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159 Grams per Sq. Ft.?! Setting Harvest Records with High Intensity LED

Join us for a candid discussion about the mind-bending harvests NorCal Cannabis Co. has enjoyed since outfitting the facility with high-intensity LED.

Hyper-efficient, high-intensity LED is catching on like wildfire! In this presentation, Mike Howard, Cultivation Liaison at Fohse, and Jigar Patel, co-CEO and founder of NorCal Cannabis Co. review harvest data from some of NorCal's most successful harvests in 2021. NorCal recently started outfitting their facility with the most powerful and efficient LED grow light on the market—the A3i by Fohse. You'll also learn some of the key advantages that high intensity LED provides over standard, under-powered LED.
Mike Howard
Mike Howard

Director of Cultivation Relations at FOHSE

Jigar Patel
Jigar Patel

CO-CEO at NorCal Cannabis

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