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Top Apps for Modern Growers: Maximum Yield May USA

In the May 2017 issue of Maximum Yield, we highlight some of the best smartphone apps available for hydroponic and traditional gardeners, as well as some tips for interpreting your latest plant analysis reports. We also feature articles on LED footprints and light planning, vertical farms, and EC versus PPM. You’ll also learn about abiotic diseases, indoor composting, desalination techniques for home growers, and how to set up your first grow tent.

UVA, UVB, and More: Maximum Yield UK-EU May/June

In this issue of Maximum Yield UK-EU, we feature plenty of information on nutrient delivery systems, light deprivation cultivation techniques, spring cleaning methods for gardeners, and a rundown on microponics. Also in this issue, we get an update from Dr. Earth, as well as put the spotlight on plenty of new products now available to UK growers.

UVA, UVB, and More: Maximum Yield AUS-NZ May/June

In this issue of Maximum Yield AUS-NZ, we feature plenty of information on nutrient delivery systems, lighting metrics and light deprivation cultivation techniques, and a rundown on microponics – a term coined by Gary Donaldson. Also in this issue, we take a look at Bio Diesel Nutrients and get an update from the Wholesale Horticultural Group, based in Lithgow, New South Wales.

The Future of Growing is Here: Industry News May

In this issue of Inews, we showcase all the details on the upcoming GrowX Modern Growing Conference + Expo happening June 3-4 in San Jose, CA. This issue also features the latest news from established businesses like Growth Science Nutrients and the Elemental Wellness Dispensary. GrowX features new exhibits and interactive displays, an informative speaker series, product launches you won’t want to miss, a private business lounge, and tailored networking events.

Maximum Yield Trade Directory 2017

Welcome to the 13th annual Maximum Yield International Trade Directory, the industry's best and most complete reference guide. With more than 2,000 business listings, it continues to connect manufacturers, distributors, retail shops, and end users around the world. With its comprehensive layout and easy-to-find sections, the 2017 International Trade Directory serves as a valuable reference tool no matter what you are searching for. In short, you have a global resource in the palm of your hand.

Stay tuned for a brand new digital platform featuring a searchable online database that allows users to search a category, region, company websites, and more with the click of a mouse.