Pipp’s Mobile Vertical Grow Racks Lift Farmers to Higher Ground

By Karen Lloyd
Published: September 15, 2022
Presented by Pipp Horticulture
Key Takeaways

Leading mobile vertical grow rack provider, Pipp Horticulture, is paving the way for indoor and greenhouse growers looking to maximize their space and cultivation production.

After 40 years dominating the mobile storage industry, it only took a few short years for Pipp Horticulture to become the industry-leading provider of mobile vertical grow racks with a focused mission to develop the most innovative products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of indoor growers. The company passionately and meticulously meets the needs of its clients. With 2,000 installations worldwide, their innovation and commitment to continual improvement have enabled them to stand out and expand their leadership position in this niche industry by eliminating obstacles, increasing efficiencies, and boosting revenues for indoor growers.

Pipp and its partners, Greenhaus Industries and Vertical Air Solutions (VAS), were awarded several U.S. patents for their indoor mobile vertical farming systems and airflow solutions. Additionally, through Pipp’s strategic acquisitions, they are able to proudly offer the industry’s most elite assortment of cultivation equipment — from mobile vertical grow racks and trays to complete greenhouse construction with irrigation, heating, and air circulation systems from the GGS Group of Companies. “Our knowledge base continues to grow, and as we expand our scope of work and capabilities, we bring this knowledge into every new client we serve,” says the sales management team. It’s a true win-win. Pipp’s Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Systems have become the preferred choice by preeminent indoor growers. Their vertical grow racks save cultivators a significant amount of space. This reduced footprint means commercial farms can fit into urban areas where space is at a premium, reducing pollution from transportation to local areas, and increasing production of locally grown, healthy food choices for local communities.


Groundbreaking Products and Services for Growers

PIPP's vertical farming racksPipp’s vertical farming racks can be built up to 56 feet long and 18 feet high, boost production capacity, cut operating costs, and increase overall revenue per square foot by as much as three times.

Combined with Greenhaus grow trays and air solutions by VAS, Pipp’s mobile vertical grow racks help cultivators significantly increase their growing space, cultivation production, and post-harvest processing, while minimizing pathogens, and other risks throughout a grow facility that can destroy crop value.


“Implementing our mobile racks will increase production by maximizing cubic canopy footprint without increasing the square footprint of the room or building,” notes the sales team.

To describe Pipp as an innovative force in the cannabis industry would be an understatement.

The company’s record of product improvements is never-ending: new finishes for better and longer-lasting performance, raw material updates to control costs and enhance operations, a flourishing integrated grow tray offering and major additions like integrated airflow systems, drainage features, catwalk systems (ELEVATE™) and other industry-first advancements including the elimination of rails (TRAK-FREE™) completely transforming how these systems operate within a grow facility.

“With the most experienced team of cultivation experts in the industry and highly-skilled product engineers, Pipp is on an endless mission of continual product improvement and advancement to modernize indoor growing for cultivators around the globe,” says the sales team.


Challenge Accepted

cannabis growing in a facility fitted with Pipp grow systemsAlthough Pipp’s tracks meet ADA compliance standards, any tracks can become an obstruction in the aisles of a growroom. But not anymore.

“In 2020 our engineers accepted the challenge of creating a system that would eliminate the current multiple floor-mounted track configuration,” says Pipp’s team, explaining the story behind Pipp’s TRAK-FREE™ Carriage System. This revolutionary mobile racking application is venerated for what it lacks, rather than extra bells and whistles. The patented TRAK-FREE™ System eliminates the need for tracks to be placed on the floor and throughout the access aisles below the movable carriages. Eliminating tracks means less cost for materials and installation.


“The real advantage of this new concept is it leaves the entire floor open to move carts and ladders around the growroom, clean debris, and mitigate additional GMP impediments created by tracks on the floor,” notes the sales team.

Another concern growers have with mobile vertical racking systems is servicing upper levels. In 2021 Pipp solved this problem with its robust, lightweight, and portable ELEVATE™ Platform System. This high-demand solution allows growers to walk effortlessly along upper grow levels of Pipp’s multi-tier grow racks without being held up by rolling ladders or scaffolding.

“We continually challenge ourselves to focus on innovation and developing products with the goal of enhancing our customer’s performance,” says Pipp’s sales management team.

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Growing with the Flow

Pipp’s vertical farming racksPipp is expanding every day with new market solutions and new territories served in horticulture.

Leveraging its 40-year-old brand and name, Pipp’s Mobile Storage System selected Pipp Horticulture as the official name for its horticultural division and quickly branched out. Today, Pipp Horticulture serves many of the world’s largest and most well-known cannabis brands.

Such vigorous growth calls for well-established processes and a committed team of professionals working in concert with one another and with clients, explained the sales team.

Besides learning the ins and outs of horticulture, the company added experienced growers and quality brands to the team, including:

Vertical Air Solutions (VAS) — Industry leader in air circulation for the global indoor vertical farming industry.

Greenhaus Industries — Greenhaus designs and manufactures multi-layer cultivation systems.

GGS Structures — GGS has been designing and manufacturing greenhouses and growing environments for more than 40 years.
Through these strategic acquisitions, the Pipp Horticulture Team combines more than 40 years of mobile storage experience with cannabis industry experts with more than 50 years of combined operational experience in commercial agricultural and seed-to-sale production.

“With added depth, skill, and knowledge, we truly understand how to integrate our mobile systems into a cultivation facility in ways that enable efficiencies, increase productivity, and advance financial performance,” says the sales team.

In addition to offering complete systems for every kind of indoor grower and project, the company also helps growers determine proper workflow, spacing, elevation, plant density, and other elements that will help maximize production and increase efficiencies in the growroom.

Pipp proudly makes all its products in the USA and offers installations worldwide.

Pipp is a People’s Place Too

Pipp’s vertical farming racksAs a larger organization in the horticulture industry, Pipp creates career paths for committed team members who choose to make Pipp their professional home.

Pipp is not a micromanaging culture, but a highly committed team of enthusiastic professionals in a variety of fields that respect one another.

“The company operates with a culture of autonomy and gives responsibility to each individual team member to do their job to the best of their ability,” says the sales management team, noting Pipp’s welcoming culture is what many employees call the company’s greatest value.

“We understand that our individual performances affect and benefit the group, including our customers. We are also blessed with exceptional leadership that helps us to impart this unique trust and confidence in one another.”

Cultivating Excellence Within the Horticulture Space

As improvements in technologies continue to strengthen and develop the horticulture industry, Pipp will continue to extend its reach and grow its existing product offering.

“We are committed, long term,” says the sales management team.

Beyond providing fresh local produce, vertical agriculture could help increase food production and expand agricultural operations for the world’s growing population.

Keep your eye on the sky as the Pipp continues to design and develop completely new solutions for indoor growers.

Pipp Horticulture is the industry leading provider of mobile vertical farming systems with systems installed in over 400 indoor cultivation facilities totaling over 2,000 grow rooms in 45 states and provinces across North America! Our mobile grow racks allow cultivators to maximize space in cultivation production and post-harvest processing facilities.


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