Outside Your Mind: Best Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Cannabis Strains in the Great Outdoors

By Isaac Cedillo
Published: February 16, 2017 | Last updated: April 7, 2021 11:01:43
Key Takeaways

Ahhh, the great outdoors. Fresh air, exercise, wildlife. Can it get any better? Isaac Cedillo thinks it can. He provides a few tips on how to enjoy your favorite strains under the sun or stars to make time spent in nature even better.

Passion is defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something”. It can be a rarity. But when you find it, you hold on to it. You embrace it. You feed it.


I have always been drawn to the wilderness. The weight of the world seems much lighter outside. The air is easy to breath, the flowers sweeter to smell, the grass cooler on my feet. I discovered a passion. I thought it couldn’t get any better.

Then cannabis came along, the sweetest flower of them all. The Mona Lisa to my Di Vinci. The milk to my honey. My enthusiasm grew for these two passions, so naturally I began to experiment. Altering your state of mind in the middle of nowhere isn’t for everyone. Anything can happen. Things can happen.


Your senses are heightened, the consequences for every decision you make are multiplied by infinity. But when it’s good, it’s good. You’ve suddenly developed a sixth sense, hell, maybe a seventh! The birds are singing, singing for you! The cool mountain air is dancing with every hair on your body. The stars are aligned, and the gods themselves look down with envy.

These are my passions.

Below is a guide to enjoying canna and the great outdoors. But first and foremost be safe, use good judgement, and know your limits. Be mindful and respectful of your environment and, finally, enjoy yourself.



  • Hydration: Water is the elixir of life. Ideally your body needs two liters each day. With the addition of strenuous activities its advised to keep well hydrated. I pre-hydrate before my journeys by drinking a liter of water. This ensures you’re plenty hydrated before adventures while also taking the load off having to carry extra water. Depending on your activity it’s best to carry one to two liters of water. This should be enough to stave off any cotton mouth you’re sure to encounter.
  • Snacks: High calorie, salty and crunchy snacks are always a favorite of mine on my adventures. I often don’t have an appetite when I exert myself, so I bring snacks I’m sure to eat. Be sure to have a hearty meal before, this will fuel your body until the munchies kick in.
  • Energy: Caffeine is essential for me and is a great way to get that extra boost when your body is on empty. There’s nothing like enjoying a good cup of joe and some canna while watching the sunrise.
  • Gear: Do some research and dress accordingly to your activity and destination. Don’t be caught off guard with weather conditions or rough terrain. It’s best to layer up, keeping your options open to changing conditions. A good pair of footwear goes a long way. No fancy equipment needed here. Many companies offer rental equipment or used gear at a discount. The point here is to be comfortable, but most importantly, enjoy your surroundings.

Tools of the Trade

  • Storage: Keep it simple when packing for your excursions. A waterproof bag or container is recommended to store all the fun for your day. This will keep things clean and organized.
  • Windproof lighter: Any lighter will do, but my favorites are windproof butane lighters. Windy conditions can become a drag. Ensure your fun continues with a lighter that works. Carry matches as backup.
  • Pipes: My personal favorite outdoors or not. Pipes are simple to pack, convenient, and easy to share. Because of the potential for breakage, it’s best not to bring your favorite piece.
  • Joints: Tried and true. These little bundles of joy are great in all situations. The only downside is packing out your butts. Pre-roll different strains to go with the flow of your day. Who knows what you’ll encounter.
  • Edibles: Confections offer convenience and relaxation capabilities. Being a heavier option they are best saved for the campfire, recovery, and sleep aid. They can pack a punch, so be sure to dose out accordingly. Getting a great night sleep in the middle of nowhere is essential for the next day’s adventures.


  • Hiking: Being an avid hiker, I love to push my limits on my journeys, but that comes with experience and repetition. Take it easy when first partaking in cheeba and the outdoors. Only go on known hikes and keep them short, say one-quarter of the mileage you’re usually capable. When choosing a trail, look for those that are well defined and maintained. Often, this could be a stroll down to your neighborhood park or if you’re lucky enough a National Forest. Grab a map for exploring.
  • Trail Running: As a focusing agent, cannabis keeps you on pace and distracts from the discomfort you might endure from trail running. Breathing becomes rhythmic, heart rate stabilizes, and time passes with ease. Cannabis has the most benefit here as a recovery agent. It soothes aches and pains, while also aiding in the healing process. Amongst runners, edibles are king as there is no smoke inhalation involved. If timed right, an edible will kick in just when it’s needed most.
  • Water Activities: My first love! Being a self-proclaimed river rat this would have to be my favorite activity with canna. It’s best to stick close to shore if you’re new to water activities. A cool swim, kayak, or paddleboard session under the sun could be just what you need to unwind, so dip your toes in.
  • Photography: These days you won’t catch me outdoors without a camera. Canna gets my creative juices flowing and always gives me a different perspective. Being able to share my experience with others is a bonus. I keep it simple when it comes to electronics. No need to invest in an expensive camera, often a phone camera will do just fine. Do a little research on camera angles and guidelines to get the perfect shot. Slap a filter on and you’re good to go.

There you have it, a simple guide to the enjoying the great outdoors and cannabis.


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Written by Isaac Cedillo

Profile Picture of Isaac Cedillo

Isaac Cedillo is a California-based marketer and freelance writer with love for all things green and creative. He holds his bachelor’s degree from CSU Fresno and is currently pursuing his MBA in marketing. As an avid photographer, Isaac loves to travel the country and chronicle his adventures through his camera.

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