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Grow Smarter: Technology Advances in Agriculture


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Technology has dominated the 21st century but while some industries have acclimated to the advancements others have lagged their peers. Agriculture ranks number 1 in share of GDP and Employment in the U.S. on the McKinzie Digitization index of the top industries and dead last in digitization. The advent of AgTech (Agricultural Technology) as an industry sector in the past 5 years seeks to leverage that disparity.

AgTech is about more than computers, chips and robotics, AgTech is also about sustainability. For anyone involved in cultivation, this translates into how crops are grown and the role technology is playing in horticulture, in particular indoor horticulture. Energy savings, automation control systems, farm management software and artificial intelligence are significantly lowering operating costs for farmers of all sizes.

Technology allows for new and improved sensors, smart irrigation, automated environment controls, lighting controls and automation of standard automation procedures to grow crops more sustainably.

Indoor horticulture is being 'teched up' when it comes to growing food to be both sustainable and profitable. Much of the innovation and technology is being driven by the nascent cannabis market, but is applicable for all indoor agriculture.

Learning how to leverage the technology that is available and wading through the volume of options is an essential part of every farm management plan for those who hope to remain competitive into the 21st century and beyond.

  • David Friedman

    David Friedman

    CEO of VividGro

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    Randy Shipley

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing