On?
Hydro For Health: Understanding Bioactive Compounds
Hydro Meal Planning 101
Hydroponic Croponomics
Hydroponic EC and EC Meters Explained
Hydroponic Illumination & the Daily Light Integral
Hydroponic Mexican Cuisine
Hydroponic Nutrient Management: What Every Grower Should Know
I’ve Got You Covered: Leaf Area Index
Illuminating HID Lighting Systems
Illuminating the Indoors: Lighting Tips and Tricks
Improved Light Recipes for Indoor Gardens
Improving the Flavor of Crops with Photoperiodism
In a PK Panic? A Breakdown of Potassium and Phosphorus
Indoor and Outdoor Lighting: The Best of Both Worlds
Indoor Gardening Lighting Systems: A Look at How Far We’ve Come
Induction Lighting: What It Is and How It Works
Infused With Life: How Microbes Work in Your Plant Growing System
Interpreting a Water Report: How to Make the Most of the Information You Have
Interveinal Chlorosis: Can It Be Fixed?
Irrigation: You Want Wet Plants, Not Soaked Plants
Is Chemical Flushing Necessary?
Is It Time to Upgrade Your Magnetic Ballasts to Digital Ballasts?
It’s (Probably) Not pH Lockout: Troubleshooting Common Problems in the Growroom
Keeping With the Flow: Hydroponic Irrigation Systems
Kelp Amendments: How to Use Kelp in Your Garden
Kitchen Composting and Compost Teas
Knowing When to Start Seedlings on Fertilizer and Nutrients
Learn Your LEDs: Lighting Metrics for Growers
Learning about Light from a Plant’s POV
LED Grow Lights: Footprints and Planning
Leggy Seedlings: Too Much Leg Can Be A Bad Thing
Let It Flow: An In-Depth Look at the Cycle of Water Usage and its Treatment Options
Let There Be Light Reflection: Increasing Light Energy Efficiency
Let There Be Light: How Wavelength Composition, Intensity, and Duration Affect Plants
Light Intensity vs. Temperature in a Grow Tent
Light Transmittance Through Greenhouse Glazing
Lighting Design Matters: Three Things to Consider
Lighting the Way to a Greener Garden: A New Approach to LEDs in the Growroom
Lighting Uniformity in Horticulture
Lumens are for Humans and PAR is for Plants
Magnesium in Soil
Maintaining Consistency With a Greenhouse Ventilation System
Maintenance Tips for Drip Irrigation Systems
Make Room for Mycorrhizae in Your Marijuana Grow Room
Making the Case for Shorter, More Frequent Watering
Making the Most of Hydroponic Nutrients
Making the Switch from HID to LED Grow Lights
Manipulating Flowering in the Grow Room Using Photoperiods
Master the Art of Measuring EC
Maximizing Crop Flavor and Aroma in Hydroponics
Maximizing Hydroponic Nutrient Absorption
Measuring Up: Meters and Tests That Can Help Your Garden
Measuring, Analyzing, and Adjusting Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions
Mediums and Methods to Maximize Your Indoor Grow
Methyl Jasmonate: Plant Defender and Communicator
Minerals: An Essential Part of Cannabinoid Production
Miracle, Myth, or Marketing: Are Epsom Salts a Garden Cure-All?
Moving on Over: Top Four Transplanting Mediums and Methods
Mycorrhizae: Evaluating The Products
Mycorrhizae: The Feeling is Mutual
Mycorrhizae: The Mycorrhizosphere Phenomenon
Mycorrhizae: The Straight Story
Mycorrhizal Fungi: Let Your Plants Prosper
Navigating Grow Media Options for Gardening
Need a Light? Advice on Buying Grow Lights for First-Time Buyers
New Trends in Horticultural Lighting Technology
Nitrogen Sources for Hydroponics
Nitrogen: A Plant’s Go-To Element
Not Just for Festivals: Beer Gardens Can Help Plants Thrive
Not Just for Upset Tummies: Calcium Carbonate and Healthy Plants
Nutes for Newbies: All-In-One Fertilizer or Separate Bottles?
Nutrient Deficiencies and Excesses in Cannabis Growing
Nutrient Element Mixing to Formulate a Nutrient Solution
Nutrient Film Technique: Tips for Hobby NFT Growers
Nutrient Formulations and PPM Levels for Different Crops
On the Dawn of a Grow Light Revolution: Understanding How Plants Use Different Light Wavelengths
Optimal Nutrient Reservoir Parameters: Understanding the Heart of Your Hydroponic System
Organic and Chemical Nutrients: Start Your Plant’s Day Right
Organic Fertilizer Elemental Contents: Do You Know What You’re Feeding Your Plants?
Organic Gardening Ingredients
Organic Nutrients for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Organic Rooting Medium: Composting Woods
Overcoming Sticker Shock: The Return on Investment of LED Grow Lights
Paclobutrazol: Poison, Potential or Panacea?
Perfecting the pH of Your Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
Perlite in the Garden: To Use or Not to Use?
Perlite Revisited for Hydroponics Gardens
pHiguring Out pH
Phosphorous Acid Products: Phosphorus, Phosphite, and Phosphonate
Phosphorus: An Essential Element for Plants
Phosphorus: The Essential Element
Photonic Films: The Future of LED Grow Lighting
Photons: The Secret to Light Speed Growth
Photoperiod Effects on Hydroponic Crops
Photosynthesis Maximized
Photosynthesis, Photoperiodism and Prolonging the Season
Photosynthesis: The Power of Light
Planning the Best Layout for Your Grow Lights
Plant Factories: Not Your Average Indoor Gardens
Plant Growth and the Light Spectrum
Plant Nutrition: To Supplement, or Not?
Plant Pigments: Nature’s Source of Color & Life Energy
Planting by Moon Phase Gardening
Plants Dig Potassium
Plants Know Best: Life Force and the Garden
Plants on Acid: 4 Types of Acid for Cannabis
Plants on Lockdown
Plasma Grow Lights
Pollinating in Greenhouses
Powdered Plant Nutrients: Why Some Growers are Switching Over
Powering Photosynthesis: How to Maximize Light Usage in Hydroponic Crops
Preparation of Fertilizer Stock Solutions for Hydroponics
Preparing Soil for the Outdoor Season
Preventing and Correcting Nutrient Toxicity in Hydro Systems
Preventing the Negative Effect of Water Salinity on Soil
Protecting Garden Plants from Punishing Heat and Drought
Pumping Iron: Why Plants Need Iron in Their Diet
Purifying Your Water: A Reverse Osmosis Primer
Raging Hormones: The Function of Plant Hormones
Recipes for Success: Plant Diet Basics & Formulation Fundamentals
Recipes to Mix Your Own Organic Potting Soil
Red Light, Blue Light: Balancing LED Efficiency with Performance
Reducing Mineral Accumulation in Drip Irrigation Systems
Regulating and Maintaining Reservoir Temperature
Remember to Flush
Replacing Mixing Barrels and Bathtubs with Garden Nutrient Dosers
Researching the Impact of LED Lighting on Leafy Greens
Reuse, Reuse, Reuse Your Media
Reverse Osmosis: How to Get the Most out of Your RO System
RO Water: Your Nutrient Formula’s BFF
Rock Dust: The Most Important Soil Amendment No One Ever Talks About
Rockin’ the Rhizosphere: The Benefits of Microbial Life in the Rhizosphere
Salt of the Earth: Why Plants Need Salt in Their Diets
Same but Different: Indoor vs. Outdoor Nutrients
Sand Culture Growing Success
Secondary Micronutrients That Are Crucial to Plant Health
Secret Weapons for Your Garden: Humic and Fulvic Acids
Seeing Double: Double-ended, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting
Senescence Simplified: Does Stressing Plants Result in Stronger Yields?
Setting the Record Straight: Primary vs. Secondary Plant Nutrients
Sex and the Single Plant
Shedding Light on Multi-tiered Indoor Gardens
Shining a Light on Reflective Materials
Silicon: The Non-essential Plant Nutrient with Big Benefits
Six Ways Biostimulants Build Resistant and Resilient Plants
Six Ways Plants Move
Soil Basics (Get Excited!)
Soil Testing for the Garden: Selecting the Most Appropriate Soil Test
Soil Testing: Give Your Ground a Surprise Pop Quiz
Soil Testing: Is It Better To Go Through a Cooperative Extension?
SOS: Why Do My Plants Keep Dying?
Soup Up Your Soil with Kelp, Molasses, and Guano
Spotlighting Fiber Optics
Start Clean & Keep It Clean in the Garden
Start Off Strong with the Right Seeds
Starting Off Right: Feeding Cannabis in the Vegetative Stage
Starting Seeds Indoors - Off to an Early Start
Straight Talk About Light Moving Systems
Strengthening Plant Roots with Phosphorus and Potassium
Strengthening Plants with Diatomaceous Earth
Strengthening Plants with Silicon
Substrate Selection & Moisture Management: What You NEED to Know
Success With LED Grow Lights
Supplemental CO2: The Next Step to Ridiculously Good Plants
T5 Grow Lights: What You Need to Know
Take a Trip Along the Calcium Highway
Tanning Your Plants: The Curious Effects of UVA and UVB
Tap Water and its Impact on Hydroponic Nutrients and Supplements
Tech Toys for Indoor Gardeners: Plug-and-play Grow Tools
Testing a New Nutrient Line
Testing T5 Lighting Technology
The Art of Cleaning: A Tribute to Charlie Watson
The Beauty of Soil Cubes
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Plant Analysis
The Benefits of Adding a Water Chiller to Your Hydroponics System
The Benefits of Growing Plants with a Double Ended (DE) Lighting System
The Benefits of Installing Light Movers in a Grow Room
The Benefits of Using an Irrigation System in Your Garden
The Benefits of Using Coco Coir
The Best Light for the Job
The Chelation Effect: Maximizing Plant Growth
The Chemistry of Coco Coir
The Comfort Zone: Fostering Healthy Bacteria in the Greenhouse
The Convenience of Dimmable Grow Lights
The Convenience of Hydroponic Nutrient Application Systems
The Daily Light Integral Chart: Understanding Your Plants' PPFD & Photoperiod Requirements
The Dangers of Overwatering and Overfertilizing Your Plants
The Difference Between Organic and Synthetic Plant Fertilizers: Breaking Down the Bottle
The Different Shapes of LED Grow Lights Explained
The Dirt on Soil & Potting Mixes
The Do's and Don'ts of Foliar Feeding
The Do’s and Don’ts of Expanded Clay Pebbles
The Do’s and Don’ts of Rockwool
The Effect of Light Leaks on a Sealed Growrooms
The Effects of Cobalt, Copper, and Chromium in the Garden
The Effects of LEDS on Plants
The Effects of Light Movers on Grow Light PPFD and Photo Efficiency
The Essential Plant Nutrients
The Facts on Phosphorus
The Full Menu: Beneficial Elements for Plant Growth
The Future of Soil Health Evaluation
The Gas Lantern Routine and Other Alternative Light Cycles
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Managing Microbes in the Garden
The Healing Power of Gardens
The Importance of Good Soil Health
The Importance of Mycorrhizae
The Importance of Phosphorus for Fruiting Plants
The Influence of Spectral Light Quality on Cannabis Plant Growth
The Light That Binds: Lighting for Young Plants
The Many Ways to Use Diatomaceous Earth in the Garden
The Mechanisms Behind Vascular Plants
The Modern Farmer’s Guide to Artificial Lighting
The Myth of Beneficial Bone Meal
The Myth of Cloroxed Clippers
The Myth of Hot-Weather Watering
The Myth of Night Light and its Impact on Plants
The Possibilities and Realities of Foliar Feeding
The Power of Mycorrhizal Inoculants on Indoor Cannabis Crops
The Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Grow Lights Available For Indoor Agriculture
The Quest for Silence
The Red and the Blue of It: LED Lights for Plant Growing
The Relationship Between Leaf Surface Temperature and Lighting Spectrum
The Role of Copper in Plant Culture
The Role of Magnesium in Plant Culture
The Role of Manganese in Plant Culture
The Role of Sodium and Chloride in Plant Culture
The Science Behind Bone Meal
The Science Behind Light
The Science Behind Natural and Synthetic Root Growth Promoters
The Science of Serenading Your Plants
The Scoop on Using Poop in the Garden
The Slow-Release Benefits of Basalt
The Soil Food Web: How to Build Healthy Soil
The Trouble with Growing Tomatoes Indoors Using LEDs
The Various Forms of Rooting Hormones & Organic Rooting Stimulants
The Vascular System of Flowering Plants


10 Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Indoors and Outdoors
10 Cannabis Tips For Growing High Quality Bud
10 Markers of a Quality Marijuana Seed
10 Most Common New Cannabis Grower Mistakes That Should Be Avoided
3 Tips for Creating Sustainability in Cultivation
4 Common Myths About Cannabis
5 Best Cannabis Strains for Extraction and Concentration
5 Cannabis Strains that Could Be Huge in 2021
5 Easiest Cannabis Strains for New Growers
5 Flowering Stage Tips for Cannabis
5 Great Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2022
5 Key Components of Female Cannabis Plants
5 Reasons to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis
5 Steamy Cannabis Strains to Grow in Humid Environments
5 Things Newbie Cannabis Growers Need to Know
5 Ways to Stash Your Stash: Cannabis Storage Solutions
6 Steps to Great Big Cannabis Buds
7 Things to Know Before Growing Autoflowering Cannabis
8 Things to Consider When Sexing Your Cannabis Plants
Are Cannabis Plants Monecious or Dioecious?
Blurring the Lines Between Indica and Sativa
Bridging the Gap Between Cannabis Breeding and Genetics
Building Strength in the Vegetative Stage
Busting 5 Cannabis Grow Myths
Cannabis Extraction: What You Need to Know
Companion Plants for Cannabis
Constant Cannabis: Techniques for a Perpetual Garden
Cooking with Cannabis: Chamomile Pickled Wild Mushrooms
Cooking with Cannabis: Pickled Wild Blackberries with Hemp
Cooking with Cannabis: Wild Mushroom + Ricotta Toast
Cost Analysis: Dispensary vs. Home Grown
Cultivating Cannabis: Root Mass = Fruit Mass
Cut & Dried Strain Review: Island Honey
Cut & Dried Strain Review: Royal Highness
Cut & Dried Strain Review: Summer Fling
Dialing in the Right Cannabis Strain for You
Differentiating Between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana
Early-Season Outdoor Cannabis
Flowering Stage: Taking Buds to the Next Level
Four Expert Tips for Rookie Cannabis Growers
From Seed to Bud: The Cannabis Life Cycle
From Seed to Harvest: The Life Cycle of Cannabis
Getting Your Cannabis Grow Off to a Great Start
Grindo: Indoor Quality, Outdoor Quantity, Greenhouse Grown
How and Why to Grow Cannabis Microgreens
How Different Types of Stress Affect the Growth of Cannabis Plants
How Minerals and Light Affect Terpene Production
How to Clone Your Cannabis Plants the Right Way
How to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Powdery Mildew on Your Cannabis Plants
How to Grow Cannabis in Commercial Shipping Containers
How Your Cannabis Plants Respond to Stress, the Good and the Bad
Identifying Hermies and Males in the Cannabis Growroom
Important Tips for Growing Cannabis in Soil
Indica and Sativa's Lesser-Known Little Sister: Cannabis Ruderalis
Is Curing Cannabis Always Necessary?
Lighting Elements to Consider for Indoor Cannabis Gardens
Lockdown Love: Top 5 Home-Grown Strains in North America in 2020
Maximizing Autoflowering Cannabis Growth
Must-Have Cannabis Strains to Grow for Your Health
Oven Bags for Storing Cannabis?! (They Work)
Progression of Cannabis Extraction Methods: Growing Trends & Extraction Risks
Promoting Terpenes in Cannabis
Purple Weed: What's So Special About Purple Cannabis?
Temptations to Avoid When Growing Cannabis
Terpene Sauce: An Elite Concentrate
The 14 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains for Outdoor Growers
The Amazing Accelerated Autoflowering Cannabis Life Cycle
The Art of Growing Organic Cannabis
The Beauty of Bonsai Cannabis
The Benefits of Bio-control for Growing Cannabis Plants
The Best Cannabis Strains for Grow Tents
The Best Fast-Flowering Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growers
The Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis Using Aquaponics
The Secrets of Growing High-quality Cannabis


10 Cannabis Strains For Happiness and Euphoria
5 Great Indoor Cannabis Strains to Grow
9 Cannabis Strains to Light the Bedroom Fire
A Sample from Ed Rosenthal's Big Book Of Buds Greatest Hits
Cannabis Strain Review: Headband
Chasing the Blues Away: The 8 Best Cannabis Strains for Depression
Classifying Cannabis: Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrids
Discovering Dinachem: The Rise of a New Clone King
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Quatreau
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Taos CBD Lotion
Girl Scout Cookies: The Best from The West
How to Find the Best Cannabis Strains for Aches and Pains
Modern Hybrids vs. Landrace Strains: Know Your Roots!
Political Pot: Weed Strains Suited for World Leaders
Strain Review: Afghan Kush
Strain Review: Auto Brooklyn Sunrise
Strain Review: Blue Cheese
Strain Review: Broken Coast Cannabis Sour OG
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Strain Review: Climb Aboard for a Ride on the Starship
Strain Review: Coterie Hits a Home Run with Mendo Breath
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Strain Review: Maui Waui and Blue Ribbon
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Strain Review: Morning Dew
Strain Review: Pink Kush
Strain Review: Purple Berry
Strain Review: Purple Haze
Strain Review: Sage n’ Sour
Strain Review: Shishkaberry
Strain Review: Spark Stix
Strain Review: Starkiller from Broken Coast Cannabis
Strain Review: Strawberry Lemonade
Strain Review: Subway Scientist
Strain Review: Sunset the Sleep Inducer Strain
Strain Review: Super Silver Haze
Strain Review: Ultra Sour is Ultra Sweet
Strain Review: White Fire OG #5
Strains to Get Your Sleep Back on Track
The 10 Coolest Names for Cannabis Strains
The 8 Best Cannabis Strains for Better Focus
The Crazy, Colorful World of Cannabis Slang
The Healing Properties of Cannabis: 5 Weed Strains High in CBD
The Rare Cut: 8 of the Rarest Cannabis Strains
The Rise of Delta-8 THC
The Top 8 Cannabis Strains for Stealth Growing


10 Common Cannabis Leaf Problems and How to Fix Them
11 Common Pests That Can Destroy Your Cannabis Crop
50 Shades of Grey Water
7 Reasons for Yellowing Leaves
7 Steps to Eliminate Root Aphids from Your Plants
A Guide to Air Root Pruning
Abiotic Diseases
Adapting to Survive: Carnivorous and Parasitic Plants
Advantages of Organic Weed Control
Algae Growth in Your Hydroponic System: Friend or Foe?
An Earth-Friendly Guide to Pesticides
And Stay Out: How to Keep Pests from Staying Warm in Your Indoor Garden During Winter
Annoying Algae: Keeping Algae Out of Your Hydro System
Are Organic Pesticides Always Safer?
Auto Balancing pH Without Chemicals - We Put Torus Hydro’s pH Balancer to the Test
Bacillus Thuringiensis in Horticulture
Bacteria? Virus? Fungi? Diagnosing Common Cannabis Diseases
Balancing Act: Understanding the Ups and Downs of pH
Basics of Plant Diseases: Part Three
Basics of Plant Diseases: Part Two
Battle of the Bugs: A Guide to Beneficial Insects
Battling Bugs the Organic Way
Battling Slugs and Snails
Beating Botrytis: How to Identify, Prevent & Treat a Common Crop Ailment
Beginner's Guide to Beneficial Insects
Below The Surface: Root Growth Stimulation and Microorganisms
Best Practices to Keep Your Greenhouse Bug Free
Biocontrol: A New Age of Pest Management
Biological Control Basics
Buds Not Bugs: Avoiding Pests in the Growroom
Bug Off: Pest Control Basics
Bugs for Breakfast
Can You Remove Salt from Sea Water and Give it to Your Plants?
Choosing Chlorine Chemicals for Water Disinfection
Combatting Critters: How to do Battle with Snails, Slugs and Caterpillars
Consider Essential Oils for Your Garden
Considerations When Selecting a Systemic or Non-systemic Pesticide
Controlling Pests Organically: Aphids, Whiteflies, and Thrips
Controlling the Curl: Tomato Leaf Roll
Controlling the Nasty Nematodes in Your Garden
Controlling Those Critters: How to Use Pesticides Safely
Could Your Plants Be Suffering from an Abiotic Plant Disease?
Dealing with Aphids in the Growroom
Dealing with Downy Mildew
Dealing with Hornworms in the Garden
Dealing With Pesky Garden Pests: Snails and Slugs
Dissolved Oxygen: The Hidden Necessity
Enhance Your Plant's Root System
Eradicating PPN with Soil Solarization
Evaluating the Electrical Conductivity of Water
Exotic Contaminants in Your Water
Exploring Root Zone Moisture Dynamics
Fighting Fungi the Organic Way
Fighting Spider Mites in the Growroom
Free Your Garden From Spider Mites and Fungus Gnats
Fungus Gnats: the Cause, the Problem and the Answer
Furry Frustrations: How to Prevent Hydroponic Disease Outbreaks
Fusarium Wilt: Unwanted & Unwelcome
Genetic Modification of Flavor and Aroma in Fruits and Flowers: Is the Future GMO?
Get to Know Your Garden’s Weeds
Getting Rid of Algae in the Grow Room
Growing Cannabis Naturally with Neem
Heavy Metals in Cannabis: The Big Four
How a Fungal Outbreak Can Destroy an Entire Plant Cycle
How Cellulase Benefits Cannabis Growth
How Does a Plant's Immune System Work?
How to Control Mosquitoes in Your Garden and Backyard
How to Detect Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Your Plants
How to Detect, Treat, and Prevent Bud Rot in Your Cannabis Growroom
How to Get Rid of Aphids, Brown Fungus, and Early Blight
How to Identify Indoor Garden Pests & Diseases
How to Identify the 5 Most Common Plant Diseases
How to Keep Your Plants Healthy
How to Prevent and Control Fungus Gnats In Your Cannabis Growroom
How to Revive Your Dying Plants in 5 Easy Steps
How to Safely Remove Poison Ivy from Your Garden
How to Solve Mold and Mildew Problems with Your Plants
How to Use Beneficial Bacteria for Pest and Disease Control in the Grow Room
Hypochlorite in Horticulture
Identifying All-Natural Pesticides and their Benefits for Cannabis Plants
Identifying and Controlling Disease Organisms and Insects: How Well Are You Prepared?
Identifying and Dealing with Alternaria on Cannabis Plants
Identifying and Dealing with Blossom End Rot
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Small-scale Growers
Irrigation Water Quality
Is it a Mold or Mildew Problem in Your Garden?
Keep it Clean: Disinfecting Hydroponic Water
Keeping Bugs Off Your Nugs
Knowing The Difference: What is Wrong with my Garden?
Knowing When Your Crop is Beyond Saving from Pests and Disease
Lock Up the Biosecurity of Your Grow Op
Maintaining and Troubleshooting pH Control Systems
Maintaining Healthy Hydro Roots to Avoid Root Rot
Maintaining Healthy Hydroponic Root Systems
Managing Molds & Mildews
Managing pH in Aquaponic Systems
Multi-tasking Bees are the Superheroes of Pest Control
Natural Pesticides for Your Home Garden
Natural Weed Control
Neem Oil: The Answer to a Pest-Free Organic Garden
Neem: Organically Control Pests in the Garden
Nematodes: Allies or Enemies?
Nine Vegetable-eating Insects that will Kill Your Garden
One Man’s Tortured Battle Against Spider Mites
Organic Pest Control: Diatomaceous Earth & How to Apply It
Parasitic Pathogens: Infectious Diseases in Hydroponics
Pesky Garden Pests: Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, and Caterpillars
Pest and Pathogen Prevention in an Indoor Garden
Pest ID and Control in Hydroponics
Pest Infestations: Know Thy Enemy
Pest or Pathogen: Getting the Diagnosis Right
pH Balance for Efficient Nutrient Uptake
pH pHacts
Physiological Disorders of Indoor Gardens
Plant Viruses: Potential Super Spreaders
Protect Against Powdery Mildew
Root Aphids: The Ninjas of the Plant Pest World
Root Restriction in Hydroponics
Root Rot Remedies
Silver Secrets: Another Way to Kill Pathogens
Slow & Steady: Slow Sand Filtration for Hydroponics
Smite Those Mites!
Snails: Pest, Predator and Food
Soft Water’s Not That Hard!
Strengthening the Roots of Your Cannabis Plants
Strengthening Your Plant’s Roots
Subterranean Tactics: Root Zone Manipulation in Hydroponics
Supercharge Your Cannabis Garden with Chitosan
Symptoms of Sick Plants: Warning Signs All New Growers Need to Look Out For
Take That, Fungus Gnats!
The Basics of Plant Diseases
The Benefits of Root Exudates
The Best Pest Control for Growing Cannabis
The Downlow on Dissolved Oxygen
The Fungus Among Us
The Impact of Hard and Soft Water in the Growroom
The Importance of Brix in Cannabis Health
The Most Common Pests Threatening Your Cannabis Plants
The Power of ORP: Getting the Most Out of Oxidation Reduction Potential
The Power of pH
The Protective Power of Silver in the Garden
The War on Whiteflies
The Waterborne Ultimatum
Think Small to Eliminate Powdery Mildew


10 Frequently Asked Questions in the Hydroponics Shop
10 Instruments Every Grower Needs
10 Tips For Gardening in Grow Tents
10 Tips Toward a Super Spring Start
10 Ways to Save $$$ at the Grow Shop
3 Common Household Items for a Greener Garden
3 Ways to Take Your Grow to the Next Level
4 Major Cities Where Rooftop Bus Gardens Have Sprouted Up
5 Eco-friendly Design Ideas For Your Home and Garden
5 New Year’s Resolutions for Indoor Growers
5 Reasons to Bring Your Garden Indoors
5 Ways to Grow Veggies in Your Apartment or Tiny House
5 Ways to Secure Your Cannabis Grow Op
9 Creative Places to Start Your Next Garden
9 Grow Tent Accessories to Maximize Your Cannabis Yields
A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis Indoors
A Step-by-step Guide to Setting Up a Cannabis Grow Tent
Amps, Watts and Volts: Preparing Your Home’s Circuitry for a Growroom
Are There Benefits to Pre-Sterilizing Your Pruners?
Autoflowering Cannabis & Grow Tents: The Perfect Combo
Back in Black: The Basics of Light Deprivation Cannabis Cultivation
Balcony Buds: Growing in Tight Quarters
Basic Gear Needed for Indoor Cannabis Growing
Between Hydro Crops: What to Do and What to Reuse
Biosecurity Basics: A Bit Beyond Sanitation
Build It Right: Determining Greenhouse Design by Climate
Can I Grow Hydroponically in a Tent?
Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Cannabis Grow
Control Your Grow: Comparing Different Types of Growing Environments
Dialing In Your Greenhouse
Disposing of Growroom Waste
Do I Really Need a Microscope for My Cannabis Garden?
Environmental Benefits of Indoor Growing
Essential Components for Starting an Indoor Garden
Exploring App-Compatible Grow Equipment
Exploring the Fuller Dome as a Biosphere Home
Extending The Growing Season
Extreme Greenspaces: 21st Century Greenhouses and Urban Gardens
Flushing Your Hydroponic System: Water vs. Agents
Food Grade vs. Food Safe: What's The Difference?
Friends with Benefits: Companion Planting
From Cloches to Greenhouses: Extend the Growing Season
From Guns to Greenhouses: Veterans to Farmers
Garden Cloches: Giving Plants More time
Garden Everywhere! Creative Spaces for Your Next Indoor Garden
Gardening Up High: A Guide to Rooftop Growing
Gear Up Your Greenhouse
Get Your Grow Space Clean and Fresh For Spring
Glazing Your Greenhouse: 5 Ways to Cover Up
Going Greener: Five Ways to Reduce your Growroom’s Environmental Impact
Good Greenhouse Hygiene
Good Greenhouse Planning
Green Blueprints
Greenhouse Construction 101: Styles and Materials
Greenhouse Glazing and its Effect on Photosynthesis
Greenhouse Planning: What Growers Need to Know
Grooming Your Garden for Fall
Grow a Fat Stash Fast: A Minimalist Approach to a Quick Cannabis Grow
Grow Food, Not Lawns with the Fleet Farming Method
Grow Room Tips: Double Up On Some Equipment
Grow Tents and Cannabis: How to Get Started
Grow Tents: 21st Century Greenhouses
Grow Your Own Food Indoors
Growing Cannabis in Multiple Tents vs a Single Multi-Chamber Tent
Growing in Small Spaces
Growing in Tough Soils and Difficult Climates
Homegrown Groceries: An Argument for Indoor Food Production
How and Why Millennials Are Making Urban Gardening Mainstream
How Greenhouses Change the Way You Grow
How Grow Tents Work
How Office Workers Can Benefit from Having a Garden On Site
How to be a Successful Rooftop Gardener
How to Build a Successful Cannabis Growroom
How to Cool a Light Deprivation Greenhouse
How to Decide Between a Grow Tent and a Grow Room
How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors in Raised Gardens
How to Plan a Greenhouse Garden
How to Prep Your Grow Tent for the Winter
How to Protect Your Garden From Summer's Extreme Elements
How to Reduce Your Grow Room's Operational Costs
How to Start a Farm in the City
How to Use Microclimates to Your Advantage in Your Summer Garden
Hydroponic Hygiene
Hydroponica: Growing in the Fly’s Eye Dome
Indoor vs. Outdoor vs. Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation
Is a Net-Zero Energy Greenhouse Really Possible?
Maintaining Control in the Greenhouse
Making a Good Garden Great
Managing Your Landscape with Microclimates
Maximizing the Placement of Your Grow Tent Equipment
Most Valuable Tools for Harvesting Cannabis
Mother Nature’s Light Schedule and Growing Cannabis
Moving On, Moving Out: Taking the Indoor Garden Outdoors
Moving Plants Inside for the Winter: What You Need to Know
Must-Have Tools for Spring Planting
Nurture Equals Nature
Phenomenal Growing Possibilities in Itty Bitty Living Spaces
Phytoremediation and Greenwalls: The Next Revolution in Interior Plantscaping
Planting by the Moon
Plants for Pollinators
Pollinator Paradise: Turning Turf into a Wildlife Garden
Powering Your Growroom with Solar Technology
Raise the Roof... and the Floor
Recycling Heat in Your Bloom Room
Reduce Your Overhead Costs with Greenhouses
Rise and Shine: Why More Cannabis Greenhouses are Cropping Up
Safety First! Tips & Tricks For Safer Growing
Sanitizing & Sterilizing: Two Methods to a Great Growroom Clean
Seasonal Greenhouse Maintenance
Setting Up Your First Grow Tent
Small Space, Big Plans: How to Make the Most of Your Garden Space
Solarium Growrooms: Think Outside the House
Summertime Gardening Tips to Help Your Plants Survive the Heat
Take Your Growroom to the Next Level
The Advancement and Commercialization of Indoor Gardening
The Benefits of Geodesic Dome Greenhouses
The Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Tent
The Best Equipment Choices for Your Mother Plants
The Dawn of a Dank Decade: Inside a Pro's 2020 Growroom
The Eco Home II: New Homes for a New World
The Evolution of a Growing Industry
The Importance of Growroom Hygiene
The Value of All-In-One Grow Tent Kits
The Year-Round Greenhouse


10 Garden Vegetables that will Benefit Your Body
11 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home
3 Types of High-Value Cash Crops to Grow Hydroponically
4 Flowers and Plants That Say 'I Love You'
5 Decorative Plants to Grow Hydroponically
5 of the Easiest Crops to Grow in Small Spaces
5 Things To Know Before You Plant Hemp
A Brief History of Almonds
A Brief History of Artichokes
A Brief History of Avocados
A Brief History of Bananas
A Brief History of Cantaloupes
A Brief History of Cocoa Beans
A Brief History of Jackfruit
A Brief History of Kiwifruit
A Brief History of Mangoes
A Brief History of Olives
A Brief History of Peanuts
A Brief History of Pears
A Brief History of Pecans
A Brief History of Pineapples
A Brief History of Strawberries
A Brief History of Walnuts
A Delicacy From the Dark: Hydroponic Forcing of Witloof
A Good Gardener is an SOB’er
A Sea of Green Basil
Amazing Aloe: Grow Your Own and Beat the Burn
Aromatic Adventures: Growing Exotic Herbs and Spices Hydroponically
Asian Greens: Hydroponic Superstars
Attack of the Giant Tomatoes: The Ultimate Growing Guide
Big Blooms: How to Grow Exhibition-sized Flowers
Can I Grow Cauliflower Hydroponically?
Climbing Plants: What They Are And How To Care For Them
Cool-Climate Plants and Cold-Weather Protection Options for Your Outdoor Garden
Crop Focus: Mistletoe
Crop Spotlight: Aronia
Cucumber Conundrums
Cultivating a Hydroponic Citrus Grove
Cultivating Hydroponic Cucumbers
Dandelion: A Botanical Superplant
Delectable Delights: Growing Hydroponic Melons & Eggplants
Don't Try to Grow These Plants Hydroponically
Enjoy Fresh Sprouts and Microgreens in the Winter
Fascination With Fungi and the Garden
Floral Feasts: Edible Flowers
From Imperfect to Perfect: An Introduction to Different Types of Flowers
Get Hoppy: Grow Your Own Hops
Get Snackin’: Salty and Savory Hydroponic Crops
Going Hydroponic Bananas
Grow Lettuce Indoors All Winter
Grow the Best Strawberries
Growing a Gourmet Garden
Growing and Propagating Shamrocks
Growing Basil Indoors
Growing Cool-Season Hydroponic Crops in Tropical Conditions
Growing Fodder Hydroponically for Backyard Chickens
Growing Fruit Trees Using Hydroponics
Growing Guide for Stunning Succulents
Growing Healthy Hemp Plants
Growing Hydroponic Strawberries
Growing Multiple Crops in a Growroom
Growing Niche-Market Hydroponic Crops: Ginseng, Bay, and Tarragon
Growing Saffron Hydroponically
Healing Hydroponics: Try Growing These Medicinal Plants
How to Grow 4 Types of Berries Hydroponically
How to Grow Aquatic Crops Hydroponically
How to Grow Basil and Cilantro Using Hydroponics
How to Grow Fresh Hydroponic Hops
How to Grow Outdoor Veggies All Winter Long
How to Grow Tubers, Bulbs, and Root Crops Using Hydroponics
How To Grow Your Own Hydroponic Lettuce Year-Round
How to Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Indoors
Hydroponic Flowering Annuals and House Plants
Hydroponic Ginger & Turmeric Production
Hydroponic How-to: Dragon Fruit
Hydroponic Leeks: A Not so Dirty Business After All
Hydroponic Ornamental Ferns and Foliage
Indoor Herb Gardens
It’s as Easy as Growing Potatoes in a Barrel
Kitchen Scrap Gardening
Make Room for Mint
Making Scents of Gardening Indoors
Mushrooms, Anyone?
Ornamental Grasses and Ground Cover
Out of the Blue: Growing Blue and Purple Potatoes
Peas, Beans, and Peanuts: How to Grow Legumes Hydroponically
Plant Your Own Herb Garden
Pro Tips for Growing Great Garlic
Progress is Sweet (Potatoes)
Secrets for Successful Succulents
Smellin’ Sweet: Five Fragrant Plants to Grow Indoors
Spear a Thought for Asparagus
Strands of Gold: Grow Your Own Saffron
Stronger Together: Cold Weather Companion Planting
Sweet on Stevia
Tasty Tomatoes: Improving Flavor and Quality in Hydroponically Grown Tomatoes
Ten Cool-Weather Veggies to Grow Through Winter
The Art of Growing Hydroponic Grapes
The Art of Harvesting Hydro Hops
The Beauty of Brassicas: Hydroponic Cauliflower & Broccoli
The Best Hydroponic Systems for Lily Production
The Best Plants for Pollinators
The Hemp Revival: Why the World is Seeing More Hemp-based Products on the Market
The Magnificent World of Microgreens
The Micro Revolution: Growing Hydroponic Microgreens
The Science of Sweet: How Fruit Ripens
The Wonders of Wheatgrass
Things to Consider Before Growing Hops Hydroponically


10 Helpful Post-Harvest Hints
3 Signs Your Buds Are Ready to be Harvested
4 Tips for a Better Cannabis Harvest
5 Keys Steps for Trimming Cannabis Plants
6 Reasons it's Time to Add a Tabletop Trimmer to Your Home Grow
6 Ways to Increase Cannabis Shelf Life
6 Ways To Use Your Cannabis Trim
7 Myths About Automated Harvesting Debunked
A Step-by-Step Guide to Cannabis Harvest Processing
An In-Depth Look at Cannabis Rosin
Bowl Trimmers vs Trimming Bags: What’s the Difference?
Bud Trimming Machines: 4 Benefits to Choosing Automation
Calculating Cannabis Yields
Cannabis Harvest: Hand Trimming or Machine Trimming?
Cannabis Microbial Remediation: The Best Way To Ensure Safety
Cannabis Sorters: Maximizing the Value of Your Crop
Cannabis Trimming: Wet or Dry?
Comprehending Your Cannabis Test Results
Curing Cannabis: The Art of Curing Your Buds for Perfect Flavor and Potency
Determining the Best Time to Harvest Your Buds
Drying and Smoking Harvests: How to Improve Longevity and Flavor
Drying Cannabis: Four Tips to Properly Dry Your Weed
From Trash to Stash: How to Put Your Cannabis Trim to Good Use
Gardening for Geeks: By the Numbers
Grams Per Day: Determining Cannabis Yield Success by Weight
Harvest Hoedown: How to Get the Most Out of Your Harvest
Harvest Time: Tips for a Better Bounty
Harvesting Cannabis for Maximum Strength and Quality
Harvesting: Preserving It Right
How to Extend the Life of Your Harvest: Harvesting, Storing, and Preserving
How to Extract More Value From Your Trim Without Losing Trichomes
How to Make Rosin and Dry Sift Out of Your Home-Grown Bud and Trim
How to Plan Ahead for Your Cannabis Harvest
How To Properly Ripen and Flush Cannabis Prior to Harvest
How to Properly Store and Keep Your Cannabis Buds Fresh
How to Trim Cannabis: Wet vs. Dry Methods
How to Use Your Grow Tent as a Drying Room
Identifying and Preventing Mold in Harvested Buds
Is There Any Danger of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis Concentrates?
Knowing When to Harvest Cannabis: Fan Leaves, Pistils, and Trichomes
Machine Trimming vs Hand Trimming: Is There a Difference?
Maintain Your Harvest: Post-Harvest Handling and Storage
Options for Harvesting Industrial Hemp
Pantry Prep: Preserving Homegrown Herbs
Passing the Testing Test: Remediation Technology
Preparing the Next Patch
Preparing Your Plants for Harvest
Questions to Answer Before Buying an Automated Cannabis Trimmer
Racks vs Lines: Which is Better for Drying Cannabis?
Sorting Your Flower: The Most Important Step You Didn’t Know You Needed to Do
Storing Your Own Herbs and Spices
Striving to Survive: Essential Oils, Glandular Trichomes & the Secondary Metabolism
Terpene Isolation and Extraction: Grabbing a Share of the Cannabis Market
The Benefits of Automated Trimming
The Best Way to Store Your Buds
The Best Ways to Harvest Hydroponic Lettuce
The Goldilocks Trimming Method for Industrial Trimmers
The Hashashin’s Guide to Homemade Hash
The Importance of Curing Cannabis
The Importance of Public Health and Cannabis Decontamination
The Importance of Trichomes in Cannabis
The Key Benefits of Making Cannabis Concentrates With a Rosin Press
The Pros and Cons of Various Cannabis Extraction Methods
The Significance and Benefits of Cannabis Trichomes


10 Key Tips for Growing Cannabis Using Hydroponics
10 Tips for Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden
11 Ways Hydroponics Beats Soil Gardening
3 Aquaponic Stress Factors
5 Key Things Newbie Hydroponic Growers Tend to Overlook
5 Mistakes Rookie Home Growers Make
5 Raised Bed Garden Tricks Everyone Should Know
5 Reasons to Start Your Own Bee Colony
5 Ways to Grow Using Aquaponics
5 Ways to Grow Your Weed Hydroponically
7 Ideas to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden
A Basic Guide to Aeroponics
A Breakdown of Hydroponic Principles
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Hydroponic Lettuce System
A Crash Course in Container Gardening
A Deep Look At Deep Water Culture
A Garden Doesn't Always Have to be Perfect!
A Gravity-Fed Home Hydroponic Garden System
A Guide to Organic Soil Amendments and Fertilizers for Raised Garden Beds
A Tale of Two Hydro Systems: Drip Irrigation & Ebb and Flow
Accessible Gardening for All
Achieving Maximum Yields With the Sea of Green Growing Method
Adding Animals to a Home Food System
Advanced Aeroponics: A Comprehensive Guide
Advantages of NFT Hydroponic Systems
Adventures In Vertical Gardening
Algae and Hydroponics
An Introduction to Microponics: How to Create a Tiny Ecosystem in Your Backyard
An Organic Primer Part 2
An Organic Primer Part I
Analyzing Nutrient Film Technique
Applying Green Principles to Hydroponic Growing
Aquaponic Worms FAQ
Aquaponics for the Frozen Tundra Part III: Choosing Plants and Fish
Aquaponics for the Frozen Tundra: Part I
Aquaponics for the Frozen Tundra: Part II
Aquaponics: The Key to a More Sustainable Future?
Back to Eden: The Fruit is Sweeter When You Break the Rules
Back to School Fun: Hydroponic and Garden Projects
Balancing Growth in a Hydroponic Garden
Balancing Nitrification and Denitrification in Aquaponic Systems
Beekeeping 101
Bioponics: A Strange Hybrid
Boost Friendly Flora with Companion Planting
Build Your Own Aquaponics System
Building a Pallet Planter: Getting Started
Building an In-Ground Hydroponic System
Can Hydroponics Be Organic?
Can Hydroponics Lead to a Healthier Global Food Supply?
Can Hydroponics Save Threatened Plants Species?
Choosing Your First Hydroponic System
Closing the Loop: Airflow Strategies for Multi-Tier Cannabis Growrooms
Comparing Various Water Culture Hydroponic Systems
Contain Yourself: Seven Reasons to Consider Container Gardening
Creating Novel Hybrid Hydroponic Systems
Deep Impact: Dive Into Deep Water Culture
Deep Water Culture Systems: Pros and Cons
Defining Malnutrition in DWC Hydroponic Systems
Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems
Environmental Conservation Starts in the Garden
Fabric Pots vs Plastic Pots: What’s the Difference?
FarmScrapers: Vertical Gardening that Combines the Past and Future of Agriculture
Figuring Out Fogponics
Fogponics: A New Spin on Aeroponic Gardens
From Processed Foods to Fresh Produce: Vanessa Shim
Gardening 101: A Back-to-Basics Primer for Growing
Gardening Sustainably: 12 Permaculture Principles
Get the Most from Your Raised Planter Box
Going Deep with 10 Deep Water Culture Essentials
Going Down: Gravity-fed Hydroponic Systems
Going Green: What Can You Do?
Going with the Flow: Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems
Grow Your Own Food Tower Garden
Growing 101: Choosing a Hydroponic System
Growing 101: Skills to Garden By
Growing on Air: How Aeroponics Turns Less into More
Growing Organic: It's Not Easy Being Green
Growing Up Together: The Science Behind Companion Planting
Growing Up: How to Create Living Walls of Edible Plants
Helping Mother Earth through Regenerative Agriculture
How Do Modular Hydroponic Systems Work?
How Hydrogels Can Benefit Your Hydroponic Garden
How Soilless Agriculture Differs from Soil-based Agriculture
How to Build a DWC (Deep Water Culture) System at Home
How to Create a Bag Garden
How to Grow Cannabis Organically
How to Grow Fodder in a Hydroponics System
How to Make an Indoor Garden More Sustainable
How to Prepare the Best Soil for Your Flower Beds
How to Start a Square Foot Garden
How to Start an Aquaponics System Part 1
How to Start an Aquaponics System Part 2
How to Start Your First Hydroponic Garden: A Guide for Beginners
How to Start Your First Windowsill Garden
How to Turn a Raised Garden Bed Into a Greenhouse
How to Use Permaculture Guilds to Turn Your Garden into a Food Forest
How Vertical Farming Works to Maximize Crop Output
Hugelkultur: The Hills Have...Plants?
Hydroponic Growing in Drought Conditions
Hydroponic Lab Analysis Tests and How to Use Them
Hydroponic Systems: From Rafts to Raceways & Everything In-Between
Hydroponic Systems: Know When to Flush ’Em
Hydroponics 101: A Back-to-basics Guide
Hydroponics 7 Ways: Tips for Setting Up Common Systems
Hydroponics Economics: Pricing Out a Hydroponic System
Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics: Which One is Right For You?
Hydroponics: Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Gardening
Improving Soil Quality with Crop Rotations
Introducing Aquaponics: Grow Your Own Fish Sandwich
Introducing Quackuaponics
Is Biofilm in a Hydroponic System Bad?
Is Organic Hydroponics Always Better?
Is Organic Hydroponics Even Possible?
Lessons In Hydroponics
Looking for Leaks in Hydroponic Equipment
Low-Cost Hydroponic Technology: Drawing the Line Between Cost and Function
Making the Most of a Container Garden
Making the Switch to Organic Hydroponics
New Trends in Hydroponic Growing
Open or Closed: What System is Best for You?
Organic and Hydroponic Food Safety
Organic Concepts: Their Theories and Practices
Organic Gardening: Now More Convenient Than Ever
Organic Hydroponics: Taking Soil Out of the Mix
Permaculture: How to Build a Food Forest
Planning a Container Garden
Plants in Pots: 5 Things to Think About When Choosing a Container
Pros and Cons of the Hydroponic Wick System
Putting Nutrient Film Technique to the Test
Setting Up a Kratky Hydroponics System in 6 Easy Steps
Simple Hydro Setups for Beginners
Six Benefits of Raised Garden Beds
Size Matters: Choosing Pots for Your Container Garden
Small Gardens: Going Small In a Big Way
Soil vs. Hydroponics: What Method Grows the Best Plants?
Soilless Growing versus. Hydroponics
Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Something Old, Something New: New Crops for Hydroponics
Spiraling Out: How to Build an Herb Spiral
Starting a Vertical Garden at Home
Starting an Outdoor Hydroponic Garden
Sub-Irrigation: Low-Maintenance Hydroponics with Self-Watering Containers
Sustainable Gardening Practices You Can Implement Indoors
Swirling Oxygen: Is Your Aquaponics System Circulating Properly?
Take It Outside: Why Outdoor Hydroponic Systems Make Sense
The 10 Biggest and Best Vertical Farms
The 3 Stages of a Perpetual Garden
The 4 Factors of Vertical Farm Success
The 6 Most Common Types of Hydroponic Systems Found in Modern Grow Rooms
The Aquaculture Component to Aquaponics
The Aquaponics Balancing Act
The Aquaponics Revolution: How to Get Started
The Art of Bonsai
The Art of Growing Cannabis in Bubblers
The Best Containers for Hydroponic Growing
The Best Hydroponic Systems for Space Optimization
The Do's and Don’ts of Container Gardening
The Dutch Bucket Hydro System and How it Works
The Facts on Fogponics
The Future of Hydroponic Crop Production: The Membrane Meniscus Method
The History Of Hydroponics
The How-To of Organic Hydroponics
The Kratky Method: A Simple & Fun Way to Grow Hydroponically
The Myth of Drainage Material in Container Plantings
The Power of Raised Garden Beds
The Rules of Growing
The Science Behind Companion Planting
The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Aquaponic System Isn’t Cycling
The Top 7 Mistakes Made By Hydroponic Growers
The Ups and Downs of Garden Fads


10 Marijuana CBD Facts You Should Know Right Now
5 More Cannabis Strains That Are High in CBD
Best High CBD, Low THC Strains: Get High on Cannabis Without Getting High
Cannabis & Pets: Is it OK to Give Medical Marijuana to Your Dog?
CBD Oil: Easing the Pain
CBD Oil: Hype or Helpful?
How to Read CBD Product Labels
Six Types of CBD: Find the Right Form for You
The 5 Best High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Grow
The Effects of CBD on the Endocannabinoid System
The Powerful Role CBD Plays in Relieving Multiple Chemotherapy-Induced Symptoms


10 Steps to Supercharged Cannabis Cuttings
A Guide to Starting Plants from Cuttings
A Plant's Life - From Seed to Seed Producer
A Seed Saved: How to Harvest & Store Plant Seeds
A Simple Guide to Taking Plant Cuttings
A Smarter Way to Select, Store and Process Stem Cuttings
Attack of the Clones: Tips & Tricks for Cloning Success
Automated Cloning: A New Growing System
Be Gentle: Transplanting Seedlings and Clones
Beginning Your Crop from Seeds: Reap What You Sow
Breeding with Autoflowering Cannabis
Cannabis Cloning 101: A Back-to-Basics Guide
Care and Caution When Germinating Cannabis Seeds
Caring for Delicate Pre-Veg Seedlings
Caring For Your Mother Plants
Clones vs. Seeds for Cannabis Propagation
Cloning Cannabis: Purchasing vs. Creating
Cloning for the Commons
Cloning Your Cannabis
Cloning Your Plants
Creating a Clone Garden
Faster Seed Germination with Cold Plasma Treatments: Energize Your Seeds
Flying the Nest: How to Harden-off Seedlings
Foolproof Hemp Cloning
Gardening by Multiplication: Successful Plant Cloning Techniques
Germinating Seeds and Caring for Seedlings
Germinating Seeds for Hydroponics
Growing Cannabis: Sowing Seeds or Cutting Corners?
Growing Gardens from Kitchen Scraps
Growing Marijuana: Starting From Seeds VS Clones
Growing Strong Seedlings
Growing: Get off to a Good Start
How to Breed Your Own Cannabis Strain
How to Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds
How to Grow and Take Cuttings from Succulents
How to Grow Your Own Cannabis Plants From Seeds
How to Guarantee Feminized Cannabis Seeds with Colloidal Silver
How to Make Seed Starters from Your Bathroom's Loofah
How to Prime Seeds for a Head Start on the Grow Season
How to Start Your Summer Outdoor Growing Season Earlier
How to Successfully Transplant Cannabis Seedlings
How to Transplant and Harden Off Cannabis Plants for Outdoor Growing
Hydroponic Seed Starting 101: A Primer for Beginners
Is Root Zone Heating Really Necessary?
It Runs in the Family: Understanding Different Cannabis Phenotypes
It Starts With A Seed
Lab to Home Gardens: Countertop Tissue Culture
Let’s Talk About Plant Sex
Let’s Talk About... Pollination
Low Gear Vegetative Growing: Achieve a Tactical Slowdown in Three Easy Steps
Maintaining a Mother Plant: A Guide to Best Practices & Common Issues
Monster Cropping: Growing Your Favorite Strains Forever
Mother Plants and Cloning: Love Your Mothers
Perfecting Propagation
Plant Breeding for Beginners
Plant Sex: Dioeceous and Monoeceous Reproduction
Plant Tissue Culture: The Future of Cloning is Here
Plug Plants: Testing and Monitoring Their Nutritional Status
Proper Propagation: Perfecting the Practice of Plant Reproduction
Pros and Cons of Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Plants
Quality Vegetable Seedling Production: The Next Generation
Return of the Cannabis Clones
Same Plant, Different Pots
Seed Buying 101: A Seed Gardener's Glossary
Seed Germination: How to Give Your Seeds a Strong Start
Seed Saving
Seed Sense: Finding and Buying Viable Seeds
Seed Varieties and Cultivator Genetics: Know Your Origins!
Seeds and Germination
Seeds and Meristems
Self, Cross, and Open Pollination - What's Going On?
Send In The Clones: Tips for Taking Cannabis Cuttings
Should I Start My First Cannabis Grow from Seeds or Clones?
Sorting Out Seed Types and Terminology
Starting Plants Indoors for Outdoor Growing
Super Starts: Healthier Transplants for Happier Harvests
Techniques for Terrific Transplanting
The Basics of Breeding Your Own Cannabis Strains
The Birds and the Bees of Hydroponics: How to Pollinate Plants
The Easiest Way to Clone a Cannabis Plant and Grow Mother Plants
The Right Temperature for Growing Clones
The Subtle Art of Hardening Off Your Seedlings


3 Major Hurdles Facing Canadian Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in 2018
3SI Security Systems: Keeping the Cannabis Industry Safe
4 Challenges of Scaling Up a Legal Cannabis Business
4Plants Cup Brings Canadian Cannabis Community Together
5 States Still Opposed to Legalizing Marijuana
8 Efficiency Boosting Grow Tactics to Optimize Control
A Beacon of Horticultural Lighting: P.L. Light Systems
A Brief History of Cannabis Use in North America
A Look at North America's Renewed Interest in Cannabis
A New Way to Cure Bud
A Pot Pilgrimage: The Legacy of the Hippie Trail
A Short Guide to the Microbiological Testing of Cannabis Plants
A Very Conservative Campus Discusses Cannabis
Advancing the Infused Beverage Space: SoRSE Technology
Agricultural Food Surplus: The Solution is Circular
All For Light: Fluence Bioengineering
America’s Hemp Hotspots
Arborjet: Revolutionary Plant Health Solutions
Automate the Cannabis Harvesting Process with GreenBroz Dry Trimmers
Back to the Future: The Origins of Cannabis
Balancing Product Demand and Workforce in a Pandemic
Bayer Cropscience: A New Desert Bloom
BC Bud: From Guerrilla Gardens to Potent Strains
BC’s Best Bud: Tilray, One of Canada's Top Licensed Producers of Medical Marijuana
Becoming Certified in the Cannabis Industry
Belushi’s Farm Capitalizes with FOHSE Lighting
Bio-Engineering Safe, Toxin-Free Food and Feed
Bitcoin for Cannabis Businesses: A New Currency for a New Industry
Book Review: Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Harvest
Boveda: Global Leaders In Humidity Control
Buying Back Hemp Biomass
Canada Is Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis By July 2018
Canadian Soldier, Doctors Embrace Cannabis for PTSD
Canna We All Be Happy? Joanna Clifton’s Story
Cannabinoid Biosynthesis: Growing Cannabinoids Without the Plant
Cannabis Aid Detroit: Growing pains in Michigan
Cannabis and Alcohol: Inevitable Rivals
Cannabis and PTSD: An Interview with Cody Queen
Cannabis Experts Talk Celeb Cause-Marketing
Cannabis for Endurance and Wellness - One Business' Story
Cannabis Goes Mainstream: How to Enter The Cannabis Job Market
Cannabis Investing: Boom or Bust
Cannabis One: Navigating a New Industry
Cannabis Themed Weddings Are on the Rise
CBD Enters the Pharmaceutical World
Challenges with Cannabis Drying Rooms
Changing the Way You Grow: Growth Science Nutrients
Choklat: Cannabis-Infused Pure Canadian Chocolate
Cleanliness, Precision, and Safety in Cannabis Extraction
Coast of Maine: Getting Better with Age
Combatting a Cannabis Menace: Hop Latent Viroid
Contributions Over Compassion: Why We Need More Trials to Prove the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Cronk Nutrients: Growing with Pride
Cultivate Your Kingdom: Royal Gold
Cultivating with Kushman: Oaksterdam University and Kyle Kushman Offer Cannabis Classes for the Masses
Cultivators and Property: Maximizing Facility Design
Current Cannabis Job Market: Why People Are Having a Tough Time Finding Work
Developing a New Delivery System for PRO-MIX
Dispensary Profile: Northern Specialty Health
Dispensary Profile: The Green Cross
Dispensary Profile: Trees
Do We Need Cannabis Breathalyzers?
Don’t Let Secret Shoppers Find Microbes on Your Cannabis Products
Emerald Triangle: Where Outdoor Cannabis Grows & Grows
Extreme Cannabis Growing in the Mojave
Farm to Table: Bell Book & Candle
Farm to Table: Growing Underground in London
Farm to Table: Hamilton Hospitality
Farm to Table: Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Farm in Tucson, Arizona
Feeding Space Travelers
Fire In, Fire Out: Making Hash at Green Cedar Retreat
Fluence’s Four Key Environmental Controls Under LED-Based Strategies
Fohse: Revolutionizing the Grow Light Industry
Food and the Final Frontier: How Researchers Intend to Grow Plants in Space
Front Lawn Revolution: From Grass to Food
Ganjarunner: When Passion Outweighs Fear
Good Intentions Win with Hearts of Glass: Vertical Harvest Farms
Green Planet Nutrients & Pacific Northwest Garden Supply
GreenBox Grown Provides Complete Cannabis Growing Starter Kits for the Home Grower
Grow Cleaner, Grow Better: Humble Bees Botanical Supply
Grow for the Gold: Royal Gold
Grow Green with G8LED Technology
Growers Network's Canna Cribs
Hashing Out the Effects of Silicon on Cannabis
Helping the World Grow Smarter: Fluence Bioengineering, Inc.
Hemp & CBD Expo 2019 Wrap Up
Hemp too Hot in the Arizona Desert
Hemp-Made Canna Guitar is the Real Deal
High Yield & Low Production Costs: The Future of Commodified Cannabis
Highest Comic Standing: Ryan Bourassa
Holistic Healing with Cannalife Botanicals
How Cannabis Branding is Changing
How Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Grew into the Horticulture Industry
How the War on Cannabis Started: A Brief Guide
How to Choose a Good Cannabis Test Lab
How to find your Dream Job in the Cannabis Industry
How to Translate Your Personal Cannabis Growing Experience into a Resume Format
Illegally Alive: How Cannabis Helped Save Coltyn Turner
Incubating Next Generation Cannabis Brands
Innovation in Cannabis Remediation
Institutional MMJ Research in the US
Is a State-regulated Marijuana Industry Displacing MMJ Users In Washington?
Is There Room for Craft Cannabis?
It's Time to Mandate Aspergillus Testing for Cannabis
Jeff Sessions: Should the Cannabis Industry Be Worried?
Knalysis Technologies Improves Access to Medical Marijuana in Canada
Korey Cotnam: Glass-Scene Legend
Lawrence Ringo: The Father of CBD
LDRLY Sows Winning Crop of Weed Games
LED Lighting Making Strides in Cannabis Growing
LED Technology Causing a Resurgence in Light Lifting Practices
Les Urbainculteurs: A Closer Look at Urban Gardening in Quebec
Let Them Eat Cannabis Cake: An Update on the Edibles Market
Licensed Marijuana Producer: Bedrocan Canada
Licensed Marijuana Producer: Broken Coast Cannabis
Lift & Co. Back with a Bang
Listen to Your Mother (Nature)
Livable Pay vs. Minimum Wage: A Guide to Entry-Level Compensation
Los Suenos Farms Provide Insights Into Legal Cannabis and Industrial Agriculture
Love Your Dirt: Good Green Earth Co.
Maggie’s Farm: Organic Sun-Grown Buds
Making Marijuana Legal in Massachusetts
Making The Best Cannabis Concentrates for a Global Market
Making Your Mark on the Cannabis Industry
Max Yield Made Simple: SCROGGER
Meet GreenBroz North America
MJBizCon 2021: A Place to Reconnect, Reflect, and Project
MJBizCon 2022: Cannabis Grows Up
MJBizCon Delivers in 2019
Mystery Cannabis Virus Identified
New Cannabis Regulations for California
New Recreational Marijuana Bill Introduced in New Jersey
Newer and Better Ways to Process Hemp
No Farms, No Food: Idling Farmland in California
Northern Specialty Health: The Helpers
Nutrition for Agriculture: KELZYME
Old Virus, New Crop: BCTV is Back
Online Scammers undermine Rick Simpson’s Efforts
Organic Cannabis & the Cannabis Certification Council
Out of This World: Rocket Seeds
Overcoming Pain and Stigma: Pam Edgar
P.L. Light Systems Inc.: The Lighting Knowledge Company
Peace-of-Mind Microbial Remediation: Rad Source Technologies
Peak Phosphorus: The Biggest Problem You’ve Never Heard Of
Pearl and Joyce are The Bud Sisters of Southern Humboldt
People and Technologies Making a Difference: Premier Tech
People Who Helped Shape The Cannabis Industry: Ed Rosenthal
People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Jorge Cervantes
People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Rafael Mechoulam
People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Rick Simpson
People Who Helped Shape the Cannabis Industry: Steve DeAngelo
Pepper and Less Than Jake: How Cannabis Inspires Their Art
Personal Food Computers: The Ultimate Community Garden?
Pipp’s Mobile Vertical Grow Racks Lift Farmers to Higher Ground
Plantchek: New Home Potency Testing Tech from OG Advocates
PolyScience and Summit Strive Together for Innovation and a Better Future in the Cannabis Industry
PolyScience: Product Testing in the Cannabis Industry
Potcoin: The Bitcoin Alternative for The Marijuana Industry
Proficiency and Accreditation in the Cannabis Industry
Protecting Your Cannabis Business: Why You Need Insurance
Record-Breaking Cannabis Yields with LED Lights: Harvest at The Grove
Recycle Your Light! Greenhouses and Light Pollution
Redefining Pleasure with HighOnLove
Riding the MJ Freeway: Cannabis Compliance Software
Ross Rebagliati's Gold: How an Olympic Scandal Changed Cannabis Perceptions
Royal Queen Seeds: Cannabis Genetics Fit for Royalty
Safe, Sustainable Organic Products: Dr. Earth
Scientific, Experienced and Passionate: Integra by Desiccare Inc.
Seeing Things in a New Light: Two Growers, Same Conclusion
Seeking a Milder Dose: More Medical Marijuana Patients are Opting to Grow Their Own
Shifting Habits, Shifting Minds: Food Waste in the 21st Century
Six Ways to Build a Successful Cannabis Brand
Slucket: The Revolutionary Hydroponic Bucket
Smoke Wallin: Appreciating the Cannabis Journey
Soaking in a Little Sunshine: Sunboldt Grown Cooperative
Sol-Sense: Precision Horticultural Lighting
Solution Driven: Pope Scientific
Spannabis 2022: El Rey Regresa (The King Returns)
Stop the Presses: Hydroponics Certified Organic
Stretch-Tie: Makers of the Expandable Twist Tie
Subcool: Remembering a Cannabis Legend
Summit Research Tech Creates High-Tech Cannabis Extractors and Distillation Equipment
Sundrop Farms: Growing Something Out of Nothing
Taking a Look Back for a Better Cannabis Future
Talking Shop with Goldleaf Hydroponics
Testing Medical Marijuana for Pesticides
The Art of Re-Vegging Cannabis Plants to Save Space
The Authority in Propagation: ihort
The Challenge of Growing Environmentally Responsible Cannabis
The Dark Side of your Supermarket’s Produce Department
The Ecological Cost of a Joint
The Evolution of Water Technology in the CEA Space
The Future of Human Civilization Relies on Automatic Food Production
The Green is Life: Lil Shop of Growers
The Healing Powers of Plant Medicine
The Impending Cannabis Regulation Storm
The Life of a Cannabis Photographer: Kyle LeGrow
The Newest Cannabinoids: THCP and CBDP
The Plant That Saved My Life: Brett Strauss Shares his Experience with Medical Cannabis
The Rise of Controlled Environment Agriculture
The Secret to Starting a Successful Commercial Cannabis Enterprise
The State of Science in the Cannabis Industry
The Story Behind Whoopi & Maya's Specialty Cannabis Products for Women
The Strain Hunters: Loss, Legacy, and Landraces
The Value of Controlled Environment Agriculture Training & Certification


3 Simple Tricks for Growing Cannabis at Home: Topping, Lollipopping, and Low Stress Training
Achieving Shear Growth: Pruning to Maximize Fruit Size
Benefits, Yields, and Different Ways of Growing Cannabis
Best Support Options for Your Indoor Garden Canopy
Cannabis Canopy Management For Maximum Output
Cannabis Training and Pruning Techniques
Controlling Plant Height, Naturally
Do Your Plants Need Pinching or Pruning?
Growing on a Trellis for Bigger and Better Cucumbers
How to Master Cannabis Mainlining
How to Set Up a Screen of Green (SCROG) Cannabis Grow
How to Trellis Your Plants Properly
Influencing Auxins Through Pruning
Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Cannabis Fan Leaves?
Managing Cannabis Fan Leaves
Pass the Pruners: How to Control Plant Growth
Plant Support: How to Manage Your Cannabis Garden Canopy
Shape Your Garden’s Growth
Techniques for Proper Pruning: Part One
Techniques for Proper Pruning: Part Two
The Art of Growing Up! Plants You Can Trellis
The Art of Plant Training and SCROG: Grow Bigger and Better
The Best Way to Trellis Outdoor Cannabis Plants
The Weakest Links: Why Cannabis Growers Should Be Culling Their Weaker Plants


3 Simple Ways to Winterize Your Grow Room
3 Ways to Supplement Your Indoor Garden with CO2
5 Tips for Better Autodosing
5 Ways to Control Odors in a Growroom
6 Myths About Cooling Your Cannabis Grow Room
7 Practical Heating Solutions for Your Indoor Grow
A Balancing Act: Vapor Pressure Deficit
A Breath of Fresh Air: The Importance of Air Purification in an Indoor Garden
A Closer Look at How Carbon Dioxide Affects Plant Growth and Yield
A Deep Dive into Growroom Intakes
A Look at the Plant Stomata and Relative Humidity
Absentee Growing: How to Maximize a Garden's Growth from Out of Town
Affordable Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool This Summer
Agricultural Robotics: Here Come the Agribots
Artificial Intelligence and Controlled Environment Agriculture
As Temperatures Rise...Don’t Forget About Humidity
Automating Your Indoor Garden
Automation in the Growroom
Automation in the Growroom: Part 2
Automation Must-Haves for New Growers
Automation Options for Outdoor Soil Gardens
Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Seasonal Growing Tips
Balmy Breezes: How Air Circulation Affects Temperature, Humidity and CO2 in Your Growroom
Best Ways to Discreetly Exhaust Your Grow Tent
Bring on the CO2 in Your Indoor Garden
Bringing in a Bumper Crop: CO2 in the Garden
Can I Use CO2 in My Grow Tent?
Choosing the Right Cooling System for Your Indoor Garden
CO2 & Your Crop: Why It’s Important and How to Use It
CO2 Enrichment, Acclimation, and Efficiency in Hydroponic Growing
CO2 Made Simple
CO2 Supplementation, Simplified.
Cold Weather and Controlled Environment Gardens
Common Mistakes with Growroom Ducting
Consistency is the Key to Your Plant's Growth
Control Yourself: Understanding the Basics of Indoor Climate Control
Dealing with Temperature Extremes in Indoor Gardens
Don't Let 'em Fry! - Managing Excessive Heat
Efficiency and the Indoor Garden
Feelin’ Fresh with Fans in Your Growroom
Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot: How to Help Your Plants Deal With Summer Heat
Filters, Ozone Generators and Air Purifiers, Oh My!
Four Things You Need to Control in the Growroom
Gardening and the Internet of Things
Get in the HydrOZONE: Using Ozone in Your Growroom
Getting Hot & Heavy: Dealing With Heat in Growrooms
Getting Hot & Heavy: Dealing with Heat in Growrooms Part 2
Getting Positive Results with Negative Pressure
Growing Weed: Creating the Environment Your Cannabis Plants Crave
Handheld Infrared Thermometers and Imagers in the Growroom
How Can Mobile Apps Help with My Cannabis Garden?
How Do Duct Fan Silencers Work?
How Important is Automation for Hobbyist Growers?
How Slight Negative Pressure and Keeping a Light Tight Growroom Can Help Maximize Yields
How to Cool Your Greenhouse: Be a Master of Heat Transfer
How to Cool Your Greenhouse: Evaporate Your Problems Away
How to Deal with Humidity in the Growroom
How to Maintain Growroom Air Quality with Air Purification Devices
How To Perfect Your Grow Room’s Ventilation System
How to Tell a Quality Inline Grow Room Fan from a Cheap Knock Off
How to Use a Climate Battery to Heat and Cool Your Grow
How Vapor Pressure Deficit Helps Indoor Growers
Humidity 101: Basics for Your Indoor Garden
Humidity: The Often-Overlooked Climate Factor That Could Be Hurting Your Plants' Growth
Ideal CO2 Levels for Growing Marijuana
In Control: A Guide to Achieving the Perfect Indoor Climate
Keeping Things Cool In Your Growroom
Keeping Things Cool Through Evaporation
Keeping Your Garden Cool in the Summer Heat
Lights and CO2: Pros and Cons
Low Cost Sensors and Greenhouse Control Systems: Raspberry Pi
Maintain Your Differences: A Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Temperature Differential
Mud Pies and Hair Hygrometers: DIY Projects for Indoor Gardening
Optimizing Climate in Your Greenhouse
Optimizing Supplemental CO2
Out-of-the-Box Cooling Solutions for Your Summer Garden
Ozone: An Indoor Garden Super Tool
Passive CO2 is So Cool
Recycling Heat Between Dual Flowering Rooms
Regulating Growroom Humidity in Different Climate Regions
Removing Pollutants from Indoor Air
Revolutions in Grow Tech: A Smart Grow System
Seasonal Grow Tips for the Modern Grower
Sourcing CO2 for Your Indoor Garden
Take Back Control of Your Growroom!
Taking Control Using Control Systems
That Natural Air Additive: Natural CO2 Enrichment for Indoor Gardening
The 3 Biggest Things Affecting Your Grow Room's Environment
The Basics of Wintertime Greenhouse Gardening
The Benefits of Adding CO2 During the Cloning Stage
The Benefits of Introducing a Gentle Breeze to Your Indoor Crops
The Benefits of Using a Smart Thermo-Hygrometer
The Best Temperatures for an Indoor Grow Room
The Future of Drones in Agriculture
The Future of Maximizing Yields: Combining Research and Big Data to Optimize Fertilization
The Importance of Air Purification in the Growroom
The Internet of Things: What It Means for Growers
The Latest Automation Options for Cannabis Cultivation
The Symbiotic Relationship Between CO2 and Ventilation


5 Cannabis Skincare Products You Need to Try
5 Health Conditions Alleviated by Cannabis Creams and Topicals
Bathing in Cannabis
Elevate Yourself: Cannabis-Infused Massages, Lotions, and Oils
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Latitude Bath Salts by 48North
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Support CBD Topical
How Cannabis Topicals Benefit the Skin
Soothing Salves: How Topical CBD Treatments Work


5 Negative Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana & How You Can Avoid Them
5 Ways to Decompress with Cannabis
Athletic Performance and Cannabis Use
Baby Boomers and Medical Marijuana: A Budding Relationship?
Can a Person be Allergic to Marijuana? Cannabis and Allergies: What You Need to Know
Can Cannabis Treat Epilepsy?
Can Cannabis Use Improve Night Vision?
Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: It Might be Time for a Detox
Cannabis and Other Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep
Cannabis Strains to Avoid if You Need Sleep
Cannabis Use and Mental Health: Things to Keep in Mind
Clean Cannabis: Avoiding Contaminants When Buying Weed
Could Cannabis Use Reduce Opiate Use?
Dispensary Etiquette: Tips for Your First Time at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Enhancing Your Sex Life with Cannabis
Expanding Consciousness with Cannabis, Meditation, and Yoga
Exploring Cannabis in the Bedroom
Finding Calm: Cannabis and Anxiety
Finding the Perfect Strain of Medical Marijuana
Five Ailments Effectively Treated with Medical Marijuana
Growing Cannabis at Home for Migraine Relief
Healing Back Pain with Medical Marijuana in Illinois
Healing Brain Injuries with Cannabis
How Cannabis is Helping People Overcome Opioid Addiction
How Jennifer Huse Beat a Cancer Diagnosis Using Rick Simpson Oil
How to Choose a Good Marijuana Dispensary
Is Cannabis a Superfood?
Is Cannabis Use in Seniors on the Rise?
It’s Time to Consider Cannabis as a Treatment for Substance Abuse
Marijuana and Alzheimer’s: Good News for Consumers
Methods for Ingesting Medical Marijuana: It’s More Than Just Smoking
Navigating Cannabis Terminology
Sophie’s Story: An Example of How Medical Marijuana is Helping Children Heal
Sweet Sleep: How Cannabis Can Get You There
Talking to your Doc About Cannabis
The Case for Cannabis-Infused Suppositories
The Right Strains for Back Pain
The Side Effects of Cannabis: For Better or Worse


6 Must-Have Growroom Gadgets
Accessorizing Your Growroom
Could Drones Be Running Your Greenhouse Soon?
Greenhouse Growing 101
How Do I Calibrate a pH Pen?
How Light Movers Work with Different Grow Light Systems
Increasing Automation with Autodosers
Making Your Grow Room More Economical
Ready, Tech, Grow: Emerging Technology in Agriculture
The Best Apps To Help You With Your Gardening
The Complexities of Defining and Measuring Light Energy
The Write Way: What to Keep Track of in a Gardening Journal


7 Ways to Use and Consume Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates
Cannabis Extract Clarity: A Closer Look
CO2 Extraction: The Crown Jewel of Cannabis Extracts
Concentrates & Extracts: The Types, Benefits, and Reasons to Consume
Diamonds are a Cannabis Connoisseur’s Best Friend
DIY Cannabis Tinctures
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Beleave THC Cannabis Oil
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Fresh American Hops
Extracted & Concentrated Review: God’s Greenery CBD Tinctures
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Gorilla Glue Lollipop
Extracted & Concentrated Review: THC Oil
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Yesterday Wellness CBD Oil
How To Avoid Buying Cannabis Extracts That Contain Residual Solvents
Live Resin vs Live Rosin
Live Resin: The Holy Grail of Cannabis Extracts
Slinging the Slang on Cannabis Extract Lexicon
Solvent-free Extracts and Concentrates


A Beginner's Guide to Vaping Cannabis: Where to Start
Already Vaped Weed: Learning Your AVBs
Dabbing 101
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Getting Friendly with Cannabis Vapes
Is Electronic Cannabis The Future For Medical Pot?
Lean & Dab: Safe Dabs and Optimal Methods
Misconceptions About the Quality of Crystallizing CBD Distillate Vape
Outside Your Mind: Best Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Cannabis Strains in the Great Outdoors
Smoking and Vaping Cannabis Poses Health Risks
Terp Pearls: A Touch of Sophistication for Dabbers
The Best Gear for Dabbing: An Excerpt from Beyond Buds
The Tale of the Terp Slurper


A Quick Guide to Cannabis Infusions
Baking a Fool of Myself: Budscotti - Beyond Butter
Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis Community and Ganja Goddess Pavlova
Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis-Infused Baked Salmon with Asparagrass
Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis-Infused Liquor Toppings
Baking a Fool of Myself: Dairy-Free Ice Cream
Baking a Fool of Myself: Edible Consent & Cannabis Brownies
Baking a Fool of Myself: Fried! Fried! Chicken!
Baking a Fool of Myself: Holiday Jamboree
Baking a Fool of Myself: Homemade Jalapeno Poppers
Baking a Fool of Myself: Honey Pot & Pistachio Crusted Halibut
Baking a Fool of Myself: International Coco Loco
Baking a Fool of Myself: Lemon MeReggae Tarts
Baking a Fool of Myself: Marijuana Infused Bacon (Flying Pigs)
Baking a Fool of Myself: Medical Margaritas
Baking a Fool of Myself: Quiche Your Ass Good Night
Baking a Fool of Myself: Rum Resin Balls
Baking a Fool of Myself: Shepherd Pot Pie
Baking a Fool of Myself: The No Frownie Brownie
Baking A Fool Of Myself: Three Steps to Making Edibles
Baking a Fool of Myself: Watermelon's Cover Girl Aspirations and Peanut Budder Cookies
Baking a Fool of Myself: Gluten-free Edibles
Baking With Cannabis? Here Are 7 Important Considerations for Home Bakers
Book Review: Warren Bobrow’s Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics
Cannabis and Beer: Chronic Brewskis
Cannabis Juicing: How and Why
Catching the Cannabis Beverage Wave
Coconut Oil and Cannabis: A Perfect Pairing
Cooking with Cannabis: Asparagus, Sour Tsunami & Wild Nettle Soup
Cooking with Cannabis: Bacon Fat and Browned Butter Caramelized Pears
Cooking with Cannabis: Blistered Padron Peppers
Cooking with Cannabis: Cannabis Caldo Verde
Cooking with Cannabis: Cast Iron Skillet Broasted Oyster Mushrooms
Cooking with Cannabis: Cornflake Fried Dill Pickle Chicken Sando
Cooking with Cannabis: Country Fried Dandelions with Smoky Ranch Dip
Cooking with Cannabis: Curried Sweet Potato + Salted Peanut Puree
Cooking with Cannabis: Gunpowder Pickled Green Strawberries
Cooking with Cannabis: Heirloom Tomato, Hemp Leaf + Smoky Mayo Toast
Cooking with Cannabis: Nasturtium and Fresh Cannabis Leaf Pesto
Cooking with Cannabis: Oven-Melted Heirloom Tomato Soup
Cooking with Cannabis: Oysters in the Nude with Angry Water
Cooking with Cannabis: Pickled Magnolia Blossoms
Cooking with Cannabis: PNW Fork & Knife Avocado Toast
Cooking with Cannabis: Purple Varnish Clam & Mushroom Bone Broth Ramen
Cooking with Cannabis: Smoky BBQ I502 Washington Whiskey Wings
Cooking with Cannabis: Terpene Fortified Tomatillo Cannabis Leaf Salsa Verde
Cooking with Cannabis: The Ubiquitous Roasted Beet Salad
Cooking with Cannabis: Wild Nettle + Shiitake Mushroom Udon Bowl
Dealing with a Weed Hangover
Decarboxylation: Activating THC in Cannabis
Distillate Edibles: What Are They And Why Are They Popular?
Drink Your Medicine: Tips for Enjoying Cannabis-Infused Beverages
Edible Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates Explained
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Drip Drop Sour Gummy Worms
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Fritz's Gummies
Flying High: A Guide to Using Edibles on a Long Plane Ride
Home Cooking with Cannabis: Guidelines and a Recipe
How to Decarboxylate Your Cannabis Buds
How To Make Cannabis-Infused Butter
How to Make Weed Gummies that won’t go Moldy
Humboldt’s Finest: This Cannabis-Flavored Vodka is Legit
Incredible Cannabis Edibles
Marijuana and Food: Best Ways You Can Use Cannabis in the Kitchen
The Benefits of Cannabis Juicing
The Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis


Canines & Cannabis
Cannabis and the Teenage Brain
Differences Between Smoking and Ingesting Cannabis
Dosing Your Dabs: Start Low, Go Slow
How to Avoid and Survive Green Out
How To Tell If You've Consumed Too Much Weed
Microdosing with Marijuana: 3 Benefits and 5 Tips


Cannabis Flowers or Concentrates: Which is Right for You?
Extracted & Concentrated Review: Live Hash Rosin from Gastown
Getting to the Good Stuff: Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts
How to Collect Kief and What You Can Do With It
Is it Cheaper to Buy Rosin or Make it at Home?
Live Rosin: The Champagne Concentrate
Six Ways to Make Hash: From Hand Rolling to Mechanical Drums
The Rise of Rosin
The Strongest Bud in Your Galaxy: Cannabis Caviar


CBG: The Key to Cannabis Trichome Chemistry
Exploring the Cannabis Entourage Effect
Fermented Cannabinoids: A Breakthrough for Mother Nature
From Food, to Sex, to Fine Art. Why Weed Makes Almost Everything Better
Medicinal Marijuana & the Endocannabinoid Receptors: What We Know So Far
Meeting Medical Cannabis Needs with More Stable Genetics
Synthetic Cannabinoids: What You Need to Know
THCV: The Mysterious Cannabinoid
The Amazing Cannabis Plant: Understanding the Differences Between THC and CBD
The Entourage Effect
The Lesser Known Cannabinoids and their Effects
The Other Cannabinoids: THC-V-, CBD-V-, and CBG-rich Cannabis


Customize Your Cannabis Experience with Terpenes
Prescribing Cannabinoids: The Terpene Connection
Terpene Analysis: A Higher Level of Cannabis Quality
The Top 6 Types of Terpenes Found in Cannabis


Farm to Table: Culinary Delights in Northern New Mexico
Farm to Table: Future Foods Farms
Farm to Table: King Estate
Farm to Table: The Boathouse
Farm to Table: the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica


How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Indoor Garden




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