How did Bedrocan get its start?

Bedrocan started in the Netherlands 15 years ago and has since grown internationally to a point that it’s providing tens of thousands of people with standardized medical cannabis in seven countries around the world.

How did the company get its name?

Bedrocan Canada is named after the founding company Bedrocan BV. The original company uses the initials of the founders, ‘B’ and ‘E’, the Dutch word for dried is ‘dro’ and the ‘can’ in cannabis to form its name.

Tell us a bit about how the company has progressed.

The saying at Bedrocan is that “doing nothing new is actually a compliment for us.” We say that because all of the products we sell have been standardized using proprietary techniques that ensure that all of Bedrocan’s varieties are completely identical harvest after harvest. This is important for patients looking for a strain that can manage their symptoms over the long term and also important for long-term clinical researchers who need to control the variables of their studies.

Behind the scenes on the research side of things, Bedrocan has been an industry leader for quite some time. Bedrocan Canada recently launched one of the largest clinical cannabis trials in the world called the EQUAL Study, short for Evaluating Quality of Life. The study is actively enrolling patients all across Canada to demonstrate how cannabis affects the quality of life for the people who use it for medical purposes.

What are you growing right now?

We’re always growing a mixture of Bedrocan’s six varieties in the 30 climate-controlled indoor growing rooms we’ve got in our Toronto-area facility. Product descriptions are available online at

Licensed Marijuana Producer: Bedrocan Canada

How many medical clinics do you supply and where are they located?

Bedrocan Canada, like all licensed producers, sells directly to clients using online ordering and mail delivery. Selling to storefront clinics, compassion clubs or dispensaries is against the current Canadian regulations. All cannabis storefronts in Canada are actually operating outside of the letter of the law so we don’t supply any of them.

How do you choose which strains to grow?

We’ve got a schedule written months in advance that allows us to plot out the grow rooms to make sure we’ve got a steady inventory of all six varieties. That consistency is a big part of Bedrocan’s appeal, you know what to expect every time you login to the shop.

What should people know about Bedrocan’s products and extracts?

Bedrocan varieties are all standardized to make sure the effectiveness people find in a certain variety can be relied on over the long term. Extracts are coming soon, and they’ll be made using singular strains so that people can try the same strains in a different format. But above all, what we want people to know about Bedrocan products is that they are all covered by something we call True Compassionate Pricing. Every Bedrocan variety is $5 a gram. We price them this low because we can and because we should!

We focus on standardizing strains, production techniques and outcomes, and so, for us the technologies are critical but so is the approach to managing those technologies.

What makes Bedrocan unique?

We sell standardized full-flower cannabis.

What technologies do you think make the most difference in the garden?

Bedrocan grows indoors in purpose-built production rooms. We focus on standardizing strains, production techniques and outcomes, and so, for us the technologies are critical but so is the approach to managing those technologies. We strictly control each of the processes and document every step to make sure everything is done the same way each time. We used computer-controlled lighting and computer-controlled nutrient management and even isolate the plants from as much human contact as possible to minimize any risk of contamination.

Licensed Marijuana Producer: Bedrocan Canada

Can you share a growing tip with our readers?

If you’re looking for consistency, you’ve got to manage the process closely. If you change a variable, like lighting or nutrients, only change one thing at a time so you can tell which inputs lead to which outputs. Keep a log and get in the habit of entering info every day and keep a control group of plants so you can measure each outcome separately. This way, you can isolate the benefits (or not) of the change you implemented. This process does take time, but it provides the data management and scientific tracing that allows you to sustain and implement improvements based on good production practices rather than whimsy.

How do you ensure the best product for your customers?

With very strict controls at every stage of the process. The QA processes we follow at Bedrocan are as advanced as any producer on Earth. The process is as standardized as the genetics to make sure our clients only receive top quality medication.

Where do you see things going for Bedrocan?

Canada is at a cannabis crossroad of sorts with legalization ramping up but Bedrocan is committed to its medical clients and will keep a medical focus moving forward, regardless of any new legalization laws. We’ll grow alongside the medical market, which by all accounts is thriving! It’s very encouraging to see doctors, pharmacists, NGOs in the health sector, and all Canadians starting to look at medical cannabis in a new light and we’re very proud to be a leader in the medical cannabis industry.