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Maximum Yield February 2019

When dialing in the climate in your greenhouse, think about Goldilocks. The temperature shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, the air shouldn’t be too moist or too dry, and the air shouldn’t be too stagnant or too breezy. Here’s how to get everything just right. Also Inside: Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting, Hard Water or Soft Water: Does My Garden Care?, How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden, and more!

Maximum Yield AUS-NZ January/February 2019

Developed more than 50 years ago, NFT systems can quickly produce large yields of produce with minimum water usage. However, these systems can present problems — for both home and commercial growers — if they aren’t monitored properly. Also Inside: Pythium Root Rot, Growing Great Garlic, How to Select a Lighting Ballast, and more!

Maximum Yield's Industry News January 2019

This issue of Maximum Yield's Industry News features new and original editorial content, showcasing unique businesses, conference wrap-ups from MJ Biz and Cannafest Prague, and an update on the state of the Farm Bill in the US. Also Inside: Our 2019 Annual Trade Directory—a comprehensive reference guide with hundreds of business listings designed to connect manufacturers, distributors, retail shops, and end users around the globe. Plus results from our 2018 Grower Survey featuring valuable feedback from end users on what, where, how and why they grow, and the products they use or plan to use.