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Published: June 9, 2020 | Last updated: December 8, 2021 12:37:53
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For almost 100 years, Premier Tech has been helping cultivators get the most out of their plants and crops. With an environmentally conscious business plan, Premier Tech is leading the way when it comes to grow media for all types of cultivation.

PRO-MIX, a Premier Tech Brand

You probably know PRO-MIX as the major brand of growing media that improve the quality and yield of horticultural production. You probably know a lot less about where PRO-MIX comes from and its mother company, Premier Tech.

Premier Tech is all about making a difference by feeding, protecting, and improving our world. One team (of 4,500 people in 27 countries) driven by a shared passion to deliver solutions that will better the lives of people, businesses and communities.


The company is committed to creating sustainable solutions in five main businesses: Horticulture & Agriculture, Home & Garden, Systems & Automation, Water & Environment, and Digital technologies.

Horticulture is in fact the origin and foundation of everything Premier Tech has become today. It dates all the way back to 1923, when two German brothers emigrated to the United States to launch an American peat moss distribution company representing their European family business. Coming to Canada ten years later to open their first peat bog and processing plant, they set the basis of what is now Premier Tech Horticulture by opening an office in Rivière-du-Loup, right on today’s Premier Tech Campus… albeit a bit less massive in size!


Established in 1968, the PRO-MIX brand provides commercial growers and consumers with a wide range of value‑added products in the field of horticulture. Since then, it has influenced its markets and industry with numerous innovations, all materialized through products, processes and work methods that are both unique and recognized.

Professional Mixes with Premium Ingredients

Premier Tech masters the production, mixing, and quality control for materials, including bark, coco fiber (coir), perlite, etc. The mixes’ main component being sphagnum peat moss; the company’s history proves there is not shortcuts when it comes to quality.

For many years now, Premier Tech Horticulture has used a unique approach to peat moss gradation and selection. Over the years, it has ensured consistency in the final product, which is usually very difficult to achieve in the industry.


Scientist inspecting a petri dish in a lab

Responsible Management of Peat Resources

Although only 0.03 per cent of the peatland area is harvested for horticultural purposes, it’s important to manage those sites in a responsible way so they will be around for many generations. Premier Tech has a restoration program, and our first large-scale restoration began in 1995. On more than 85 per cent of the peatlands on which we have operated since 1933, there are no more harvesting activities and more than 70 per cent of those areas are growing back into natural and resilient ecosystems. Premier Tech is among the North American leaders of peat moss-based growing media production and distribution. Thanks to a wide network of plants and distribution locations, Premier Tech products are offered throughout North America, from coast to coast. Knowing how important preserving the environment is, Premier Tech remains in the vanguard regarding the regeneration of harvested peat bogs and the protection of their ecosystem. Thus, the company actively participates and leads the way in Canadian and international efforts deployed towards responsible peatland management.


Active Ingredients and Premier Tech’s Distinctive Know-How

PRO-MIX has always provided commercial growers and consumers with cutting-edge growing media products. PRO-MIX growing media are enhanced with high-performance active ingredients and are considered a reference in the market, as they represent innovative and unique solutions. Fine-tuned for growers seeking efficiency, superior plant quality, disease suppression, and resistance to environmental stresses, PRO‑MIX optimizes results both in plant quality and crop performance.

Active ingredients incorporated in PRO-MIX products are biostimulants and biocontrols backed by more than 35 years of innovation. Premier Tech is a world-leader in the production, formulation, and application of natural active ingredients in horticultural and agricultural products, thanks to the distinctive know-how of its team of more than 75 scientists, engineers, field experts, technicians, and more, ensuring the efficiency of products through highly rigorous quality control processes.

Premier Tech is a world leader in the production of endomycorrhizal fungi. Its exclusive in-vitro aseptic process uses high-tech industrial standards to obtain viable mycorrhizae spores of superior and consistent quality.

Microscopic view of roots with mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae (the symbiotic relationship between the fungus and the plant) develop an intra- and extra-root network of filaments that explore the soil, giving access to more nutrients and water, and transfer them to the plant. Benefits from this association are multiple:

  • Enhances fertilizer and water uptake
  • Increases the resistance of plants to stresses (transplant shock, drought, salinity, compaction)
  • Increases root mass, flower production, plant size, yield, and shelf life
  • Expands root system growth
  • Improves soil structure

Premier Tech also produces beneficial bacteria, such as Bacillus pumilus, using a specific production process in a sterilized environment, including a highly effective control process for a high-quality inoculum.

Bacillus stimulates the root system of the plant by inducing the proliferation of root hairs which favors the absorption of nutrients. It forms a biofilm around the root system which ensures its protection.

Bacillus contained in PRO-MIX show different modes of action. We have selected them for their beneficial and efficient action as biocontrol or growth stimulation.

All active ingredients found in PRO-MIX products are naturally occurring in soil and help growers grow healthier and more profitable crops.

PRO-MIX Product Offerings

Premier Tech manufactures and distributes a complete line of growing products that improve the quality and yield of horticultural production. More than 25 years after the first growing medium with mycorrhizae, the PRO-MIX brand is a reference in the industry, and this, thanks to leading-edge solutions and a selection of active ingredients giving unparalleled results.

PRO-MIX product lineup

PRO-MIX and Cannabis

As each type of crop has its own needs, the PRO-MIX product line offers solutions for a wide range of crops, from ornamental plants, nursery and landscaping, to edible crops and medicinal plants like cannabis. PRO-MIX even has a retail brand aimed for gardeners who wish to incorporate quality products and benefit from active ingredients.

The medicinal product offer is built to fit the needs of the cannabis plant from seeding to harvest, following the crop life cycle and the different types of growing environments producers use. PRO-MIX now also offers a Mycorrhizal Inoculant in powder form, which is perfect for the transplanting of clones. It is a highly concentrated formulation designed to help professional growers to CONNECT and improve the value of their crops. The benefits of mycorrhizae in the industry: faster growth (shorter veg time), stress resistance, increased yield, and better trichrome density. All of that being on top of the enhanced potency (THC, CBD, etc.), and the improved terpene profile.

PRO-MIX improves crop performance by bringing life back into the soils. Its distinctive solutions incorporating biostimulants and biocontrols enrich soils and fortify plants in an ecologically and responsible manner. Over the years, clear leadership has been demonstrated, whether by being the first peat moss producer to ever bag growing media for market distribution, or through a product offer that is constantly raising quality standards in the field of growing media enriched with active ingredients.


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