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Master Class: Social Media Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

Marketing your cannabis business on social media can be extremely difficult on platforms with strict advertising rules and regulations. One wrong move and your posts could be removed, shadowbanned, or even worse—barred from the platform entirely. TikTok’s artificial intelligence is too clever, Instagram and Facebook posting is risky, and LinkedIn posts can feel stagnant. With so many roadblocks, it can be discouraging to leverage any form of cannabis marketing on social media. Still, there are ways to increase engagement and build a social following without getting banned.

In this webinar masterclass, ThrivePOP will identify the critical problems and pain points many cannabis businesses face when advertising on social media and the solutions you can implement immediately to help grow your following on nearly every digital platform.

These cannabis social media tactics and strategies include:
  • Fool-proof ways to increase engagement
  • Converting social leads into sales
  • Increasing brand followers and impressions
  • Running paid advertising campaigns

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Lindsey Griffith
Lindsey Griffith

Senior Creative Content Specialist

Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson

Dir. of Marketing Strategy

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