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Published: January 26, 2017 | Last updated: April 14, 2022 11:11:47
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With KELZYME, organic and non-organic growers find an easy to use, no-fuss nutrient solution to use in their hydroponic and traditional systems. Brad Klock, vice-president of sales and marketing, explains more about the formula behind the company’s flagship calcium-rich mineral composite product and how it benefits indoor-grown plants.

From its business office in Brooklyn, New York, and its operations facility in Nevada, the makers of KELZYME products research, perfect, and market all-natural fertilizers, plant nutrients, and soil amendments and conditioners. The products are entirely sourced from a unique mineral deposit that can only be found in northern Nevada, where ancient sea beds once lay.


The KELZYME Research & Development Center is where the magic behind element XX—a unique hydroponic, soil, and soilless media plant fertilizer—takes place. “The business has evolved from a mining company to one now focused on bringing the benefits of the material to individual growers right up to and including commercial ag,” shares Brad Klock, KELZYME’s vice-president of sales and marketing.

With the identification and confirmation of a unique mineral deposit having taken place by the mining experts, the company is looking forward to an exciting future in the horticultural industry as it takes its formulas to the next level. “Sales, distribution, and marketing are now our go-to market priorities,” says Klock. “We have certified our products and remain a manufacturing company also dedicated to operational efficiencies and safety.”


KELZYME manufactures multiple lines of products geared for the indoor gardening market, traditional home and garden application, and commercial agriculture. The products are naturally occurring mineral composites, available currently in two grades: granular and micronized. “The micronized product is offered for hydroponic, aquaponic, or irrigation systems, but it is also an outstanding option for use as a dry application in soil and other growing media,” explains Steve Swallow, KELZYME's business development manager, adding that the granular alternative is designed for soil and soilless media and provides for residual activity. For the indoor garden market, materials are sold under the element XX name, while traditional home and garden and commercial product offerings are both sold under the 100% Natural CAFE name.

All KELZYME products are single-sourced from a specific location in northern Nevada, an area where the Western Interior Seaway covered more than 1 million years ago. “This unique product and related chemical profile is only available from the existing site,” says Klock. The chemical composition is highlighted by calcium and iron. It also includes such macronutrients as magnesium and sulfur, and contains such micronutrients as chlorine, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, and molybdenum in addition to other plant-beneficial elements and compounds such as silicon and carbon.

Of all these nutrients, Klock believes calcium to be the most important for plants. “Plants require a panel of essential elements in the root zone. One of the most critical to plant development, and also one required in the largest quantity, is calcium,” he says. “A calcium deficiency may often result in poor root and shoot growth, necrosis on leaves, and abnormal development of growing points or terminal buds.”


The good news for growers is that KELZYME products contain a guaranteed minimum of 35 per cent calcium. “Calcium enhances plant root and shoot growth; it is an integral part of plant cell wall structure and builds strong stems and leaves. As calcium is not easily redeployed from one area of a plant to another, a steady supply of calcium is necessary throughout the life of a plant to strengthen is vascular system, produce thicker and stronger stems, and promote new growth at the growing tips,” explains Klock.

In addition to its impressive mineral content, KELZYME products boast other exceptional qualities as well. For instance, they are all OMRI-Listed and CDFA Organic Input Material (OIM)-registered. KELZYME products are all-natural, easy to use, environmentally responsible, and effective in various applications and for all plants. Among the products, Dave Newton, KELZYME's northern California account manager says element XX has been the one to really take off as a new, easy-to-use and effective product for organic indoor and outdoor growers. “Within the element XX product line, the granular and micronized options are seeing roughly equal use,” he says.


KELZYME products are currently available through various retailers, notably in the California and Nevada markets. The company has partnered with select distributors and also sells online through its own website as well as other various online vendors. The company is seeing more interest from larger distributors as well and are currently expanding geographically, with a focus on Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.

Along with building its distribution network, KELZYME Research & Development is currently undergoing an expansion at its manufacturing site to include additional processing and packaging equipment, together with a new building and warehouse.

KELZYME also expects to expand its product offerings. The team is currently evaluating complementary products that will include coco coir and molasses products/blends (together with element XX), and expanding their use as an ingredient in various soil blends sold by other companies. They are also testing finer particle sizes as well as specialty natural products with unique surfactant properties to provide for faster nutrient response times, especially in hydroponic applications.

All in all, the modern growing industry should expect exciting innovations from KELZYME Research & Development in the near future.


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