Should I disclose my medical marijuana use during a job interview?


I have just been prescribed medical marijuana for anxiety and just secured a new receptionist job in a corporate environment that requires me to work with the public. I am concerned about how my prescription is going to affect my performance, and I want to remain professional. I did not disclose my marijuana use during the job interview. Any advice on how to address this situation?


First off, congratulations on the new gig. Don’t forget to take your energetic cape to work to cover yourself from the tidal wave of emails rolling your way. Lucky duck. Receptionists have always been one of my favorite components of a business. Octopus reach, verbal improv specialists, and charismatically OCD. The great ones are invaluable to an organization.

As for your cannabis prescription, my advice is to keep it to yourself at this new job for now. It is for no one other than yourself and your clinic. It’s completely up to you as to who you choose to enlighten with your diagnostic details. Same goes for dosing—less is more when it comes to information. Just have your medical identification on you or a photocopy of your ACMPR details (That’s what’s currently medical for us Canucks in Canada. If you live elsewhere, have the equivalent information with you).

At work, stealth will begin to pulsate through your veins effortlessly when you’re protecting a secret that fills your tragedy. The people that share in the oneness also pulsate colorfully from the inside. You end up just knowing of one another anyhow. I find even the slightest pass of someone’s cannabis vibration can wash over you like fresh mountain winds dancing across fields of green. It makes the corporate dance doable.

Only you can decide how your intake methods and strain choices affect your performance at work. Start early, get up and start the kettle with some sweet music and medicine of choice. When you bring the sun up for you and your balance, you honor the gentleness of your spirit. Be the tenderness that you seek and comfort your anxiousness with cannabis.

Start medicating early with enough time to breathe. Activate your endocannabinoid system, have a hot shower, and a good breakfast. Put on your little cape for the corporate calling, and dance your Dolly Parton “9-5” until you get home to medicate in a nighttime way.

It’s really a never-ending cycle of bliss if you let it be. Titrate with timing and specificity with intakes that make you feel comfortable in your skin. No one knows you like you do, start trusting in that.

Finally, anxiety is often linked to deep-rooted fear, maybe check in with yourself about that. Are you journaling? Stretching and dancing lately? Even if it’s just alone in your living room, get your groove on. Medicate and celebrate the fact that your legally authorized to determine your treatment plan.

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