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Latest Developments in Research on LED for Cannabis

In this free webinar, you will learn about the latest research on lighting for cannabis. Data from several plant trials will be condensed and shared to help growers better understand how light affects cannabis and drives its growth. Light, more than any other growth factor, affects plant performance. Growers may need compact plants, high biomass, increased THC/CBD production, etc and all this is controllable with a good light spectrum and a balanced and tested light recipe.

Valoya, the research-driven LED manufacturer has conducted 600+ plant trials on 300+ plant species/varieties in the past 12 years. This data is used to develop high-quality LED luminaires and to ensure that growers get accurate light recipes for their crops.

The cannabis trials by Valoya began in 2014 in collaboration with CREA CI, an Italian research institute led by Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, one of the world’s leading cannabis researchers. Some of this data has been published in academic journals, in addition to about 100 published scientific studies with Valoya lights thus far.

The webinar will be hosted by Ms. Stiina Kotiranta, Valoya’s Research Director with extensive experience in plant biology research.

Stiina Kotiranta
Stiina Kotiranta

Research Director

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