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Harvesting the Rain: Maximum Yield November 2017

Maximum Yield magazine is the modern grower's go-to source for information on controlled-environment gardening. In the November issue of Maximum Yield, you will find the latest articles on light movers, the most lucrative hydro crops to grow, how to improve crop flavor, sterilizing pruning equipment, the science behind diatomaceous earth, and many other features to help you grow the most nutritious, flavorful, and healthy crops possible.

Maximum Yield’s Industry News November 2017

In the latest issue of Maximum Yield’s industry insider magazine, we feature a wide variety of modern growing companies, including HydroGarden, Hydroponic Hops, Machiavellian Media, The Original Resinator, and Bio Nova. Store managers and CEOs will also benefit from the professional advice given in our customer service columns. Finally, be sure to check out the latest products and latest news from the modern growing industry in our Product Spotlight and Buzz segments.

Maximum Yield Trade Directory 2017

Welcome to the 13th annual Maximum Yield International Trade Directory, the industry's best and most complete reference guide. With more than 2,000 business listings, it continues to connect manufacturers, distributors, retail shops, and end users around the world. With its comprehensive layout and easy-to-find sections, the 2017 International Trade Directory serves as a valuable reference tool no matter what you are searching for. In short, you have a global resource in the palm of your hand.