My mother plant grow chamber has an oscillating fan. It is a little cold; is there anything else I need?


I have started a mother plant grow chamber and I have an oscillating fan as an intake and a small exhaust fan. It is a little cold; is there anything else I need in my set-up?


If you’re using a small intake fan for cooling your mother chamber and it’s a little cold in there, try putting your intake and exhaust fans on a timer or thermostat (which are available at pretty much any hydroponic or indoor gardening store). That way they will only come on when cooling is actually needed instead of running all the time. As the days get warmer, you’re likely to see an increase in your cooling needs, so the thermostat is really the better option—otherwise, you’ll constantly be adjusting the timer to compensate for outdoor temperatures. In fact, depending on the climate where you live and the wattage in your mother chamber (remember, wattage = heat), you might find that additional cooling is needed.

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