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How LED and HPS Lighting can affect Air and Leaf Temperature

As growers are educating themselves more on different lighting technologies, horticultural lighting manufacturers are often faced with questions about what effects different light sources have on temperature and crop production.Given that leaf temperature is such a critical factor in plant morphology, it is important for growers to understand the potential impact the type of lighting can have on temperature. Aside from the effects on plant physiology, it is equally important that growers understand the overall energy implications of one lighting technology vs. the other. The results are not always what one might assume.This presentation will focus on how the use of different lighting technologies (HID & LED) can affect temperature and crop production. It will walk growers through the pros and cons of each light source from a heat management perspective―both in terms of plant morphology and energy efficiency.
Christine Stein
Christine Stein

Regional Sales Manager, P.L. Light Systems

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