Marijuana and Food: Best Ways You Can Use Cannabis in the Kitchen

By Isabella Wilson
Published: June 6, 2017 | Last updated: April 7, 2021 09:36:29
Key Takeaways

As more Americans are jumping on the cannabis bandwagon, our relation with the plant continues to evolve. For instance, what used to be hidden in airtight containers is now found on many a kitchen counter.

Most of us are already familiar with the delicious edibles at our favorite dispensaries. But, if you are looking for more variety, did you know that you can make you own?


Don’t believe it? Check out our list of our favorite cannabis-infused dishes:

Delicious Cannabis Dishes

Cooking with cannabis doesn't have to be hard. You simply combine a fat (usually butter or oil) with ground up cannabis to create the foundation for virtually any recipe you can think of.


For instance, let’s say that you want to make a cannabis-infused cake. Simply switch the oil in the original recipe for your canna-oil and voila. In short, any recipe that calls for butter or oil can be infused with cannabis. Other delicious cannabis infused dishes include:

Pot brownies: There’s nothing like fudgy, gooey brownies. And if they happen to include cannabis, that’s even better. Just remember to make a batch sans cannabis so you have something clean to eat when the munchies kick in.

Granola bars: Granola bars are always a great snack because they are both delicious and versatile. For instance, they can be made with chocolate and beneficial nuts to satiate your sweet tooth. Or, if you’re looking for something healthier, the ginger and dried cranberry combo is also quite delicious.


Mac n’ cheese: For most of us, macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you like yours with bacon or veggies, cheddar or swiss cheese, this dish always hits the right spot.

Chocolate dipped strawberries: This easy dish takes an already sexy dessert to new heights... literally. The chocolate glaze is made with melted chocolate and canna oil. And, when that's complete, simply dip the berries and place them in your fridge overnight.


CoconanaBerry smoothie: Enjoy a tall, delicious, frothy glass of your favorite smoothie every morning when you wake up. The secret is to sauté the key ingredients inside canna-coconut oil.

Thai iced tea: Thai iced coffee and iced tea are great summer drinks, especially for those who love condensed milk.

Salad: For those of us who are more health conscious, you don’t have to give up on your fitness goals because you are interested in edibles. Simply coat your salad with your favorite canna-oil infused salad dressing; vinaigrette and Italian are popular favorites.

5 Tips to Help You Cook with Cannabis

When cooking with cannabis, you are only limited by your own imagination. And, if you take heed of the following tips, you can take each dish to even higher heights:

  • Measure all ingredients properly.
  • The amount of cannabis needed to infuse the butter or the oil is dependent on your desired potency. The general rule of thumb calls for an ounce of cannabis for every cup of oil. For butter, it’s four sticks of butter for every ounce.
  • Cannabis has several flavor profiles. Some strains that taste good in one dish may not have the same effect in another. So, be careful when picking the strains for each particular dish.
  • Save your leftover canna-oil or cannabis butter in ice cube trays. This can extend its life for up to a year. And, when you’re ready to use it again, simply thaw out the cubes.
  • Remember that cookies, brownies, and other sweets are not your only option when it comes to edibles. Most foods, even those of the savory and/or spicy variety, can be infused with cannabis.

What About Raw Cannabis?

If you want to consume cannabis but are wary of the psychoactive effects, consider trying raw cannabis instead. Raw cannabis is considered to be a superfood by some, complete with a number of essential oils, vitamins, and other nutrients.

When starting out with this method, try blending or juicing the uncured flower or fan leaves. Also, raw cannabis makes a delicious substitute for herbs like cilantro or parsley.

When cooking with cannabis, it’s possible to make just about anything that you can dream of. So, don't limit yourself, experiment and see what you can come up with. You might surprise yourself. And, most importantly, have fun with your culinary cannabis creations.

Article provided by Essence Cannabis Dispensary.


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Written by Isabella Wilson

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